We ONLY have the forgiveness of sin while we are with him!


6 If we say we have fellowship with him while we walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth. 7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.. 1John 1:6+7

One of the most used excuse and flat disrespecting view that has no backing in the bible is that so how once you say Christ is your Lord and get baptized then you can live how you want and you are saved and all of what you do after that is already forgiven. The scripture does not support this view. Christ himself doesn’t support that view nor does his Father. The death of Christ and his blood spilled gives us the option to approach his Father under the cloak of his Son and his sacrifice. Once one accepts Christ as their Lord AND repents of their pass sin all is forgiven and you are given a fresh start and access to God through his Son. However what you do from that point on is in your hands. Look at the scripture. This passage was written to a church of saved spirit filled believers. Look at the text. Key words “IF” and “AND”. The word “IF” is apart of English rules called “words of condition”. They set out a action based on the condition of requirements that must be met before that act or event can become active or applicable. Ex: “IF you love me, then keep my commandments”. The condition or status that must be present before Christ would consider that you loved him would involve that you first must keep his commandments. If you can’t do this he can’t feel that you love him. The condition must be met before the results can be applied. So in similar fashion, the scripture above states that “IF we walk in the light as the very first requirement, then a clarity of that “light” is then defined next with the statement “As he is in the light”. So we see that God is saying through his spirit in John that the ” walking in light” must not be what man says “walking in light” is but is only defined by God’s example of “walking in light” in order for the so call “Walk” to be qualified. And God’s walking in light has no sin attached to it and only his commandments as rule. So then your walk of light will have to replicate this in order to be applied to the results of this “walking in light” condition. So what is the results of the “walking in light”? The next sentence that follows a term of agreement rules is the results of that action or condition. And this starts of by saying that “we have fellowship with one another”. You and God will have fellowship with one another. Some people misread this verse saying he is talking about having fellowship with your neighbor. But the paragraph contains roughly three parties, God, his Son, and the church which is you. The terms of condition is based on your actions ONLY in relationship to God’s relationship with you therefore this proves that the fellowship this is talking about is the fellowship God has with his people. So IF we walk in light as God walks in light we will have fellowship with God. Why? Because we are walking in the same light and direction He is. But that’s not all that we gain WHILE we walk in the light. The term AND is always used to connect thoughts or items under the same rules and grouping as the for-mentioned items or subject that were before the term “AND”. So the last results of your walk in the light is the cleansing of your sins( Like..the Forgiveness of sins). So if these terms are not present the results are not present. So forgiveness is available ONLY to those who are walking in the light or plainly put, “walking the walk of a Christian”. You can’t be forgiven of your sins until you turn from them first. And you do this by taken the path of light with the Father and walk the way he would have you walk. So while you have fellowship with him this way he will forgive your sins as you walk with him in the same direction. If you turn away to sin you are guilty of that sin and are in that so called “Sin state” until you return back to God. This is what the advantage is with the New Covenant. You have a way back to him as well as the forgiveness of sin if you so choose to follow him for the first time or so choose to repent of your backsliding ways and refollow him. Its not a “Sin as your please” card you pull out so you can just return back home to that person you sleep with that you aren’t married too. That’s not repenting. Repenting requires change of life style and actions. This is why every single time a sinful person was helped by Christ he told them to “Sin no more”, basically change you way or actions and stop sinning period. Why would he do this if all he was going to do was ignore it and just accept your sinful nature or habits while you are doing them everyday. Keep my commandments if you love me,Christ says. Don’t just say it, he needs more from us all and we can give it to him with His Spiritual strength and our determination.