Into your hands I commit my spirit.

As Christ followers we have heard this verse and should have committed it to memory. It was the last thing spoke by our Christ Yeshua before his death. Most of us see the surface of this verse and some see beyond its surface. The verse is deeper than some understand to be. And as I have shown before with other things this too can be linked to a lot of assumptions as well. This is mainly because it links denominational tradtions. Some denominations have to come up with all kinds of things about this verse to save face in their belief. Why? Because like other accounts in the Bible (I.E Christ in the garden of Gethsemane) this exposes a huge fact that most don’t like dealing with. Christ has a Separate Will and Spirit from the Father. Now this doesn’t take away the amazing fact that Christ always aligned his Will with his Father but it does provide uneasy realities about some beliefs. One such issue is with Oneness believers. I know this for a fact because I was one of those believers and I hated trying to explain this to others, let alone accept it myself. This verse as well as others show without doubt that Christ has a separate spirit than that of his Father. Theology tries to explain it in the thought that this was Christ Human spirit. Well you can call it whatever you like but scriptures don’t explain away this. Bottom line Christ’s spirit and his God and Father who “is” Spirit are not the same spirit. Yes they are united in all things they do  just like a wife and or Husband are one flesh in all things done in that marriage. Yet the husband has a separate will, spirit, and body from the wife and visa versa. Now some may not have a problem with this but for oneness believers this is a problem because they believe Christ and the Father are not merely united as one but are the exact same person functioning as both as the same time. In others words they have no separate anything. No separate will, thoughts, power, knowledge, or anything. We are taught that we are suppose to believe and explain that Christ was merely quoting scripture, basically putting on and going through the motions for the sake of others to complete prophecy. I personally never felt comfortable with this because for me, putting on a act as though you were suffering when you weren’t is a lie. This is not God nor his Son. So if Christ ask for the Father to watch over and govern his spirit during his death he meant that. If Christ said to the Father not to allow his will to stop the sacrifice he was going to have to go through but let his Fathers Will be what governs this then he meant this. Anything else is a lie and lying isn’t within heaven. 

The next group of believers that have a problem with this is trinity believers. Why? Because they believe in One Spirit, Son, and Father as One God equal/distinct from each other. Well let’s count shall we, we have the Holy Spirit (1 spirit), we have Christ’s so called human spirit( 2 spirits), and we have The Father who is a Spirit himself(3 spirits). Well that’s way more than One spirit that the doctrine of the trinity explains and more than scripture says when it says that there is but 1 spirit. Then if you really wanted to get technical let’s not forget the 12 spirits of God mentioned in Revelation. What do you do with that? So you see this verse as well as many others really don’t just fall into the nice neat package many Theologies has pushed to denominations for hundreds of years. 

I say this because no denomination and no explained theology has the full answers. I have been very open about this fact. And what this verse and others that support it teach (not theology) is that Christ had his own separate spirit and will from his God and Father. The fact that the Father can govern over his Son’s spirit means the son’s spirit is separate from His. The Father can’t place his Will over his Sons will if they are not different(Gethsemane). So being that they are different this requires a different person for this action. Even if you use Psalms 31 link back to his quote, this whole chapter deals with a multitude sufferings and requests as the directed person is being bruised and tortured as the Prophecy of the Christ foretold he would. It is not a act nor a staged event that someone is told to quote/repeat. Christ said Psalms spoke of him and what he would go through not that he would speak of Psalms as a act or quote. There is a big difference. 

The last and biggest thing that most don’t like to face about this statement is the indisputable fact that Christ Died. His God and Father can not die nor would ever need anyone to commit His Spirit to because He is Spirit. The Father never has ever asked for anything from Son or Holy Spirit if you believe in the exact concept taught in theology you have a big issue in front. The Father rules all and directs all just as he directed his Son to die for us just like scripture says. The thought that the son just volunteered for this is false as well. The Son was directed by the Father to do this and the Son was obedient. The Son obeys the Father and the Holy Spirit Obeys Father. To claim they are equal is false. By substance they are God just like by substance my son is a human and Samson was human. But there is a big difference between what my son could do as a human and what Samson could do as a human. Being put into the same category doesn’t equal quantity. Even among Kings if even One of the Kings rules the Others and Makes all decisions then that One King is truly King of the Kings. And as 1 Corinthian 15:28 explains when all is done even the Son has to take his place under the Father rule, they are not equal. This is why Christ needed the Father to govern over his Spirit. If the Father doesn’t give Christ the power to resurrect, Christ remains dead and in Hades. Thank goodness that he did but this shows you how needy the Son of God was to his God and Father not the other way around. The Father needs nothing from the Son nor the Holy Spirit(if you believe in a separate being called the Holy Spirit). The Father is head supreme and true ultimate Ruler of existence in both Physical and Spiritual existence. All things answers to Him and to all things and beings, even the Son…He is truly their God. This is Scripture not a theology and tradition. But what are you going to live by, His words or mans?


How Jehovah’s Witnesses Russia band is important to all Christians. 

Russia has deemed the most consistently peaceful denomination in the world as extremist. This effectly completes the attack that has already begun against them because they refuse to pick up a gun or be involved in politics or force. They have already kicked them out of their places of worship and pushed them away from the streets. Now that the label has been approved by the courts in Russia the Witnesses are now prevented legally from even meeting much less worship. Now this has become something that every Denomination of Christians should pay attention and feel concern over. No matter what someone theology says as a Christ follower, they still seek and follow after Christ. Just because they have different views about How to go about doing it at the very least they are spreading the message of Christ salvation to the whole world while the majority of others Christian denominations only simply meet at their own church and barely if at all go door to door or travel regularly to truly devote time in spreading the Gospel. This stands if the group persecuted were Catholics, Mormons, or Pentacostal. The big problem happens when others place thelogy opinions in front of Biblical facts. As I have proven and shown theology isn’t God. Theology can not save or condemn you. In fact thelogy is the reason why all of us are separated instead of one united church. Concepts like the trinity and oneness and others all are just Man’s attempts at trying to define God for God instead of just allowing God’s word to tell us who he is. We have all gotten so messed up that we actually believe thelogy is Salvation. We really believe that if a person doesn’t attend our church or believe in the our “attempt” to define the undefinable they are not Christians. When Christian are defined solely by those who seek after Christ as the messiah and Son of God. All of us fail to see the common truth that no matter what we come up with, he is still much more than anything we can come up with and if that is the truth this proves nobody has the real complete truth, nobody. Only Christ truly knows the Father, so you nor your denomination have all the answers or ability of truly knowing the Father, which makes all of us wrong in every way we seek to theorize with concept to try and define him or explain him. None of us have the right to claim others are lost because they don’t agree with our Own made up theories on the connections or beliefs system of God and his Son. It is only then when we can see that this attack against the Jehovah’s Witnesses is an attack against us all as Christ followers. If they come after peaceful Christ followers they will come after all of us. It is there where I believe we, as Christians, should all stand and support any denomination that professes Christ as their King and Messiah. They will come after all of us sooner or later even scripture tell us this. The scariest thing for those who can’t see past theology just might be the realization that the Witnesses the world celebrated the death of in Revelations turn out to be Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

Yeshua, the only true friend!

Where were you and or what happened in your life when you truly realized that nobody truly is for you more than your Christ? When your friends abandoned you, when you family turned away, when you own children, wife, and husband would rather be anywhere else but with you is when the truth is revealed. No matter who it is they will eventually not be there when you need them. Over and over again Christ shows us in our lives that he is the Savior and King his Father has put in place to be. And even in death he will once again show up when you need him to. He is the only truth and the light of the world. In darkness the one true direction is always towards the light and it is there where you will find him. The moment you focus on truth that mankind will hurt you sooner or later. Even you yourself will do the same to someone else eventually because you are yet one of those “Mankind”, we all are. We know one thing naturally, and that is how to disappoint, hurt, or let down others, even ourselves. There is but one name/person in heaven or on earth that hasn’t let anyone down, Yeshua the Christ. In all things done in you life Christ is the head and direction to take and follow. And to do so requires change and sacrifice. You have to die and be reborn. You have to find a way to destroy the old you. You have to get rid of sin and live for Christ. This is way more than you just going to church. We have to cut off the things that cause us to fall to sin and live for him. Most say they live for Christ while returning home to the place the are shacking up with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Most say they live for Christ with their mouth and yet speak curses and blaspheme to others. Most say Christ is their head and master but yet they step out to take a smoke break because their body is addicted to the cigarettes, weed, and or the like. No other can claim these things while they have another master. Even if that Master is different forms of sins, You can’t serve two masters. Let’s pull to him as he has done with us. 

The Last Supper debate!

For some of us out there we have knowledge of the last supper. Some of our knowledge is based solely one traditions of man. Have you ever really gone over some of the misunderstandings that is out there about this day and event? 

This is my body which is for you. Do this in remembrance of me.” In the same way also he took the cup, after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me.” For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes. 1Cor 11:24-26. 

The Bible records the events in the disciples writings but in 1 Corinthians it truly breaks it down and then references back to key events in John where Christ spoke on the same event but in a different setting. Most Christians today are aware of its importance but do this differently or at different times. Some do it only a Sundays( based on Roman influence to make Sunday the worship day over the true Sabbath day to honor they Sun god), some only on the first of the month( which really has no backing whatsoever), some every single time they meet, and even more so some only on the day of Passover(Jehovahs witness). Based on scripture this was not a event that only took place on a special day. We know this because this subject matter and instructions on the taken of bread and wine starts off with this verse 

But in the following instructions I do not commend you, because when you come together it is not for the better but for the worse. For, in the first place, when you come together as a church 1Cor 11:17. 

What we see here is the beginning of instruction about the taking of breed and wine. Paul is addressing this with his own church because they also have gotten things confused. Basically they started to take the event and change it into a party or a eating gathering.  Basically, using the event as a place to just eat and drink to get full. If you notice the last verse here, “when you come together as a church”. This doesn’t mean once a year. In fact we know they meet more than just once a year. So Paul is establishing the time frame right now. This doesn’t include a special time or he would have said so right here. Why? Because unlike any other place in the Bible about the Taken of Bread these are the specific instruction for the church on how to go about doing it to correct false ways and concepts on it. With this instruction, there are warnings on how not to take this event. If there were any issues with specific dates and times this would have been spoken in this chapter. So basically, how often should you be establishing this? As the verse begins…”when you come together as a Church“. And if you stop and think about Christ’s statement about this event being done in rememberance of him then you know this is what you do every single time you meet in a church gathering. It is not something done once on the first Sunday or once every year. Jehovah Witnesses tie this into the Passover. Rightly so, but the Passover was once a year because the Old covenant laws and they used unworthy sacrifices of a Lamb that would never serve as a eternal source because it remained dead so it would never be good enough. Not to mention the fact that it would be impossible for them to slay a lamb every single time they met up based on sure numbers and availability of the male lambs every place the Jews went. Above all the most glaring proof is the fact that Christ when instructing his disciples never, I repeat never said “do this on this Day”. If there was something critical about only doing it on that day Christ would have spoken it. He never once eluded to this and therefore anyone doing so is adding to his word much like Eve did when she claimed God told her not to “touch” the tree. This is how Satan comes in adds things to get people on a wrong path. Another false action that is assumed for this occasion that the Jehovah Witness believe in without any scripture support is the concept that this event is only to be looked upon. They believe one should simple look at the bread and pass it over and look at the wine and pass it over, unless you are a part of the 144,000 Jehovah witness that is, which the Bible says are ALL Jewish Males only). But what does Christ command? He commanded them to Eat and Drink. If they didn’t Eat and drink what did this mean? Well, scripture is really clear….

So Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. Whoever feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink. John 6:53-56

As you can see this comparison and analogy set here links back to the Last Supper event and commandment. How you come up with the thought that somehow it’s ok not to eat or drink even in this symbolic role is beyond me. There is absolutely no, I repeat again, no event in which this event was done by passing on without eating the bread and drinking the wine unless the person was doing this in a “unworthy manner“. 

Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty concerning the body and blood of the Lord. 1 Cor 11:27

Key word here is manner not person. They will say a unworthy “person” are all those not apart of the 144,000. But scripture doesn’t call or say that a person is unworthy only the proceeding of the event in a unworthy “manner”. So before they show up at the door and ask you to attend the observance of Christ memorial, remember what you are expected to do and remember what Christ commanded of you to do. They don’t align.  

Side Note:

I don’t believe Jehovah witnesses to be bad people or no more worse off that any other traditional Church. In many ways they have it right more so than others. But Every single denomination has false beliefs or assumptions in them somewhere. There are no perfect denominations. If you think” mine is” you are wrong. Christ being the Son of the Living God and the only way and light to salvation from the Father is the only truth his church is built off of. The moment “Theology” was born man created their own beliefs on top of the basics God gave to us for salvation. And so we stand divided today because of it. Until next time.