Marriage has been lost, especially within the church. 

To the married I give this charge (not I, but the Lord): the wife should not separate from her husband (but if she does, she should remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband), and the husband should not divorce his wife. 1 Corinthians 7:10

Marriage.. The most important establishment and bond ever made by God. The bond given to a man and woman was to replicate God’s love for his people. As you know God’s people have more than one time cheated on God and yet God still takes them back. We as a people especially God’s chruch should understand that God’s relationship has never been easy with us but at the end of revelation a marriage still takes place with his people and his Son, the lamb and because of this marriage God granted all things from the lamb to the his kingdom through the lambs blood sacrifice. So I ask you.. How and why are you divorcing? It is not the will of God that you divorce and even when you do it is only a legal matter not spiritual. For in God’s mind you are still married because you and your spouse have joined to become one flesh. This is not reversed as no scripture even hints to this. Only during death does scripture release the title of that husband and or wife. Divorce is granted through sexual immorality but again that devoice is only granted legally. In God’s eyes you are still one flesh with the person you have that blood conventant with. Which brings me to another point. A marriage is established through blood. This is the purpose of the bleeding of the cervix of a virgin. That blood represents the shedding of blood of our Christ which ended the Old Covenant ant and started a New Covenant. That is what a marriage is founded on and is the reason why sex before marriage shouldn’t be done because it creates covenants. Whoever you bled on or who bled on you is who you have your covenant with. There were no priest, pastors and no rings. In fact for Jewish law, the ring that is given to the woman is suppose to be the circumcision scar ring left behind when the foreskin was removed. Think about it, both women and men. Somewhere out there is your true husband and first wife. It’s a very scary thing when you think about it. Unfairly in most people’s mind, a man can have multiple wives, God allowed such, but a woman can not. She also can’t shed blood from her cervix again, which is why the bed sheet blood stain was so needed in the old days as proof that a marriage could stand. If there was no blood then the marriage would not hold as righteous unless the woman was a widow. When all is said and done God takes our marriage very seriously and we have gotten away from that especially in the church. Finding the right person to share your virginity and marriage with is very important. God will honor the marriage even if it’s the wrong person. You will be held to the same standards and rules. You can’t just quit because things aren’t going well because you established this covenant. So, staying a virgin until marriage is a foreign choice no longer practiced by the majority of the world, even among Christians. We have lost our way and we need to start with our children in teaching them the right way to live not enabling them to have sex safely instead because the world approves. If we don’t, we will never recover and a true marriage meaning will become lost forever. We are almost there now.  


All sin,yes.. but not all try and justify it! 

Every now and again I hear this most common statement about everyone’s sin or falling short whenever one claims to the a Christian and yet proudly sins as though this is a get out of jail card. Well it’s not folks. While a guy looking at a girl’s butt as she walks and doesn’t turn away is guilty of lust, and the guy looking at porn is guilty of lust, this doesn’t mean that they would do this in church or in the sight of God and justify it as normal because everyone else does it. If I cut my hand and curse, I repent from it and look to eliminate that from me because I know it’s wrong. What I don’t do is pretend that my actions now are approved and justified because I like doing the act. No I hate sin, in myself or others. Today we proudly sin and try and justify it. We don’t try and change anything. And when others point out what we already know the scripture says about it we act like we can excuse it because others sin. We have to get over this. This is signs of a reprobate mind, which you don’t want because if you have this you will not be saved by God. This means he has removed himself from you to allow and help speed your actions towards judgement because he has tried to warn you over and over and you wouldn’t listen. Every single sin I have done I have felt and remorsed over, seeking absolution from them any time I messed up on anything. I don’t pretend that any lustful thing or thought is somehow OK. I don’t pretend that any evil thought and or action is excused for me to do because others do it. And most importantly,  I don’t twist meanings of scriptures to help justify Sin to help me sleep better because I’m too addicted to it that give it up. But this is us. We continue to lie to ourselves and others that we approve of that do the same thing. So yes, if I lust over a movie scene with two girls kissing, it’s still homosexuality and wrong, just like it’s wrong for that guy to have sex with that other guy down the street. Both fall into the same range of sin, even if I am merely approving of the lifestyle. According to God’s word, even those who just approve of the act will be judged just like those who do said act. So I will never approve of anything that God has said he is against and everyone of you who think somehow that you can do it, places themselves against his kingdom. Love the person but never love the actions of anyone that is something that God has said he is against, even if those actions are yours. 

Are you creating God in Your image?

As I watch TV, listen to people, and observe events throughout the years, I have seen a disturbing occurrence. Man has created a God for themselves over the true God that created us. When one is to know a being we must first seek to know about who that being is and how he sees things. The source of that answer is found either from that source or at best from those closest to the being. In our case that Being is God and the closet to that being is his Son, the Christ. We know this because scripture tells us no man knows The Father but the Son. And the way the Son made the Father and one true God known was by way of his actions because Christ always did things in the will of the Father. Christ also referred back to law and his Fathers words for direction because this revealed the character of God. Christ never approved the continued life of sin. He alway said, “sin no more”. It is the one way we can express who God is, his love, and most importantly his requirements and ways he expresses that Love and how its defined in his view. God never expresses his kingdom, character, and or actions through mans thoughts and ways. His ways are not ours, as scriptures warns and shows us over and over. But what we have done is create a God that fits our wants, our morals in our country, our sense of right and wrong, our sense of justice, even our sense of theological belief. We do it even in our imagination and paintings, when we think about how God looks and or how his Son looks. Everybody wants God/his Son to look like them. We want God to be an American, a Old man, a being walking around in sandles or even clothes for that matter(clothing would not be for a spirit). We want him to be our Genie in the bottle when we want something, we want him to support our definition of Love to include homosexuality and fornication even though his word clearly stands against it. We want to redefine what a wife and or what husband is because our country and TV says so. We want him to think about our kids like we do when we allowed kids to choose whatever they want to do and basically raise themselves without the rod because society says so. Or best yet, they create a God that says that he wouldn’t punish man for the sins much less sentence them to the lake of fire. They stand up with their chest out and claim boldly,  as if it matters, that they wouldn’t want anything to do with a God that sends people to such places. As if their opinion or stance to not serve him really makes a difference to what he declared already or removes their sentence. All these things and more paint a picture of two different God’s. The one most churches and people have created. And the one that is spoke about in scripture. The true God is sovereign, he is the one that destroyed nations of people because they didn’t obey, the one that brought plagues on men, woman, and even killed babies because of the sins of people. The one that defines love as Pure, not mixed with lusted for sexual desires, and or any other act taking place outside from that marriage between a real man and real woman. Yes, this is the True God Yeshua spoke about as his God and Father. He is just and yet he is the judge. He will rule heaven on earth in the end and upon that unification he will seek to make those against what he is and what he defines as right to suffer forever. This isn’t the pictures painted in churches because they are afraid of offending people in the churches that are living with their boyfriends and girlfriends, having homosexual relationships, dressing and dancing around like prostitutes and yet CLAIMING the name of “Jesus” on Sunday. Their defense is to claim others can’t judge them. But the word can and based on the word, the God they claim to serve that is ok with these things is not the same God of the Bible nor the one Christ obeyed as his God and Father. So ask yourself, did God create us in his image or have we created a God in ours? Is this why he says “get away from me, he never knew you”? Maybe the reason is that you were woreshiping your created God thinking that this was Yahweh, when it wasn’t.  

Choices that define our purpose!  

Movies are very deep at time. Sometimes they can bring out memories that remind you of many things. One of my most favorite movie series, The Matrix, has some of the most memorable moments in them. This picture is one of those moments I apply to my spiritual life. Basically,  Neo returns to the Orcle after his rebirth. He has been told that he will do amazing things and he has even experienced amazing things. Most importantly, he no longer doubts who he is anymore. But unknowingly he is given information that he rejects. He is told he will have to understand why he chooses rather he dies or someone else does. The choice is already seen and made,  he just has to understand why he made that choice in the coming days. Neo’s answer is that he won’t do that. But the Orcle says he has to because he is the ONE. And if he fails then Zion, the last human city and home will fall. This is what all of us should feel when we are tested. Choices lay out in front of us. Those choices normally have clear consequences that we sometimes choose to ignore but they are there none the less. We tell ourselves we can avoid those consequences because we think that we won’t fall or get caught. We are wrong on both ends. The possible consequences to the wrong choices are always more likely to happen than not making that choice at all. You can never know how things will end but the Bible’s guide to what to avoid reigns paramount. The more you align your life with what is just and holy, the better off you will be. Traps are laid everywhere around you by spiritual forces and evil dominion. They use all things and anyone, even you, to help bring about death to something that has life in God. Remember this, because each of us are The ONE in our lives. We have to make the right choices if we are to save what God has granted to us to be a good steward over. If not, then our home and city, “Zion”, will fall. 

Jesus is called the Son of God, not the Son of the Father.. Huge difference! 

Over and over again tradition makes the best of see what we are told to see or what we want to see. Our spiritual lives are full of this way and pattern. I believe my mission from God is to bring those assumptions and tradition down when they don’t align with his true word. I say true word because as you know man’s hands and tradition have made their way into God’s word over and over again. Scripture added that never existed to help support theories of men, like seen in 1John 5:7. It still resides in scripture and yet any good study Bible confesses that this writing was not present in the original scriptures and yet we do nothing about removing it because it supports traditions, false theories, and rules of men. So it’s very important that we don’t read what isn’t there. That we don’t translate things that aren’t there, even if it conflicts with what we have created in our minds as God or what we have created as right or just. We first need to know that God is who he says he is, not what we need to make him to be in oder to sleep better at night. He’s not a American with support of the democratic or republican party. He doesn’t believe in “America first”, he believes in Himself and his Son, that is All. He doesn’t change his ideas of sin or how things should be simply because you voted for Gay and Lesbian marriages to be allowed in your state. You will still have to answer to Him and his Son. He doesn’t care what date and time it is, sex still isn’t accepted just because you claim you love someone if you aren’t married as husband and wife. I mean I could go on and on but simply put God determines all, not man. And sometimes we try and over complicate things. One of the Simplest over-complicated thing is who son is. Christ, our saving lamb of God is the only begotten Son of GOD. Do you understand the weight of that statement? Christ is the Son of God, not Son of The Father. Son of God means that there are two subjects and people listed. The Son and God. For the trinity concept to work Christ would have to be the Son of The Father (or son of the Holy Spirit being that it conceived the Son), not Son of God because the trinity claims that God lives inside each person of the Son, Father, and Holy spirit equally. Nevermind the fact that God is Spirit and is always identified as the Father in this manner. Nevermind that the bible shows over and over that the Father is head over all and never gives authority placement of the Holy spirit, or that the holy spirit is not a name. No, just simply put Christ is the Son of God. Showing clearly that Christ and The God mentioned in that term is not ever talking about three people, but always the Father. So if Christ was equally God then he would called the Son of the Father. But this is not the case. The Bible shows verse after verse clear separation over and over again of God and His Son. “God”  and his Son, the Son and “his God” and Father. Over and over we read verse after verse saying the same thing and yet because of our training in church theories we don’t ever catch the clear and simple truth and fact, CHRIST is the Son (say it with me) of God. He can never be the son of someone and yet still be that someone. The Bible uses these terms and even the Son uses these terms to describe himself. Who are you to describe him differently, yet alone make a denomination out it and claim those who don’t agree are going to hell? This would mean that Christ would need to return to hell with us because according to him he isn’t his Father, according to Christ he isn’t the same God as his Father, nor does he have the same knowledge or power over ALL things as his Father because his Father has authority over All because all includes his Son too. 

John’s flaw still seen in some Christians today.

The disciple John, he is one of Christ most trusted friends and brother. So much could be debated about him, from how he lived, who was he, why Jesus is said to specifically loved him, why he was chosen among all others to write the most important book in the bible, and yes even the theories about this being Mary Magdalene and covered up. I mean, I have heard them all. But one thing missed about John, that I don’t hear talked about, is his flaw of worship. John was given a great honor. He was the only one chosen for the greatest task in biblical history. He was to see heaven and write the book of Revelations. To start off we must first understand the facts. John was taken to heaven, he was not given a dream or vision, he was take to heaven. John was shifted into the spiritual world in heaven beyond his current time. Basically John is in the future and his time doesn’t exist there. Time has no bearing anymore in heaven and it’s no longer A.D 95 because time only governs the physical world. Now, right away some might be confused because the bible says flesh can not inherit the kingdom of God. You would be right, but the word inherit doesn’t mean” no visitors allowed”. It means to be an heir, to receive the portion assigned to one, receive an allotted portion, receive as one’s own or as a possession to become partaker of, to obtain). This is not the same as someone taken there for a short period of time to be shown something. John was not given residency yet, so that concept doesn’t apply to John’s visit to heaven. And one of the biggest reasons why we know that he is in the flesh still is because of his nature and sin actions right in front of God himself. In Rev 19:10… 

Then I fell down at his feet to worship him, but he said to me, “You must not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God.” For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

John, in front of both lamb and God, fell at the feet of an angel to worship the angel. The word worship means to bow, adore or to give Reverence to(something all Catholics should take note to). Here, it is tied into the act, as no words were said to the angel, but the action of bowing is what identified what he was doing and this act was corrected and explained. John, a disciple of Christ, taught by Christ, walked with Christ, knew the law, had just witness 18 chapters of Revelations knowledge and punishment of those who didn’t side with Christ, and here he is standing at the foot of God and his Lamb sinning. But what stands out as a  important fact is that he is a Roman Empire native. In his heart, as with all Romans Empire natives at that time, they were accustom to worshiping Deities and creating them out of men and other hand made items and totems. John was use to this way of thought and action and even in the face of God himself he chose to worship the angel. But we all make mistakes right? Well, this mistake happened again..Rev 22.8-9. 

 8I, John, am the one who heard and saw these things. And when I heard and saw them, I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel who showed them to me, 9but he said to me, “You must not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers the prophets, and with those who keep the words of this book. Worship God.

Why would this happen at all again? Why would a man who just got corrected, standing in front of God himself continue to make the same mistake of false worship of angels after being warned not to prior, knowing full well Christ didn’t teach this? Most importantly, why is God’s holy spirit putting this much emphasis on this in the writing? Because it’s pointing out a very big warning for those like John who had the nature to worship people, angels and the like. It’s showing that because of where John was raised and the culture of Roman he had natural tendencies to worshiping beings other than God and to deify anything blessed or shown in favor. This could directly link back to John 1.1 some could argue. More importantly it shows that even a disciple actions aren’t perfect nor are they without flaw even in the midst of the God and his Lamb, Christ Yeshua. Ultimately, it shows that no matter what man, even an disciple, actions are, it should never compromise God’s commandments. This is why also what Christ says stands over what the disciples believed. He is the one who will judge all. Even Peter and Paul had issues with each other. So just because Peter did something or believed something, it didn’t make it ok unless the rest of the word of God backed it and Paul was very quick to stand against anything that stood contrary to the law and of the word of God, even if that meant calling out another disciple for being out of order. So before one considers bowing to a statue which the word says not to, or kissing the ring of the Pope to give Reverence to him or any other angel or prophet, remember…worship God Only, and then ask yourself who does Revelation Identify as God, or more importantly who do angels Identify as God when they made this statement? In Revelations Angels never Identify Christ as God. Yes, they are told to worship him by “God” but angels never Identify Christ as God, only the Son of God or the Lamb. If Christ was God, angels would not have to be told to worship him. This would automatically be due to him, with the approval of any other being. But again, more importantly than that, we really only need to ask Christ who he Identifies as God to really put this to bed..Rev 3:12…

The one who conquers, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God. Never shall he go out of it, and I will write on him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which comes down from my God out of heaven, and my own new name..

This is so concrete it’s almost shocking that we can read this and still force the false notions that this means that Christ is truly God Almighty or that anyone who agrees with what Christ said himself , is a false teacher or unsaved. How many times in that verse alone does Christ with his own confession use the term “My God”. There is great push and focus on this because Christ is making this very clear to leave no confusion, that he has a God. The same being you claim to be God almighty is flat out telling you with his own words, who he considers to be God almighty. Doesn’t this trump any other disciple’s or denomination’s opinion right where it stands? Who’s opinion do you stand on, man or The Son of God, and author of our salvation? I will always repeat what he says and believes.