Bible was completed before the doctrine of trinity ever existed.


Did you know this same symbol stands for pagan goddesses as well. Same pagans the Catholic Church compromised Christianity with when they added the  winter solstice gods and Easter bunny fertility gods into Christian celebrations. 

Theophilus of Antioch writing in the late 2nd century(200 years after the bible was already wrote and completed) FIRST defined and used the concept of “The Trinity”.. as God, His Word (Logos) and His Wisdom (Sophia) (The concept of the Trinity known today didn’t come into existence for another 100+ years after this one. So that’s almost 350 years later after the bible writers finished). Notice orginaly its not three people or persons, much less three people equal to each other in power and authority. The very difinition of “Father” show ultimate rule and authority the the concept of a “Son”. It also shows by definition that the son came from or was created from Father, not equal to him. There is no concept or logic given that supports the nature of a son meaning that he existed equally with his Father. In every place existing the Son identified Elohim as his Father and his God. If God means both the son, father , and holy spirit as separate and equal people it would imposible for the Adonai who is the Father to be called and identified as God by One of the three other persons if all are required to equal God. It is also impossible for the Father Adonai to be the God of Christ on the plans of Heaven(not talking about christ as a man anymore). In Revelation Christ(the risen christ with all power) continues to identify his Father as his personal GOD and Father. This clearly shows the One person of the so called three persons is truly being Identified as God by one of the members of the so call trinity. This proves that all three aren’t needed to be God or truly are God. Another problem is that 1 Corinthians chapter 15 clearly lays out in detail that Christ is not only not equal to his Father but that he will submit himself under his Father. This clearly and undisputably shows that christ is under his Father’s rule and if one of the so call three person is head over the others this means that which ever one stands as ruler over all the others is truly God. No where will you find the Father calling Christ his God nor will you find a scripture showing the Father or Son having a conversation with the Holy spirit as a person. Not one time does Christ pray to the Holy spirit , have a conversation with the Holy spirit nor does the Father ever do this. In the thrown room of God when Christ submits rule and authority back to His Father who gave him that power(and so proving that all power and authority comes from the Father) the Holy spirit is nowhere to be found or mentioned. Scripture says the Father loves the son and the Son loves the Father but nowhere does it mention that either one loves the Holy Spirit. It’s because the Holy spirit isn’t a person, it’s Elohim’s power or wisdom given to all believers. It’s not a separate person itself. Then on top of this scripture says there is only one God, “The Father” and one Lord Christ Yeshua but nothing about the Holy Spirit(1 corinthians 8.6). Based on man’s concept of the Trinity today the scripture should read… one God ,the father, son and holy spirit but doesn’t. It clearly, purposefully pointing out that it considers “The Father”, as God alone and separate from him his Son stands as Lord Christ. Again I’m not saying that the holy spirit doest exist , it does, its the power/wisdom of God, its just not a separate person of three different people standing equally as God like man defines. Remember the order, woman has a, man has a head..Christ and finally Christ himself has a head..God himself who is Elohim the Father. Nothing about the Holy Spirit is there?(1 corinthians 11.3). Then Christ himself IDs the one and only true God as his Father in John 17:3 again backs up the point the God is a term used to describe the Father or Christ as he contained the Father inside him until he became a curse for us as our sacrifice much like the arch of the covenant was thought of as God because he contained a part of His spiritual present inside it. But again once Christ and his Father was separated, the term God was only used to describe Christ’s Father both by the disciples and Christ himself in Revelation. Always making clear statements including praise to God the Father and his Son The Christ in multiple books openings and greeting in the bible. The only time both mentioned as God was to Identify Christ containing the fullness of the deity who is the Father inside his body  Colossians 2.9 . Having something inside you no more makes you that person or thing  than it did for the man that contained Legion inside him before being freed from him by Christ. Once Legion left his body the only thing there was a man , the man who truly existed from the start. When the Father left Christ body christ was still alive and speaking. This shows again that Christ, the son was a separate person, spirit , and will from his Father. It is this separation that christ prayed to stop in the garden. Christ wasn’t afraid of dying or being tortured. He was afraid of being separated from the Father and if you can be separated from something then whatever that something is isn’t you nor are you truly that thing. So christ who isn’t the Father but contained the Father inside him is ruler until the end as corinthians chapter 15 explains. Then at the end when the last war is completed and death is hades are no more christ will give back the kingdom to the Father making God who is the Father head over all as it once was before he gave over the control to Adam who gave it to Satan. This in no way paints the image the churches teach you out of tradition. There is no equal power between the Son and Father. The Father is head, complete ruler and God over Christ and all when smokes settles. “The true God has no Father” putting it bluntly. Now, does this mean that christ is not everything to us, NO! His is the only way and truth to the Father. Without him you nor I have salvation. So I’m not hear to have you remove you focus off his Son.  If you have the Son we will automatically have the Father. He is our master and savior because the Father made it so. Prayer in Christ name are the only prayers the Father will honor. So that’s why christ told us that we pray to the Father in his name because he is our eternal priest. He takes our supplications and request to the Father. Without him we have no connection to the Father. He is the only mediator between God and Man. So if he is God why would he need to be a mediator between himself? Again proof again they are not the same. You can’t have a mediator between yourself and another and yet be that mediator still (Think about it people). No, christ is everything for us until the end then we will not have need of a mediator to the Father and we go to him directly. Why do you think christ can’t answer prayers. The Father is the only one that answers prayers and christ is the mediator(“whatever you ask THE FATHER in my name he will give to you”). Christ then in turn is the only one to judge not the Father. But this again, scripture say, the Father is the one that gave this authority to Christ. In fact Christ says that everything he has and and does comes from the Father’s permission. This is in no way equals in power and authority like the Trinity doctrine teaches. Christ is the only thing physically to contain the fullness of God who is Father and the Holy Spirit by Nature and Identification so this is the point of mentioned Father , son, and holy spirit. But what most fail to see is that there is one name that represents all three..Yeshua. So I hope this shows the important of Christ for you even though he isn’t truly going to Reign as Head over all things forever or is equal to his Father Elohim. He doesn’t need to be equal to his Father for us to honor the position Elohim has clearly place him in. Elohim sent him to be the Savior and master of us all until all his enemy are put under his feet. So we would do well to remember that and honor that position. But before you allow man to give you requirements of your salvation based on concepts the scriptures don’t say or teach you would do well to read how the scriptures identifies things even if traditions are hurt in the process.