One of the best biblical debate I have seen in years. Jehovah Witnesses vs Trinitarian

Interesting fact : Greg stafford, the most knowledgeable Jehovah Witnesses I have ever heard is no longer accepted by the organization as a witness because he no longer accepts the direction of the watch tower elders. This man, with as much knowledge as he had about their beliefs and biblical studies, still had to make a choice to obey the word or man. He chose the Bible over man and was turned from by his organization.

Interesting fact : Dr white ( trinitarian) even though loosing this debate in my opinion remains steadfast on his beliefs. Some could say that this means he is more devoted and others say he has a better foundation.

For me yet again: I see two people that want to be correct in thier direction towards God that neither can or will see the other as a brother under the only mediator between God and Man, Christ Yeshua.

Warning : This video is only for those unbaisely seeking biblical knowledge. If you assume right away without even seeing the video that the Jehovah Witnesses doesn’t have truth to share don’t bother looking at this because this man has a lot of knowledge. Not all what JWs believe is believed by me nor do I ever endorse ANY man made denomination( because all Christian denomination have some form of the truth and some forms of false belief) but in this debate Greg stafford’s stand made here was more solid than Dr White’s. It doesn’t mean that you should be convinced to become one or not. It’s only a debate on one specific point of difference, not the entire denominational beliefs debate. So it doesn’t prove anything by itself as a whole. It just means that the subject that they debated, in my opinion, was more accurately debated by Greg Stafford. You may think differently. Just be honest with yourself and allow the scriptures to speak for without prejudices.


The punishments of Adam vs Eve.


Today we shall discuss the topic of Adam’s vs Eve’s punishments. This morning my wife and I had Bible study with our 10 yr old Son. We were trying to teach our son about consequences more. Of lately my son has been ignoring our words and doing what he wants anyway. The item that is involved in this is always the same, his IPad. Either we will tell him to put it away for the night and we will find him with it again in his bed while he was suppose to be sleeping. Or he will sneak and take it in the bathroom with him or in his closet so that we wouldn’t see him using it. This has happened several times and each time we would take it from him and store it away for a day, two days, then a week, and then two. No matter how many times we took it for the same reason he would duplicate the same disobedience after telling him to put it away. The last time it happen I warned him it will be thrown away, not put up for a time, but forever removed from the home. Now deep inside I knew the iPad represent a very big educational purpose too and I reconsidered doing this if for nothing more than loosing money but I didn’t tell him this. I thought this would shock him into not making this same mistake again. Well he did it again days later so I made him put on his shoes and carry the iPad out the house and throw it in the trash. This hurt his feelings the most but it still was something that needed to be done. Of course, I retrieved it from the outside trash and my wife and I are considering selling it on ebay now but for him he didn’t understand why there was no other punishment like a spanking ,no TV, or taking away his video games. So I thought it would be a good time to go over scriptural facts about punishments and consequences and I thought I would share with you guys facts about our findings this morning that became much deeper than we expected. Punishments only apply to the opposite direction of the character of the person or action. In other words it must be applicable to the person or action of said person. If I like spinach you would punishment me back making me eat spinach, right? If I hate spinach this is something you can use as a punishment. So keep that in mind.

We all know the event in Gen chapter 3. But what we don’t look at is the reasoning and possible mind set of each character. You may say how can I know this, well I don’t know for sure but if you look at the indiviual punishments you understand what kind of persons God was dealing as he punished Adam vs Eve. So let’s start with Adam.

Because you have listened to the voice of your wife
and have eaten of the tree
of which I commanded you,
‘You shall not eat of it,’
cursed is the ground because of you;
pain you shall eat of it all the days of your life;
thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you;
and you shall eat the plants of the field
By the sweat of your face
you shall eat bread,
till you return to the ground

Adam’s punishment was that of labor and hardship because he became lazy and  complacent. He was told he would have to work for food now when before it came easy for him. He would have to sweat and labor for his whole life, something again he didn’t have to spend much time doing. From this you know life for Adam was easy. We also know from this speech that Adam’s downfall started because he listened to the voice of his wife. This is big because none of Adam’s punishment evolved any relationship or authority consequences of listening to his wife. Why? Because Adam desired her before Eve was ever made and most importantly Adam didn’t seek to be God. So to punish Adam with a authority roles or desire assignment wouldn’t have served as a punishment. He was ready to give it all up for Eve. Bible even backs this up as it tells you that Man or Adam was never trick(1 Tim 2:14). It was the woman. So this means Eve didn’t trick Adam with what Satan’s said about eating the fruit. Adam not being trick means only one thing. He willing took it knowing that Eve was going to die and wanted to either try and protect her or die with her.   

Now let’s look at Eve’s punishments.

“I will surely multiply your pain in child bearing;
in pain you shall bring forth children.
Your desire shall be for your husband.
and he shall rule over you.”

This punishment is deep and it was what spurred this lesson. Remember, punishment are pushed towards the things that is unwanted or against the character personal preferences.  Look at the difference here. Eve was given a punishment of pain during child bearing. So we know that child bearing was not suppose to be really painful before then. But the next thing God says brought up my eyes.

Your desire shall be for your husband.
and he shall rule over you.”

Now here we have a punishment of authority and desire. Look at it, in order for her punishment to be that “she should have desire for her husband”, it tells me that this “desire” was not there prior. Why? Because Eve had a desire for herself. She proved this because she and Satan actually shared the same want and sin, to be like God. This was the fall and desire of Eve. She wanted to be like God. And just like Satan, this desire led to sin. Adam didn’t have a desire to be God. He was happy with just being in his image. Eve however, was not ruled by Adam at that time and didn’t want to be ruled by God. She wanted to be just as powerful as God, to have nobody to answer to. This is the only reason why God would give her these punishments. He knew that she desired to be unruly and therefore her punishment was to put her into subjection under the one person she felt she had no desire or will to be ruled over by, her husband.

If anything, you can look at the statements God made and think it would have made more since for God to put Eve head over Adam and make his desire be for her since he listened to her and allowed her to lead him. But this wasn’t the punishment because Adam always desired Eve (most agree)and even though he was given authority, didn’t desire absolute authority. So this couldn’t have been his punishment(remember, you punish to apply something against the character of that person). Also, there is no place in the scripture that even hints towards Eve’s desire for her husband before their fall. This is why again her punishment was for her to have desire for her husband( and or His needs it can be translated) and for him to rule over her because this is exactly what she didn’t want nor feel at that time for Adam.

Now right away you can look at this and think that Eve was a little bit more to blame than Adam. Or you could have some uneasy feelings about one sex over the other. But don’t. Bottom line both had a role to play in the conditions of the Human race. Not one of them is more responsible than the other as this is impossible as both were one flesh. The only way that event ends differently is by God’s own hand with Adam and Eve standing as one together. This wasn’t what happened so Christ grace and sacrifice is the only thing good in all this.

The theme of god being pushed in movies


Have you noticed the gods? There seems to be a lot of them. You seem to get this theme in just about every action movie that hits the theaters. Most will see this and think nothing. Christians will look at this stuff most of the time and say to themselves… “false gods”. Well I say look deeper Christians. Look at the statements. Xmen the theme of their Character not only being a god..but goes as far as to claim our God being false as he is said to be Elohim and Christ himself and even going as far as to claim that the Bible letters  were actually about him. Well this means that our True source is actually false or a imitation of truth. Effectively making this character the true Logos not Christ. 



Next up is batman vs Superman’s special god theme. The obvious false god could be found easily here as well. But the theme pushed was subtle. “God is dead” was the theme repeated over and over. In fact the goal of the movie was to Kill god! For Christians and even the creators of superman he was never a god. He was in fact created by the writers to be a type of Moses, not Christ nor a god. But with this world every character in comics must sooner or later be worshiped or changed into a god. Everything from superman being bowed to, sacrificed, and even resurrected can be seen in this. After this the movie list of god theme continues….




Are you getting the picture yet? If it’s just a coincidence or on purpose it’s a spiritual attack on the One true God and his family. The media, internet, and news are the biggest playgrounds for influences and control over the minds of humans. Be careful, not all entertainment is innocent and good. Even recently we have civil war which turns the idea of Good and Evil away when good fights good instead. Where has our morals gone people ask? Answer, wherever the TV and media programs you to believe.


Be careful of those who tell you what God won’t do!


There is something special about being a child a God. It’s personal and intimate. He is my Father and God all in one. Through his Son I have salvation because of his blood through for our New Covenant. These things all saved men know to be true. However, when you meet certain people, denomations, and organizations that tell you that God won’t do things he has already done for you in your life(that isn’t against who God is in his word)then you should know to be careful. One such a case happened to me. When a Jehovah Witnesses tried to tell me that Satan saved my wife because his Organization tells him to believe that God doesn’t speak to people’s spirit, doesn’t give people dreams, and or any other form of communication other than the bible. My wife when she was in the last year of school was working too much and not sleeping enough. She attempted to drive to school after yet another short night of sleep. While on the road my wife told me she heard a voice from inside her spirit telling her to put her seatbelt on, she did. This was the last thing she remembered before waking up at the bottom of a hill smashed into a concrete barrier. The doctors said this was the only thing that saved her life. So, a Jehovah witness tells me it was Satan trying to make my Wife believe that God was speaking to her to help her. Why? Because they are taught that God and his angels have said all they are going to say in the bible and won’t speak to us in any other way. So because they are taught this and taught “to obey without question, even if it doesn’t make sense”( I’m not exaggerating they are told to do this word for word). They can not allow situations that happen to them or anybody else mean anything that could go against their organizations statements and beliefs( not God but their organization). Basically allowing man to tell them what God will or won’t do. He also told me that this was his belief in another scenario when atheist had a dream about hell and they turn their life over to God that somehow this is Satan doing this to them to fool them(who already doesn’t believe in God) in believing something that is against God to do (they feel). So I guess, now Satan is helping turn people who don’t believe in God to Salvation simply by making them believe God could show them a dream or warning??? Look I don’t have a lot of problems with Jehovah Witnesses as some have seen in my writing. I don’t however agree with 100% of their views and this is one of the bigger ones. I think ALL denominations of Christianity have truth found in them somewhere. Nobody is 100% wrong or 100% right. But whatever your beliefs are you should be careful on what you deem as Satan’s work vs God’s. It’s called blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and it’s unforgivable. Most importantly no man can tell you what God has done, is doing , or will or won’t do in your life. The funniest thing, consequently, since we are talking about it, it’s funny that they say that they SAY that they are the ONLY people being used by God but yet they never hear from him. And if they never hear from God being the Only people God uses and approves for salvation in this date and time, how in the world does God ever help correct the many false predictions they have made and continue to make. Personally, I think someone needs to ask for some kind of help with over 100+ years of false prophecies as your foundation. Then again,maybe they are right, maybe God does refuse to speak to “them” for whatever reason. This could be the reason why they keep making false prophecies and having to wait on the Elders to correct the direction they are going instead of allowing the Holy spirit and his word to show them. Who knows! Faithfully one day all denominations can play together and unify in a common goal of salvation through Christ.

There is no other identity needed, Only Christ.


Here there is not Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave, free; but Christ is all, and in all. Col 3:11

Have you ever had someone or should I say some denomination tell you that it’s them only that God leads or uses. Most have. Jehovah Witnesses, Catholics, Church of Christ and many other denominations either have hinted to this or flat out claimed it. It is said that a good way to tell if a denomination is a cult is to see if they believe this. While I don’t buy solely into that thought because I see forms of it in just about all major denominations, there is concern over this thought none the less. Maybe not as far as being cult like but there is a sort of brain washing that takes place in every denomination that feels that being identified as a Christ follower and doer of the word isn’t enough unless they belong to their group. They push that a membership to their particular chruch or organization is now somehow added to God’s requirements of salvation. Last time I checked the scriptures were completed after Revelations and there is no book that tells us that we need any other Identity but Christ for salvation. I have friends that are apart of many different denominations that share this concept of being apart of a “Members Only” thought corruption. They actually push and preach lies that unless you are apart of their group you aren’t saved. The funniest thing is that none of these people are any better of a person that the next. They still have the same flaws, same anger, same sins, same pride, and same ugliness that is found in all other flawed people. On the surface they walk like they’re holy and they preach holy, but yet at the end of the day there is no evidence God is more active in their life than the ones they point fingers at from inside their buildings. I use to think that preachers or certain denominations were more holy acting than others. I guess I was right in a way because any person can “ACT” holy in front of other people. But the more you keep hanging around those people and these people face things that allow the real person to show, you see them for who they are. A regular human being capable of all the sins any other person does. Their group, church, or organization are led by the people of like mistakes and sins. They have flaws and aren’t perfect. While one is claiming that one church is false because they have false idols, that same group or organization walks around with false idols emblems on the feet or clothing. While one group accuses another of false worship they themselves have false prophecies that have become the very foundation of their history. It’s really sad to watch people not just accept that we are all of need of mercy and grace. Man is judged by Christ and his words ALONE..not Christ and their organization, group, or denomination’s made up rules or concepts and certainly not because of membership or building you sit in. Be careful followers of Christ, there is no identity in anything but Christ.