You are not suppose to be like others!

Do you know that you are special? Most people will say yes or at least believe it to be. Yet people spend their whole life trying to either fit in or hide away from how different they act or think. The Bible teaches us to be different and yet we shy away from this concept. To be clear, to be different is to be separate from the way the world thinks. By doing this and being such a person you should know that you will be disliked, feared, or even hated because you think and act different from others. This comes from a variety of different reasons. One of them, which is the biggest most likely, is that you remind them of what they aren’t or should be and they hate you for it.  The very concept of being holy is shunned even by So called Christians to date. So you know that the rest of the world will feel no different. We have to get to the point that we are prepared for this because it will hit you at every moment of your life. You job, at the store, in the car, etc. It doesn’t matter that you aren’t talking about God or sitting in church at that moment. The way you carry yourself is a threat. What you wear or don’t wear is a threat. What you say and don’t say is threat. Bottom line expect this and you will be prepared because the truth of the matter is that you will meet far more people against you and holiness than you will meet for it. Just know you are never alone and be of good courage as you walk your walk of Faith. 


Suicide is something most don’t speak on accurately. 

If you have lived on earth it’s something you have seen or witness of others even attempted for some. It’s a word that brings both sadness and fear to many. There are so many reasons why people attempt or succeed in taking their own life. We that see this are either left behind in tears or in anger. What churches have taught others by way of discouragement is that the person automatically, with certainty, goes to hell. Most have accepted this because they want others who would think this a easier way out not to take this way. Because let’s face it, not everyone has a easier road ahead of them. Some may not want to suffer for years in pain before they die. Some may choose death over slavery, over rape, etc etc. Most don’t see things for what they are but all of these examples are suicide. If I choose death for myself instead of allowing my child to die, it still a type of suicide. If I choose to jump off a building instead of burning alive.. this is suicide. In some cases woman have chosen to kill themselves instead of allowing themselves to be rape. This is also suicide. I think for the most part people forget just how far the term can stretch and apply. 

You would be shocked to know that the Bible however does not address this issue as man has. Once again it’s one of those things believed in and shown in movies for so long (thanks to the Catholic Church)that most people swear by it. Not one single scripture ever address suicide as a instant sentence to hell. Most will try their best to manipulate the scripture to include murder/ suicide as the same thing. But based on the sure definition of murder this can’t apply. Murder is between two parties, not one. By definition it is the unlawful killing of a human by another human. This doesn’t apply to suicides as it is only one person laying their life down. In fact by definition suicide is defined as something done or not done that results in the your death. So based on this you can see even Jesus himself had to lay his life down and allow his life to be taken. If you look at the fact that man could not have taken Christ’s life without him causing this, you can see how even Jesus could be accused of the same thing. If I’m in the middle of street picking up a rock and I see a car coming down the road and I choose to stay there until it hit me, this is suicide. I had the power to move and chose not to, knowing full well that it would take my life. Christ did this same thing for us. What determines all this is rather or not you had the power to do something or not do something that would have stopped your life from being taking. This is how complicated the subject of suicide can be. This is also the reason I feel that the Bible never address this. But leave it to man to put our two cents into it and preach it as though it’s God’s own words. It’s not, it never was. The best thing we should do is pray for any individual who has died in like manner and trust that God knows what is best for them and will put things in the proper place based on what he feels is just. It’s not up to us to tell others where anybody’s destination will be because we don’t know. To be clear, I’m not saying encourage others about committing suicide. Nor I’m I putting all suicides under one tree. I’m merely saying that the Bible doesn’t ever give us the conclusion of a Instant Hell for suicides so maybe we shouldn’t either. Maybe for once, we can let God do his job and save whosoever he saves, and condemn whosoever he condemns. I think he’s got this.