The world’s ideals should not be ours!


One against the world. This is the image of what I feel when I stand on what the word of God says. Do you feel this way? You should. In fact if you don’t, you might want to take a look at yourself when it comes to your examples to others as a Christian. As Christians we have a responsibility to God and if you take that seriously this will separate you from the world( John 15:19). This verse is quoted but rarely accepted, especially the end which also states “the world will hate you”.My father and I were speaking on this very subject yesterday. He and I noticed a common flaw. Most Christians spend way too much time trying to fit with the world’s ways to the point that we cease to be different from it. We let the world tell us what to accept instead of God’s word. What we see on tv and hear in music sets our acceptance benchmark. In fact most spend more time searching the scriptures for ways to excuse sin more than they do trying to defeat it. 

The other day a black woman( I say black because it’s more common with our ethnicity )was speaking to me about a common accepted practice nowadays in our black socializing. The music industry and tv shows have found a way to justify filth words like  bit** , sl**, and or hoe. This woman (not a young girl mind you), “a church going woman”, “a God fearing woman” she will say, went about trying to justify to me that if another woman calls other women these words, as friends this word somehow is acceptable and approved to use in her mind. Now, I’m sure this is no shock to some of you out there as you know plenty of people like this and are probably one of them but I’m using this as a example of how far we have fallen from God. I simply asked the woman(to help her help herself), Would you use this word in chruch!? She quickly, without hesitation, said” No, because that not right to use there”. She then, after fearing that this made my point, she had the surety of quoting (without me saying anything), “No Man has the right to judge me but God and it’s his Holy Spirit that will convict me only” Clearly there was the Guilt of that conviction. I said to her that I didn’t judge her and was merely showing that the word use toward her friend isn’t accepted by God and that she judged herself when the Holy Spirit clearly put it on her heart to say “no” that word isn’t right to use in church. I told her that very knowledge was spoke by her immediately because she already knew inside her spirit that it wasn’t right and if the Holy Spirit convicts her to not use it in church then that word use is convicted and judge by God showing its a sin. So I didn’t need to judge her, she already had judged herself and of course she didn’t like it. But for her, because so many black people do this jokingly or seriously, on tv, on radio, or wherever that it must be approved and ok. Because of this, most Christians, church going Christians, actually believe in a life outside the walls of the Church being one thing and approved but inside the church walls is a different mask to be placed on. We have to rise above this brothers and sisters of Faith. We have to take back our identity as Christ followers not World followers.

None of us are perfect but the day you pretend sin is OK simply because you have a problem breaking from it or like being amoung it, is the day you have a reprobate mind and are lost to God( Romans 1:28). We should all treat sin for what it is, an action against God’s will. If you are an alcoholic, sex addict, homosexual,liar, murderer, etc you should never get to the point that you excuse it and or justify it as accepted by God simply because you have a problem breaking from it or like it. If it’s sin, it’s sin and you should always treat it like it. It’s only then that we will push to be better. If you believe there isn’t anything wrong you will never seek to be free or better and this is Satan’s 2nd greatest trick.