I’m a Christian follower…period!

Way too many times have I seen so called Christ followers focus on labels of men more than that which they are identified by God. Catholics, Baptist , Jehovah’s witness, Church of Christ, Mormons,  etc. It all sickens me to hear and see so many followers of the bible and Christ separate and segregate people into groups and denominations which have never been justified by God to do so. In fact, instead of claiming that God has chosen your denomination above all others, just remember that if you were that chosen group you would have been easily identified in the book of Revelation by your name. But we all know that no specific denomination was ever mentioned and try as you might to push your denomination into a implied state of identification in Revelation the biggest fact is that the word “Church” never did mean building or denominations. It only means groups of believers or simply the people who believe. You can name your building or group anything you want in attempt to force feed a implied prophecy on yourself but it doesn’t work that way. In fact it only proves you aren’t that church if anything. There is neither Greek or Jew anymore so what makes you think there is a denomination? News flash, it’s the same principle, if there is only Christ …this applies to his people in denominational disputes as well. It can’t be expressed any harder, there is only Christ, those who follow him. I’ve heard things like ..”we don’t associate with none Jehovah witnesses” from jehovah witnesses…Wow but they are at your door to do that very thing. I heard.. “Salvation is only giving if it’s blessed by a priest as a Catholic” from Catholics.Wow, what about Salvation found in no other but Christ? I mean I could go on to the Athan Creeds of the trinity declaration of biased belief and much more but I think you get my point. We will never be who he comes for separated and disillusioned about the so called importance of a man made denomination vs Our ONLY identity given,…Christ followers.