The Almighty …Who he truly is.


Sin and the state of the Church(his people, not the building)

The outgrowth of this type of thinking is a religious culture that defines God in its own terms, churches whose focus is, not on God and what he requires of us, but on man and what will increase his self-esteem. The sole aim is to cater to the needs of the congregation. The fruit is religion emptied of doctrine. “What fills the hole at the center, where the Christian moral code used to be?” asks The Wall Street Journal. “An ethic of conspicuous compassion, where ‘being a nice person’ excuses everything.”

The above quote is from a Watch tower entry from the Jehovah’s Witnesses site and teaching. I don’t believe in All things that they teach but I do recognize this denomination, even with the false concepts that they do have, as one of the last stance against world and its ways. I have mentioned this before, but if the Antichrist made himself known today and went about killing any who believed in Christ and followed Yahweh, they would be the last group of believers the break. Ironically, all other denominations that I have seen would break long before them but yet they call them the false doctrine. I found this article by them because I was looking for what is left out there. Who are the last warriors that aren’t taking apart of worshiping false gods, like Christmas tree’s, Easter bunnies, and the Greek and Roman gods that have been renamed to fit people in the Bible. Who is out there that aren’t teaching people about getting rich, and giving all your money to church while bringing the choir into the sanctuary playing rap beats or using voodoo dance rituals under the disguise of praise dancing or African movements? Who are the last warriors still teaching the homosexuality and fornication is not accepted by God under the false umbrella of defining love? And finally who are the warriors left that understands God isn’t concerned about your ethnicity because he only created ONE race, through ONE Blood, and redeemed that race though the only blood that will ever save you, God’s son, Yeshua the Christ blood. Frankly put, I fear for the last true believers of God left on this planet that might not even fit under any denomination, like me. Tv and media, social and web have all destroyed our faith. Even before you knew it, you were being reprogrammed to be less and less sensitive to Sin with ever Sony, Tv or movies that you couldn’t help yourself from getting in to. Do we all Sin? Yes, but there use to be a fear and respect you would have about God to seek a different path, acknowledging that you had Sin. Now there is no acknowledgement, now there is only ways to pacify people’s habits and addictions so that they can sleep better at night and continue to come back to church to give money. So while the Witnesses have their issues, standing against things like this isn’t one of them. Why can’t more be like them, since we claim they are so “false”?

What games can reveal about mankind.

I am a man who does like to sit down and play videogames. It’s a escape from the everyday chaos of this world. A place to go where I can pretend to be something else or go somewhere else. Detroit Become human is one of the most emotionally gripping games I have ever played. It is a exclusive for the Playstation console. The game is about Androids that’s become self aware. The game tackles hard issues of racism, prejudiceness and other topics that we are faced with everyday. So far, it’s the most innovative emotionally dominanting game I have ever played but I’m not finished yet to have a final conclusion. However, in the menu of the game there is this interaction with the AI that is so life like. She ends up out of nowhere to asked you take a survey for the company (which is the made up company in the game). It asked you 10 questions and based on your answers you see your percentages vs the rest of the world. One of the questions asked if you believe in God. Only 32 percent of the people that took this survey believed in God.

However, strangely enough though, the same group of people seem to believe that one day a machine could miraculously “develop” a consciousness. Not be programmed to simulate it mind you, but develop this by themselves, like a miracle. But yet they still don’t believe in a God or afterlife. That is so strange to me that you don’t believe in a creator yet that is what we would be if we created something that developed a consciousness and became self aware. They claim no God exist because ultimately they want to be that God. We give so much credit to the creature and forget about the creator just like God said we would in these last days. And just like I have always told others, be prepared for worse times. The world is gathering so much force and steam against Yahweh’s ways and his true followers. The only thing left is an event that to take place to seem to finally dispove God’s existence to the world. This is the last fuel deposit they need to do a worldwide attack against Christ followers. Some discovered writings, some anti-christ, even aliens coming would finally put enough doubt worldwide to stand as a whole against believers. It will happen and when it does we all must be prepared. The deceiver will come!