Are they pushing God or thier denomination? There is a difference!


For those of you that have been with me through these articles, you all know my stance against denominational belief vs God. Salvation is based on Christ, our relationship with him and keeping the commandments of his Father Yahweh, nothing more. Most of us have no problems with this statement and even more believe they are doing so in their denomination. But have you thought about it? How many denominations out there add more than what the word says to your salvation requirements. Most denominations say they preach God and his Son but once you look closely they really preach about their denominational beliefs as added on requirement after accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior. “We are the true church”, “All other churches are false”, “We are the only church obeying God”, etc, etc. Everyone from Catholics to Mormons,  Pentecostal to Jehovah Witnesses. All of them claiming to have some added on knowledge requirement that makes them the “ONLY” source to listen to. You have to believe in joseph and christ to be saved”???, “You have to explain how God and his Son exist in a trinity to be saved”. “You have to have a priest for this or it doesnt count..???Salvation through Christ is now not enough you have to believe that our organization speaks for God and he doesn’t speak to you”???. Basically we have to add on the concept of going to or belonging to a specific building, group, or organization to be truly be saved. Problem with those concepts is that they aren’t anywhere in the Bible. Nowhere in the Bible does it call out a specific denomination that one had to be belong to in order for the salvation bought and paid by The Son to mean something. Why? Because it doesn’t matter. All of these denominations have things they are wrong on, have added or subtracted in the scripture that is against the word or never mentioned in it to begin with. This fundamental flaw is common and rapid in denominations because man is still trying to find ways to be separate and special. All people inside want to be different and set apart for something special. This needs causes men to create concepts and rules to place themselves first in things especially when dealing with God and eternal life. Who will be first or last in heaven? This is the great eternal question that leads all men in denominations to do things like this. Everyone is making up their own requirements as if Christ needed us to help him make up his own mind. Quick clue and fact, he doesn’t need you nor me and especially doesn’t need denominational rules to go along with him and his sacrifice for us to justify his elected.