Did you know that Porn can cause Erectile dysfunction.  

Men, among all the other things that you face as you get older, one of the things you don’t need in a marriage is ED. Counter to most belief, avoiding porn doesn’t just help your relationship with God but it helps your relationship with you wife. Most people would think porn can be used to spice up things as a way to justify it. It’s a sin, bottom line. Lust against your soul is the most alarming. We don’t really listen to this all the time because we don’t instantly see the results of such sins during our life. However, now we know it has an effect on your active present life and your marriage. What studies have shown is that porn pushes the mind’s sexual drive levels to higher levels past the level it needs to be for normal reactions of the body. Basically your wife’s body and action aren’t enough because your brain has convinced itself it needs no less than the porn to even give the male body the push it need for a erection. This is ammo you can use if you are a porn addict. If you care about your wife and your marriage, porn is definitely not what you need. It’s like steroids. You would avoid it to protect your manly parts, right? Then this is no different. No matter how much logic the world puts in favor of porn it’s a reason why God warns us of lust. The world will tell you it’s fine and helps things but at the end of the day the “wages of sin is death”. There is only one payment it takes, it never gives back. 


The simpliest question for Denominations: IS CHRIST DIVIDED?

I appeal to you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment. For it has been reported to me by Chloe’s people that there is quarreling among you, my brothers. What I mean is that each one of you says, “I follow Paul,” or “I follow Apollos,” or “I follow Cephas,” or “I follow Christ.” Is Christ divided? 1cor 1:10-13

Think about this. What did Paul, Cephas, and Apollos, and even Christ stand for here in the context of this paragraph? They stood for different theologies, beliefs, or roads of thought labeled by what they thought was the founder or representatives of that those beliefs. Yes, above them all Christ is the only one that should be justified as our leader but in the context of the paragraph Paul’s statement is to show that even those who say they follow Christ still ended up, by default, creating the first group of division and separation along with the others. We know this type of division as denominations today. It is Satan’s masterpiece for his fight against the Church. I’m baptist, I’m Catholic, I’m Jehovah Witness, and I’m Mormon. These names are no more than the same division Paul warned his Corinthian church to flee from. Satan knows there is always a common sin present in men throughout the ages, Pride. Mankind, from day one, wanted to be set apart, wanted to feel like it was all about them, not others. From Eve’s temptation for wanting to be like God, to Cain being jealous that he was not as important to God as his brother. This sin surrounds men and keeps us creating concepts and beliefs system that put them up front and over others. Even the disciples quarreled over who would be at Christ side in heaven. We do this naturally because it’s in our nature. And those in these denominations convince themselves that this isn’t being done by them when it truly is. This is why Satan’s greatest trick isn’t convincing the world he doesn’t exist but convincing the Church to be divided. Even if the world didn’t believe in Satan this would not stop them from being witnessed to about Christ if the church was on one accord and not divided. We could lead the world to Christ instead of the world leading itself away from him. This could do far more damage to Satan’s kingdom than just merely knowing that he could exist. Ultimately, we will never get to be that force in this world while we remain divided because like or not the world, thanks to our division, the answer to the question above, as far as the world is concerned, is a resounding “YES!”. Thanks to denominations, Christ is divided in the world’s eyes so we have to find a way to unite.

Let try having Faith enough to let it Go!

If you ever get to the point that you study the scripture unbiased for absolute truth you will do well to listen. Faith isn’t the substance of things known and proven as absolute truth. It is the substance of things hope for,the evidence of things not seen. You need no faith to believe in something you absolutely know and understand substantially. In fact nothing about the Christian faith is based on things known for sure. It is solely based on faith in the unknown. Faith in something we can’t see and audibly hear. So trust me when I tell you, if you are the type of person that believes they can find absolute truth in scripture and theology you are wrong. There is so much that has been tainted by men. From false creeds false theologies, false worship, two many added verses or switched around words orders in sentences in the Bible to help push false agendas. From the moment man attempted his first theology thought and sought to define God tangibly, we were lost to the pure truth. Even if one goes back and learns Hebrew and Greek we still only have so much in our position to weigh thoughts and beliefs against. In fact, the scary thing is, is that ,if you stop and find those people who thought they were going to be the one person to figure out God and explain him “the correct way”, they either ended up creating yet another needless denomination or gave up on Christianity and God period because that road never ends and is always pulling you deeper inside a rabbit hole with no bottom.  I don’t want to be that person and I don’t think anybody consciously thinks this can happen to them but it will and can. Yahweh in all his wisdom never wanted man to understand his make up or how he is what he is. He in fact made us aware over and over that we couldn’t possible understand that. He never made it a requirement for salvation for you to explain him as a trinity, oneness, or any other man made theology attempt. The only thing he wanted you to know and in fact built the church on, was the simple fact that He Is, and Christ Yeshua was his Son. THATS IT!!! Through this knowledge you were granted the adaption and the New Covenant of Grace through his Son’s blood shed and seal of his Holy Spirit. Rather or not Christ was created, was Michael, God or god, had two spirits, 100% God and 100% man, or 50% God and 50% man had zero place for your salvation. Ever single theology man has ever created in his attempt to explain God all are wrong and needless for your salvation. Even the very people that created these theologies confess that the concepts are only the best way they know how to explain him and that even with their best they are still not close to fully explaining him. So botttom line, whoever thinks they have it right the most is still a million years off from being right so why do it?? We will never know absolute truth about God while we live physically. And it’s not promised that we will fully understand in afterlife. So why waste your life away debating theology with the arrogance of thinking you have figured it out? You haven’t. You could put more energy into becoming better as a human through Christ teachings. You could be a better leader and disciple of him by your actions not just by words. Most of all, we could help so many more people with just the simple Faith that Yeshua was the Son of the Living God Yahweh who died and was raised for all to have a chance at the remission of our Sins and eternal life. If we can focus on that part and do what is just and right in deeds not just in words, we would be that people he can be proud of. It’s time to let it go and refocus on what truly saves and make him happy.