Every Christian faith foundation or belief can be reasoned in the Bible by those who want to believe it.


                                                  The tree of Christian denomination

Throughout all my experience from Baptist, Catholic, Mormons, Pentecostal, Non-denominational, Jehovah Witnesses, etc, etc I have found one simple but inescapable truth, there is no One denomination that has all things right nor has all the answers. If one searches for themselves and unbaisely looks at the truth over the course of years as I have done you will begin to see a pattern that you can not solve. That pattern is seen in all denominations is that scripture doesn’t fully back one single denomination fully. You will find answers about one subject or belief by one denomination but just as soon as you find it you will find that fact that goes against something that denomination stands for that they just push to the side as unimportant if they can’t rightful prove in the scripture or they have a half baked excuse that only the untrained or unseasoned Christian will take at face value and move on. They all use a myriad of different steps when facing a scripture that disproves their denominational beliefs on a subject but will take another scripture at face value when it supports their belief. I like to call this “The Denominational lack of equal reasoning”. Facts like the concept the Trinity being invented long after the Bible writers were finished is not something most trinity believers like talking about and they furiously put up a defense against. Or the concept of Christ having a separate spirit and will from the Father, less knowledge, and has to summit himself under the Father to Oneness believer brings up all kinds of far fetch excuses and none of which is supported and mentioned in scriptures. Jehovah Witnesses don’t have a excuse for false prophecies, Isaiah 9:6 and others scripture that declare Christ as God..not god..yet they continue to use and take the stance. And we can’t look over the Catholic who create statues and pray to them as the saints of old yet no scripture in their Bible or any other Bible supports this act not to mention allows one to create statues bowing and praying to them. They also hate the simple truth that there is ONLY one mediator between God and Man and he isn’t their priest or pope. Last but not least, the Mormons who again have false prophecies they don’t like addressing with false witness testimonies they have and leaders who don’t tell them that the founders of their belief say they are men that live on the moon and sun. After all this what I can say is that they all can show scriptures that support a concept of their belief in the Bible. And if they can’t they are all really good at piecing things together to make it look like what they believe. The danger in this is that “piece scripting” can be applied to the Bible or anything else to make whatever belief you have found somewhere somehow in anything. Basically people will see what they want to see and the things that show up that goes against that belief they can find a way to ignore it and or try and disprove it or excuse it. It’s been a tough 20 years of my life studying all this, trying to find the “Absolute truth”, but my conclusion is that there is no absolute truth known. No one denomination that has all the answers and or that is perfect. So if this is what you seek in your journey you would do well to remember that in the end you will find, if you are honest with yourself, no one that has all the answers and or no mistakes in their belief and walk as a Christian. It will come down and in full circle to just having “Faith” in Christ himself, not a concept of explaining him or His Father.


TED: Why I stopped watching Porn

I thought this insight was something that can encourage others even though I doubt the guy’s direction was obeying God’s view of sex and when it is accepted. I still think it can be a lesson found here that can be applied.