Christ without Theology!




the study of the nature of God and religious belief.

religious beliefs and theory when systematically developed.

Is it possible? Can we have this world please? Do you remember when you were saved by Grace and faith? Before the Greek and Hebrew text studies? Before the definition and need to say and repeat phrases like ontological Trinity, Oneness, and Arianism belief systems. Before you went out to debate with Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses because you just thought you really had them trapped in the corner, all the while you still had bones in your closet that you still needed to uproot causing them to represent a better view of God than you did. Long before you needed to be up front or have a position of authority in the church. Way back when you confessed Christ as you Lord and Savior? When you accepted him into your heart and all you wanted to do was to be closer to God through his Son and live holy? Remembering what it felt like to help others that needed help without judgement or shaming. Before you signed up for biblical study classes and studied prophecy meanings. Before you ever knew that there was anything called a literal translation of bible. Or before you even knew there was so many different bibles at all. You see, if you are like me, then you do remember these things. And if you are like me, you might have forgotten about what it was like back then because we are so weighed down with theology and man’s allegorical interpretations of scriptures. Now, that which is pure, innocent, and loving has been tied into Man’s attempts to define the One being that can’t be defined. What we had prior is what initially saved us. It is what is pure from Him. I personally have never felt a stronger connection to God than before theology became the center piece. And the biggest fact is that God never once required theology from us to be saved or to be his children. I just don’t see the need for a “Religious belief” if God seeks a “Relationship” with us. 

What’s waiting on the other side of Temptation?

     My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing (James 1:1-4)

  Every Christian believer goes through this in their lives. And at different times the level of the temptation is greater or lesser. But why? Why aren’t all temptation trials weighted the same? Why is that man so strong against sleeping with the hooker on the corner but on this day he still ends up sweeting trying to stop from fulfilling his lust for porn? Or why does that woman so easily stay faithful to her husband against every man that has approached her in clubs but yet on this day can’t find the strength to stay away from her co-worker or x boyfriend? We can put into place tons of different things not just lust because temptation is more than just lust but its still the same question. Why does the level of intensity change? 

The simplest reason and most common to see is the clear temptation. The one where the door has the picture on it , words spelled out, warning signs glowing in neon. You know exactly what it is. You know exactly why you showed up and why you are opening the door. You have no remorse about it and it’s most commonly seen in teens that are ruled by their hormones. While these types of temptations are real they don’t hold much rewards if one doesn’t open the door in that situation. In fact most of the time it can “seem” they only hold rewards by giving in to them. That’s because this temptation was created by that person almost solely. They sought after it, worked out the plan, and basically already planned for how they are going to do it again long before they have completed the first. These temptations hold very little rewards because they don’t require much, if not any temptation. So there is no trying of your faith to gain any rewards from. Basically they are the architect of their own trials. 

The second example is based largely on one’s situation. What if today is the day when that 6 month sober alcoholic lost his mother, the same day where that husband and wife fought about the same issue they have for 5th time, or simply the 15th time you have said no to something you don’t need and each time you do it takes a piece of you and now you have very little strength left?  This is how it works. This is the environment clause that sets up trials. These types of temptations are normally the hardest to spot. Because instead of the temptation waiting in front of the door, it’s behind the door unseen until you open it. To you this is like any other day. For you, you have no idea that this is going to be the day where everything you think of is based on that temptation you have fought so hard to keep in check. Every song, Tv show, dream, phone call and or text message leads you to this great door. You don’t have to plan it out, it just happens. And for some reason it stronger, stronger than its ever been. The same temptation a year ago you defeated but it’s back stronger than ever. Why? Because it has been strengthened by the environment it has placed itself in. Why do you think temptation is less during church hours than in any other. Not saying it goes away but you are stronger during those hours or on that day. But the moment the environment or situation changes the door becomes more visible. This is where you know that the rewards will be greater if you overcome. The intensity of the temptation hints to the rewards that are waiting. But if you fall, it also has an equal amount of consequences as well. Basically the size of the door represent both the size of the rewards and consequences alike. They both reside in a equally sized rooms waiting behind two separate doors. 

The last thing you have to remember during trails or temptation is your role. As humans we place ourselves as a separate thing from the door of temptation. In most cases we would be right. But sometimes the scariest thing is to understand that you may be that very door. You instead of being tempted are the door tempting others. Not just in lust but in anger, in jealousy and many other things. We are quick to place the blame on the trial or temptation but we must be careful to examine ourselves to make sure we aren’t manifestation of the door tempting others. Deep inside we look at Satan and blame him but sometimes we do his work for him and we actually put on his mask to become the tempter for another. That’s a scary thought and one that most don’t like to accept but it’s true. In fact if you look back on your life I’m willing to bet you have served as the door for another, we all have at one time or another if we are honest with ourselves. 

So what do we do? The first thing is to assess the situation you are in. Identity the type of temptation you are going through. Remind yourself of what is waiting for you if you defeat this. Don’t let the joys of given in be the only thing ruling your mind. And most importantly identify what role you play in it. Your role can prevent you from successful defeating the temptation. If you go in thinking you are merely the contestant you can easily loose. Sometimes you have to understand when you are the door and take responsibility for being that to other. This way your approach would be different and you have a better chance at not just helping yourself but helping another. Most importantly, don’t let one moment define your self worth. Know that rewards can come at different times, so can punishements. But it all still works together to help make you a better, stronger person. None of us are perfect but that doesn’t mean we can’t fight to be.  

Cain punishment was not placed on all(Another assumption removed)

GEN 4:9-12 Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is Abel your brother?” He said, “I do not know; am I my brother’s keeper?” And the Lord said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground. And now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. When you work the ground, it shall no longer yield to you its strength. You shall be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth.”

We have read this passage before. The famous “Am I my brothers keeper?” Story. In man’s race to seem wise among others we have developed theories about many things in the Bible. Some of these theories have been pushed for so long that people forget why they believe such things other than the fact that this is what pastor said or what  my dad or mother told them. But just as the Bible says, reasoning with scripture and thought is always a needed thing. If we don’t, something like a camel walking through an eye of the needle becomes a threading needle in today’s society, making it impossible when in fact the eye of the needle ( to pillar post in the city entrance) only made traveling through city passages harder if you chose to keep your items on the camel instead of taking them off. It never made it an impossible task. You just had to take your time and be careful upon doing it. So it is with this story and assumption. For years many have been told that this story of the first murder informs us that Cane’s punishment was passed to all men just like Adam’s fall. Well this is false! Despite popular views Cane’s punishment was for him and him alone. How do I know this because of three important facts. One, Adam’s fall was tied to all of man only because all men came from his blood line. This is big! Cane is tied only with his family, not all of mankind(remember Seth and the other children Adam fathered)I could stop right here and this would close the case down now but I will proceed. Adam was also perfect, Cane was not. Cane had a sin nature basically. Cane was just like any other man at that time, judged on his own merit. The second fact was that the punishment on the ground and its production of food was already given upon man through Adam.

Gen 3:17-18 You shall not eat of it,’cursed is the ground because of you;in pain you shall eat of it all the days of your life;thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you;

So this tells me that Cane received a even worst curse to the ground and produce attempts he put forth. And lastly we know this punishment was only to Cane because of the result. God marked Cane because of this curse to keep him safe from judgement. This mark and his curse was one and therefore it showed that it was unique to him. If it had passed to his family they too would have had to be mark for just being his bloodline and apart of the curse if it was truly passed to all his bloodline or even more so with all men. None of his family recieved such marks and therefore shows only Cane was effected by this special curse placed on him. 

I know it sounds really good to come up with tie ends to help preach and or teach our children but when we tie in things that aren’t there this can leave the door open for Satan to get others to walk away from Christianity. It can also lead to assumption that mislead wrongful thoughts that may not lead to distruction right away but can do so later based on a false foundation. I think we all need to understand that embellishment is not needed in the gospel, no matter how good it makes others feel. What seems right to us could be a path away from Yahweh. 

When truth is present, you would be surprised at how many people that claim to seek it, reject it. 

I had this person tweet me this after a discussion over our Savior real name Yeshua over his man made name Jesus. I found this person’s response very on point and one that fit the study today. You see, thoughout my studies over the years and a very large amount of experience I noticed a pattern. A pattern that disturbed me because of the source of this pattern. My fellow believers of Christ are at its heart. I’ve had a wealth of experience with all kinds of denominations and different peoples spin offs of that same denomination within the same church. While this holds truer for some over others the pattern still exist. We claim to seek truth and have truth but whenever truth interferes with our tradition or what we are told to believe we do one of those things mentioned above. Some listen and research the matter forever, not wanting to come to a conclusion because they don’t want to change. Some will reject it and refuse to research the matter afraid of finding anything that will lead them away from their beliefs or traditions. And finally, some will listen, read it, and research it to see it’s the truth then will start to believe it. Of these all which do you believe is associated with most people, Christian or otherwise? Well I can tell you that accepted the truth is the last on the list when compared to the others. Every denomation has things they believe in that they don’t apply the same methods they use to disprove others denominations as they do with the things they believe. Truth,for them then becomes a measuring stick used to disprove others that is never used against the crafter. 


A baptist preacher preaching against Catholics, all the while having the Catholic Creed at the root of their belief. Or preaching about idols while a false image of the Messiah is carved in wood and hung from the top of the building or inside the sanctuary.

A Jehovah witness who clings to things not spoken in the Bible or by Yeshua to prove him “a god”and yet will believe he is Michael the archangel with zero scripture ever saying this. Or the fact that they put so much focus on Having to Call God by his “real name” Jehovah to be identified as a real believer but yet again this name is made up by man as no name with letter J ever existed

I could continue to all denominations from Pentecostal all the way to the Church of Christ. All denomination in one way or another have this flaw because they all have a flawed beginning. Denominations were never God’s plan. This is man’s and continues to be pushed by Satan in efforts of keeping the Christian separated and week. He knows if we can ever come together and focus on just YHWH and his Son Yeshua we would be that much closer to that ONE body Christ is waiting on. We could be the voice and light he wants us to be so we can reach others fully around the world as one church not serveral. At the end of the day Truth is what it is. It shouldn’t be biased or used in one direction. God himself reminds us of this because his word is a double edged sword. It should cut both ways, not one.  

You are not suppose to be like others!

Do you know that you are special? Most people will say yes or at least believe it to be. Yet people spend their whole life trying to either fit in or hide away from how different they act or think. The Bible teaches us to be different and yet we shy away from this concept. To be clear, to be different is to be separate from the way the world thinks. By doing this and being such a person you should know that you will be disliked, feared, or even hated because you think and act different from others. This comes from a variety of different reasons. One of them, which is the biggest most likely, is that you remind them of what they aren’t or should be and they hate you for it.  The very concept of being holy is shunned even by So called Christians to date. So you know that the rest of the world will feel no different. We have to get to the point that we are prepared for this because it will hit you at every moment of your life. You job, at the store, in the car, etc. It doesn’t matter that you aren’t talking about God or sitting in church at that moment. The way you carry yourself is a threat. What you wear or don’t wear is a threat. What you say and don’t say is threat. Bottom line expect this and you will be prepared because the truth of the matter is that you will meet far more people against you and holiness than you will meet for it. Just know you are never alone and be of good courage as you walk your walk of Faith. 

The Badge that needs to be recalled. 

“God is still working on me”. Ever heard of this? I’m sure you have. It’s become the Badge of honor for all Christians to put on whenever they need a excuse to sin or a way to feel better about the sin they just committed. I think it’s time for us as Christians to take full responsibility for our actions when they don’t represent our Walk in Christ.  Sin mistakes are made by everyone but this doesn’t mean we should ever seek for a way to make ourselves feel better about those sins. Using this badge is just another way of saying “so what, God will forgive me”. I don’t know about you but I don’t ever want to be OK with sinning. I want it to always eat me up inside until I find a way to destroy the act from my life so I never repeat it. If we struggle with a sin June 28 1999, by the time June 28 2017 hits, these sins should not still be there or at the very least not in the same matter they were or worse. We should be better followers of Christ each day we wake. Does this mean we are perfect? No, of course not, not while we live in three flesh. But we should be led by the Holy spirit and our spirit much more than our flesh. Cliche words like “God is still working on me” only helps people be more comfortable with their sins and where they are in their Christ walk(stuck or backsliding). It doesn’t make them own up their sins, it doesn’t convict, and surely doesn’t help witness to others. If I’m a sinner watching a so called saved follower of Christ sin and excuse that sin with a Cliche remark like God is still working on me”, it wouldn’t move me one inch to ask and or seek out the God of that person. I could just stay right where I’m at because obviously their God doesn’t require anything more from me than he does that person. This image should never be reflected from God’s people. Seek forgiveness not excuses!