Without sin, is it even possible?


So can we? Can we be without sin? And when I say “without sin” I don’t mean forgiven sins you daily mess up on. What I am talking about is getting to a point where our lives have no habitual sins, consistent sin, and or disobedience to his word that I need to ask for forgiveness for? We will see pastors speak about sinful acts and rituals of man that saturated in sin all the time. But the word of God cuts like a double edge sword. It cuts the person who uses it and the person it’s used against. Just when you speak out against Masons and Eastern star members who have pagan and satanic symbols that represent them, you find that the symbol of the cross isn’t Christian by origin but pagan. Just when preach against Halloween and it’s origins that are that of Satanism and Pagan roots you look down on your feet and find Nike shoes who’s symbol is that of pagan idol goddess. Outside the church.. one man can look upon two men kissing and bring out the Bible showing where this is against scripture but then go home and watch porn of two women doing the same thing and now he is just as guilty of the same act in the eyes of the scripture but he doesn’t see it like that. Another can walk down the street and preach against racist white men and women, and yet they themselves won’t date outside of their color nor allow their children to do the same thing.

I’m not saying that all these things aren’t sins based on scripture because they are without a doubt.  However, the more I dig the more I find wrong with the world and even me. The months of the year, days of the week all named after pagan gods to honor them. You could make the case that just by continuing to use and acknowledging these names you are honoring the gods that they were named after. The Bible never names the days of the week outside of the Sabbath. Why are we? Even the names of our planets honor false gods. What do I do with that? Rename them after Christian followers??? The candles you blow out on the cake is a ritual to honor a pagan god that was assigned to that day and month who is to grant you a wish and protection on your day of birth. This is why they say “make a wish and blow out the candles”. This world is truly saturated in evil and false gods and rituals that based on scripture keep us in sin. This is why we have to be separate from the world. But what does being separate involve? How far do you have to go to be free of some sort of sin you are committing? This is why denominations that point fingers at other denominations really aren’t any better than the other. In some way or another the same sin they say other denominations aren’t answering to, you can find 2 or 3 more connecting actions that is being done by them that link back to that very same sin in some way and most of the time they don’t even know it or rather accept it.

I have searched so hard for a path that I believed would lead me to a point of growth where sin would not exist in my actions and path that I walked outside of a momentary lapse mistake. I have grown to understand that this doesn’t exist for humans if you live and work in this world. Even some car names are based on false gods so should I not drive it anymore now? Bottom line should we should just go ahead and sin then? No, God forbid. But I do feel that if you seek to be perfect in deeds and actions living in this body you will be surely proven wrong every time. Even the disciples themselves struggled with sin even after walking with Christ and being filled with God’s Holy Spirit. So if they continued to struggle against it we have no hope of avoiding this same fate while here on this earth. 

What I see is the answer for today is to just accept that we all sin and share the same sins even if we don’t know it. Ask for forgiveness and have understanding on others sin and position they are in on this day. This doesn’t mean to ignore sins or give the approval of sin done by others or yourself. It means to understand while you may not be doing someone else’s sin specifically, you just might be guilty of others that lead back to that sin or greater. We all fall short and I have yet to meet one single person that has a normal physical life that sin can’t be found in their life on a regular bases. Please introduce yourself if you exist!


No man gets to the Father except through Christ.


With the world in turmoil and doubt it’s so important that we remain steadfast. There is no salvation found in anyone but Christ.”..Acts 4:12. Not Buddha, not Muhammad, not Brahma or any other religion on earth. There is but one True God and one Christ Yeshua of Nazareth. If we aren’t careful, one can get caught up in a “color” god or a media made famous god of the moment. Most importantly our God has no equal nor does his Son. They don’t share spotlights with other false gods( just asked the false god dagon.. 1 Samuel 5:4) because the person was popular on earth. Nor does God excuse participating in woreship of those false gods (Daniel chapter 3) and especially not for the sake of trying to honor popular sport players, actors, or any other mortal man or woman. We think because they played a sport, was on tv, or radio that they have knowledge about who the One True God is and the one he sent and they don’t. Most importantly the word “God “isn’t his name so it doesn’t matter how many different ways a culture can spell or pronounce the word “God”. His name is yhwh(Yaweh the “I am”). If fifteen gods were called god this doesn’t make them Yahweh. And without his Son Yeshua you have no hope in reaching him in the first place. My hero’s and brethren are those who have the same Father as me and has the blood of his Son covering them, what about you? Choose who you serve and stand with him against an eternity if you are wrong. For me and my house..I will serve the Lord!!

What god is getting your praise ?

Walking for God isn’t a easy thing in this world. It’s takes dedication, learning from mistakes, studying, and a mature attitude about the reality of your actions and this world. All of us fall to sin in one way or another at times but this should not be our default  level that we praise to be at nor should it be an accepted level for you because so many others are there on that level. We already know that when compared to the world and sinners the bible makes it clear we are out numbered. There will be far more people that don’t make it compared to those who do. So just because everyone is accepting sin in numbers doesn’t make it the path of Christians. Should you unfairly judge others? Never but

remember judging someone is telling a person where their final destination will be or sentence someone to that destination based on who they are that day

To tell a person that their actions are wrong according to scripture isn’t judging. And I think most people have forgotten this. This is something falsely pushed by preachers who have been caught doing things they preached were wrong and pushed by church goers or “attendees” who don’t like being reminded that they have to change and walk a different path when they step inside the doors of the church simply because they like the music. If it’s in the scripture as a sin then the scripture convicts you. A person showing this to you can’t judge you but it is their duty to spread the gospel, the full gospel, not just the”Jesus loves you” part.


So that brings me to my point. In media and tv we have a popular thing that happens. Praise of a god for an ability of the person speaking. Case in point, above is a picture of the “chruch xxx, or The porn stars church. That’s right porn stars have created their own church. Praising Jesus for their ability to sin and to continue their sin. One women praised God in a radio station for setting the record for the most guys at one time she had sex with. The woman was so damaged they had to pack her with ice and take her to the hospital. But she thank a god and a someone named jesus for this ability.


Next up is the sports of brutality. Everything from boxing to UFC. The quote is the same. They Thanked a god for the ability to hurt another of God’s children. Why would God give you blessings to hurt another of his children? How does he get praise into this? He doesn’t. The world as a whole and even Christ followers have fooled themselves into accepting this and can walk right into church after praising another man’s brutal damage and brain damaged knockout, accept the victor’s celebration and confession about the god that helped him do this and praise God without one thought of wrong doing. We make these people our hero’s without thought.

We praise them for their actions in ring and yet are shocked about school fights on tv and claim those kids as ignorant beings and thugs.


Lastly the biggest platform, music. It’s the most influential of all probably. The music we and our kids listen to and the artist that create them. I can’t tell you how many times artist take to the stage and praise a god for their ability to make filth. Black women and even men claiming to be leaders and pioneers look like this …


And you wonder why we have lost all biblical morals and ability to even recognize a Christian vs The World. Yet each of these people will claim to love and praise a god for their abilities to dress, act, and speak in manners reflecting the images above. What has happened? Today, unless you are like or approve of people like this you are the one wrong. If you bring this to Christians who likes this, you are accused of judging them so that they feel better about themselves. But deep inside they know and choose to ignore scripture that warn how a follower of the One true God are suppose to dress and act and none of these images reflect anything close to what is said in the scripture. But it will be ignored or justified because they need to sleep better at night.

All of us have things that we can be better at and that we need to work on. But if the thing that we need to be better at is praised and accepted by us we will not change because it’s accepted by others, even praised.

We need to make hero’s out of true leaders who are Christ first, not just because of the color of their skin, not because they fought in wars, made a song, or played a sport. We need Holy people directed by the Spirit of God to lead us back to a holy life separate from this world’s view of right and wrong.