Knowledge is simple or should it be complexed.


More and more each day I find myself not understanding how things became so complex in the dominations around the world. How overly thought things have been taught. And especially how traditions will make you see and defend things you know deep inside didn’t make sense. One example is how for so long I believed that Christ and The Father were the same person. I knew the complex environment that would have to create in order for that to really be true and I tried all my life not to look at them or dreaded speaking to people that question that concept when that brought up things like Christ having his own will separate from the Fathers, how Christ can be missing knowledge that the Father has(know when he is sending his son back but yet the son doesn’t know), why Christ would need to be our mediator of himself( Christ is the mediator between God and man), and flat out the most in your face fact…while Christ was still sitting in heaven on the throne of God he yet still called his Father his God( during the book of “The Revelation of Jesus Christ ***key though is the next words that come after this in the first verse in revelation….”which God gave to Him”. Notice the the revelations or statements are not from Christ himself. Yes he is speaking to John but the very first sentence says that the revelation that Christ gave was that to which was given or told to him by the Father. So the words spoke was not that of Christ even though he spoke for his Father. The words and the knowledge came directly from Yahweh Jehovah, the Father. Which again makes sense being that Christ confessed his limited knowledge about the end time whole he was speaking to his disciples(not even the son knows the date”). So it is very ease to confused statements spoke by Christ that were only statements revealed to him by the speaker of the original message his Father and Christ own words. But the fact that Christ again was in heaven after being given all the power and authority by the Father (which again shows they are not the same person nor are they equal like trinity people want you to believe) yet still called his Father Jehovah his “God”( Rev 3:12). All these facts and versus have always shown me that the Father is truly the Almighty God and his Son is sitting as King and God temporally until all is completed and will then step down as such and subject himself to the Father(1 Cor 15:28) I just don’t listen. An Almighty God subjects himself to no one as stated in scripture( 1 Cor 15:27). If you look at nothing else …these two scriptures by themselves explain both positions of the Son as the interim God or god. And the Father as the Almighty true God Yahweh Jehovah. These scriptures both show no equal authority or power of the two being one is only being seated there by the other by no power of himself. And finally shows that the two subjects Christ and The Father are only One in purpose and direction like my wife and I are in life but doesn’t give evidence for them being the same person. And before you burn me at the cross or stake. Remember the scriptures. You only need to believe that Christ is the “Son”of God(not that he is the Father or Jehovah), died for your sins, and was raised three days later(not that you have to stand on a type of body being transformed to a spiritual body like Corinthians spoke of and promised us or if it was his same physical body). So remember most of your doctrines point these requirements out themselves. So before you point at a Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness about them going to hell you might want to think about that your own doctrine creed requirements and realize that if those are they then both groups meet them. Just a little something to think about.


Dear diary part two


So where are we today. Well more information and more rumors proven wrong. Still some concerns and still no final place of being yet decided. But such is the walk anyone goes through on a journey. Top things I found out be true so far starts with The Cross. Or should I say the lack there of. I didn’t know that the word used in versus in the original text stauros means “STAKE” not cross. In fact the bible gives no proof or underline proof that there was any crossing of the stake or that there was two pieces or bottom line more than one stake. I remember so many times people including myself laughed at Jehovah’s Witness people for saying stake and not that Christ died on a cross. The cross had become essential to Christian living and Christ in many minds that to think that this was wrong was a huge hurtle most can’t foresee to make. Even those that find out the truth again are so wrap up in tradition that they could never see this or allow themselves to see. But sure enough I was once again proving wrong by the findings and anyone can look this up in any Greek translation of the scripture. How the cross came to be is said to be pagan in its origin once again. And the way all the findings I have have turned out to be I tend to agree with the JW’s yet again on this. The more I find out the more it pains me and scares me to consider what else is wrong with the traditional church. I remember growing up thinking to myself about the need or point of having a cross around the church and or around your neck if this is suppose to be the thing that my savior was killed on and or used torture him to death. Even then I had questions about the need but swept them under a rug because it was was accepted by everyone else. So again way to go JW’s on that.

Now on to the negatives. And I’m not sure yet if I can count this a full negative yet until I get more clarity. JW’s believe that the gifts of the apostles and early church passed away. First off I can’t blame them for this thought anymore than I blame them for looking at Christ as Michael. Most don’t know this but they are not the only people that thought these things as well. There were early baptist doctrine and teachers that taught this same thing. I was actually blowed away again when I found out that the early baptist churches teaches gave creed to Michael and Christ being the same person or creation. I always thought it was made up by JW’s. So one has to wonder if it was good enough for the so call true church baptist then why are the JW’s treated with such hate for thinking the same thing(not that I even agree with either right now). So all this was said to bring back the fact at JW’s don’t believe that inspiration , dreams , tongues, miracles, prophecy, and other gifts exist anymore. And that God is now silent period to all believers because he gave us his last answer to all things when he allowed his son to die for us on the tortured stake. They still believe that he influences us in the things listed in the word or by other people’s actions but nothing else is given or should I say nothing else is regularly given like dreams, visions, or spiritual spoken words they said. Now I believe right now that this is only a mere neutral statement because I told them about the dream I had and how my life is filled with examples of God speaking to my spirit man given warnings and confirmation on things in my life that actually happened all the way down to how my wife was found. They claimed that nothing is impossible for God and that he could choose to speak to me like this but that they never have had this kind of communication to them. I merely told them that this is based on their faith. If they don’t have the faith for this then I’m not surprised because a lot of things if not all is faith based. If you believe God can’t speak to you like this then it won’t happen. They concurred it was possible. But I am concern about that. So more to come soon.

Ps: I have started bible study with two ministers of the Kingdom Hall to get more “out of the horses month answers from them”.

What has gone on so far in the search for my direction.


I feel that a dear diary moment has come. I continue my search for answers. Answers to my direction that he wants from me. A direction that I’m not willing to allow traditions, assumptions, my own comfort zone, or anything else to get in the way of. I am willing to follow Him no matter what I’m use too or what I have always believed or been told. If the fact point it then I will listen. If he confirms things I will listen. Even if its not what I feel like doing I’m willing to do. This is the only way you can be to have true revelation come. What good is the answers one is given is not followed because the person allows what others think or what others have said to get in the way.

So I say all this because of my latest situation. I have been fasting and praying for some time now. Trying to purge myself completely of anything in me that could stand in the way of answers given to me or revelations spoken to me. On the evening of January 23rd I was in prayer asking again for continued support and enlightenment of my direction he would have me take. I spent time also bidding Satan from my prayers and hearing them before hand so that I could have more assurance of him not influencing anything seen or heard that might give direction. I went to bed that night and had a dream. A dream that was very powerful and detailed. I dreamed that entered a building and found a leader there that was to baptize me(more later who this person was). I remember not going with him to any pool but it was done on the plain floor to which I stood. I was praying on my knees and lifting hands toward heaven. And then the man came and stood over me in front with a huge bowl of water. He then poured it over me and it completely covered me as one would be covered and surround by water inside a egg. There was no shell only a water container in the shape of a egg with me inside it still balled up. Inside I could breath and was in total solitude. The world outside the egg could no longer be heard or seen. At that moment I spoke, still praying mind you,”is this your sign Father?” And at that very moment my body was filled with his Holy Spirit like I had felt in time past but this time it was way more powerful. I remember feeling like I was not only being filled with His spirit but that I was in heaven and had died without me knowing it being reborn in heaven. I remember that great light that should have been blinding but wasn’t surrounding me everywhere my eyes focused. Then I stood up out of the water egg given praise to God with my arms open wide in sure amazement and the the water feel from around me once I was at my apex of my stature. Then everything that was once around me before the water was poured was again there and I started speaking out praise and thanks to God in his Son’s name Yeshua the messiah. And then as times before I was feeling my mouth start to prepare for tongues and I stopped myself because of where I was and who was around me and then I woke up. The person that baptized me was an Elder of the Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah witness’s. Wow right? Now what does this mean I haven’t fully come up with answers on it. In one hand we have God’s presents inside that egg and then what I could tell was a resurrection from my dead life and new life I was given . But the alarming part was when I stopped myself from speaking in tongues. Was this to show negativity or positive outlook on what I went through? The funniest thing is that everyone that I tell this story to all say and react the same way. I never tell them who baptized me or where I was. And everyone is all excited and sure that my experience is of God and that God was blessing me with a great path and this confirms that he is wanting you to do this. But when I tell them who baptized me and where I was they all turn right back around and claim that the dream is the devil and all of sudden doesn’t mean anything good. I tell you I haven’t ever seen a more hated group of people in my life. I don’t think atheist even get this kind of hate from Christians. I bet the majority of the people out there would look at a person in Scientology before they look at a Jehovah witnesses. It’s a shame how much stigma is surrounding them yet they aren’t hurting people, they are peaceful and they love Yahweh. Yet you can take a group that doesn’t even believe God or his bible exist period and they will be welcome at the dinner table. More on my walk later just thought I would share my dream. It could mean a lot of things which is why this doesn’t stamp out a conclusion yet. I still have more to go and more questions to ask.

The mystery problem of the J in the bible.


If you missed it I had some serious issues about the bible and churches today that included the terms jesus, Jehovah , James, Jerusalem ,John and any other name in the bible that begin with a “J”. The reason is that it didn’t exist until 300-400 hundred years ago. Most don’t know this but any of your trained pastors that have a biblical degree will tell you this. What they won’t tell you however, at least not off the bat, is that man made up a name for Christ and God and all the other disciples. They did this the moment the USA decided they wanted to add another sound and letter to our language that didn’t exist in any language in the world ever. So by doing this they made it impossible to transliterate anything they added a “J” to such as the all important name of Christ. And they did this on their own accord. God never said it was ok nor gave a dream to any of them to do this. So that’s how you get all these names from. I thought it best to remove myself from churches and organizations that did this because I felt that it was blasphemy. However my research has concluded on the matter and I have decided that I have no choice but to remain with the names man has made up. Reason being is that nobody can confirm what the real name was to begin with. YHWH is missing letters to make the sound so you can’t say 100% what truly must have been there. And then we have Christ name Yeshua , Yahushua , yashua ,yahoshua…etc. Nobody can confirm this name either. Everybody gives their own proof and neither of them by themselves really conclude the matter as fact on the real pronounced name of our savior but they do know for sure it wasn’t Jesus. So bottom line until there can be a confirmed name on either I can’t ever look at this issue to change without the real name being verified. So this part of the mission is over. It’s good that this is over right now and that I have made progress on my goals that I sat out to accomplish. Only one more to go. Which church or organization should I belong to?

Do you even know your own doctrine?

I ask this question because most people that stand for the trinity don’t even know what it is. They assume one thing but the doctrine teaches a whole other thing. And this shouldn’t really be on them because most preachers don’t even know the doctrine and they mix and match different things together from Oneness theology and trinity theology. This is why so many of us don’t understand things and end up frustrated with their beliefs and their churches when they start studying for themselves daily. So I just thought it would be neat to post the beliefs up so that most can get information they truly need to determine if in fact you have believed because of assumption or because of fact.

Trinity : by definition means ….. three distinct(meaning I’m me and you are you and we all have our own individual plans, thoughts, characteristics) persons that contain one God inside all of them, being coequal in power and authority.

**True example : Me , my dad, and my brother . All of use come from the same gene poll, I am my own man, my dad is his own man, and my brother is his own man. I have my own purpose, will, and job, my brother his, and my father his. We are in the jones family and we contain a spiritual being named Yahweh inside of all of us and we all are coequal in skills, knowledge, strength , power and authority.

***Example most try to give you : standing water ,same water being froze is still the same water, or vaporized is still the same water. This example is not the same at all to the one above. In fact this example would be that of Oneness theology.

Oneness teaches that One God took on three different manifestations at different times throughout time to complete his purpose. They teach that the end result of all the manifestations will be Christ solely.

The first one above is what the doctrine of the trinity says God is and unless you say that too then you aren’t saved(most don’t know that either). Yes, that’s right people of “saved by grace only” and “once saved always saved” concept. The doctrine of the trinity states that unless you see God like the first above definition you aren’t saved. I wonder if your church teaches you this. I doubt they do.

Now to make this a little clearer a “manifestation” is different from a “distinct person”. Manifestation means that the same person just took on a different role. Distinct person is not the same person and is his own individual therefore you literally have three people standing there talking saying we are one God. Do you see the difference in that? And I’m willing to bet you that most of you see God as manifestations and not three different people standing together as One God.

So for me looking over the two subjects I again don’t see how one could believe in the trinity when the scripture clearly contradicts it.

Problems if you believe in the trinity :

1: coequalness (if there is such a word)

2: Holy Spirit vs the Father who is spirit (invisible) but yet there is Only ONE spirit , one mediator

No coequal environment is present :

Bible clearly shows the Father being superior in every way to Christ. Even Christ himself calls his Father His God. Confesses that the father knew more (time when he is to return). And that the father was greater than him. Even states “I can do nothing of myself” “. Power and authority had to be given to Christ from the Father and even then its only temporary until he finishes making Christ enemies his footstool. And then all authority and power will be back in the hands of the Father which was never under Christ rule even while he sat in his Fathers seat.

The Holy Spirit is missing from God’s throne room in heaven. No mention of him on the throne , seated at the left hand or behind The Father. Nothing. The son loves the Father, the Father loves the son , no mention of either of them loving the Holy Spirit. Why? Because the Holy Spirit is just God himself in action as he once was in the Old Testament . It’s his power force that flows through his followers. It’s not a separate person. And last if there is only one spirit and one mediator between God and man how can the Father be a separate spirit , Christ having his own spirit ,and then the Holy Spirit being a spirit? Doesn’t add up does it? That’s not One spirit!


I’m not saying that oneness has all the answers either because there are holes there as well but what I’m saying is that of the two the trinity makes the least sense and has no real base in the text of the bible. More soon….

Salvation is a gift not a crutch!


Lets first understand what the word means. Salvation means “right standing with God” in the bible. It is a current state of being for those who have believed, confessed Christ in their life. Once this happens you are given two things. One access to the Father through his son and two all your pass transgression whipped away (ae:old life) so that you are a new creation in him with a fresh start. The strangest and yet most problematic issue in most churches today is that somehow the concept of salvation has been twisted to fit people who don’t want to change and think they can have eternal life the easy way. Much like the rich man Jesus spoke to. Thinking they can gain salvation on their terms instead of God’s term. Proof of this was found when I was reading a article about a baptist minister who accused of being a false teacher because he taught his people that they must turn from their sins and live a holy life and not continue to be in sin as they once were. Now there may be more to it than this but the focus of proof they used to accuse this man was that he was not telling his people that once they were saved that they could continue to do whatever they wanted and go to heaven. The gospel isn’t a joke people. Like Christ said if you love me, then you will keep my commandments (John 14:15). Only those who are serious about their walk of faith will get the reward in the end. Living Faith(faith that follows corresponding action) is what saves us not dead faith. And dead faith is faith without corresponding action(James 2:14,26). Therefore who confesses Christ should live for him and if you live for him you must love him and if you love him then you would not disobey his commandments. Now granted one can slip up and that is what forgiveness and confession is for. But those that practice sin is not of Christ(1john 3:6). And to continue in your sins means that you practice them and therefore aren’t of him. So it’s not Christ and do whatever you want. It’s Christ and live for him and push for holiness everyday. Or as Paul says “I have to workout my salvation(Philip 2:12)… my responsibility, Christ has done his part by given us a fresh start and freedom of our old sins giving us a clean slate but what you do with that is up to you. It’s a everyday progress that takes our life to do. And only those that continue to follow his rules AND finished the race will gain entry(2 Tim 2:5).

Just being fair!


Ok now back to the search. We last left off with the fruit of the tree. We went into great statements about most all Christian church’s people in general vs Jehovah witness people and Mormon people in general. I concluded that of them all the Jehovah witness people seem to represent Christ on earth than the others in general. Not saying this applies to all people in these groups , just as a whole.

Well today we look a little at the Jehovah witnesses. Based on the bible and not man and what America’s tv shows tell you I can’t see where they are wrong in their actions and most of their thoughts. The first thing that must be stated is that they do believe in Christ as their savior, they believe he died for our sins, and they do believe he rose from the dead (but only like the bible said in 1 Cor 15:42-57). I see nothing wrong with this belief because its backed up in the bible. And personally before knowing one single thing about Jehovah witnesses I looked at Christ resurrection the exact same way because the bible points out what happens. So I never believed anything different from the fore mentioned scripture above. It still means that he rose people. I love it when man tries to place their creed into bible provisions for qualified salvation. Things like “you must believe Christ was resurrected “bodily” to be saved. Bible says “rose” 3 days later, it mentions nothing about the type of resurrection. Only that one took place. Then we have the whole “must believe in the trinity concept”. Again all men, not God. He never said this and most importantly how can anyone of us understand fully anything about God and what he has done or how he works. So if the scriptures through Christ himself and then that of his disciples continue to put in motion that there is one God. And Christ makes it clear that the one GOD IS HIS FATHER AND HIS GOD both on earth as a so called man and in heaven as the resurrected immortal being sitting on the throne of God. Then we have no cause to point fingers at JW and say their belief is wrong when they are merely repeating what our savior said multiple times. That He has A God and His God is Greater than him, knows more than him, was the person that gave him his seat and power and most importantly is the one that will require Christ to subject himself under His Rule when all is done. There is no question that these are not the same people much less are coequal in power and authority. And then you also can remember the actual creed in the bible says you only need to believe that Christ is the Son of God(died for your sins, and raised 3 days after) to be saved. There is nothing that states that you have to believe Christ is the Father or that Christ is coequal to the Father ,or that Christ alone is God the father and the Holy Spirit. No none of these is quoted as part of the qualifications needed to have a new life in him. Only that you believe he is the Son of God. . Man’s creed will add other things so don’t get confused. Now I’m not saying I agree with all things the JW’s do because I don’t . I have a lot of studying to do to even get to that bridge. But the more I find out about others groups of Christians the more I see no purpose for their hate of Jehovah witnesses because they are doing worse things on a regular bases than the JW ‘s. Yet they call the JW’s the misguided ones. Even Mormons show better character than the typical Christian denominational church out there. And here is something of note. Most Christian churches today will allow pagan gods and customs like Easter bunnies and Santa clause, halloween, and Valentine’s Day into their worship doors and homosexual relationships and members for the sake of keeping people happy and paying tithes. All with open arms and smiles. But will lash out against a Jehovah’s Witness when they come to their door or post hate or condemnation towards them and their peaceful ways and accuse them of not being of God. I don’t get it. Again I’m saying they are perfect but I do see how backwards that is for so called Christian believers to back the things that the world accepts when the bible is against it but yet crucify a group that is obeying the word and try’s to stay out of the world. Part 2 coming next…..