Just because the world is for it doesn’t make homosexuality right.


We dear humans try and justify all we do. No matter what we say we believe in we still try and throw things together to make them fit with and approve what our addictions are. I know this because I see it in all forums of sin. Homosexual lust and sex is wrong if you call yourself a Christian or believe in the bible. The bible is very clear and doesn’t support in any way shape or forum the acts of it. There is nothing natural about it because there is nothing natural that comes of it. Sex rather you like it or not isn’t about the orgasms. The orgasms are to encourage the act so that the NATURAL act that should take place, a child’s birth, is produced. This is purpose of marriages (husbands and wives). The very purpose of male and female. You can not lay man with man and produce a child, why? You can’t lay a woman with a woman and produce a child, why? All of you out there know that its the truth. Even your very chromosomes witness to the truth as both male and female are needed for their half of the 46 chromosomes.This is why male and female were made. To be with each other so that the world could be populated. This is why its natural, because it serves a natural purpose to extend life and life is natural or nature. Multiple scripture clear point this out over and over yet people that love their LUST, and that’s what it is LUST(even among husband and wife’s..it’s still lust) try their best to twist scriptures around to make it say different but it doesn’t. It’s very clear that its a sin and its a spiritual corruption but they try their best and equate Love with Sex. Love is not sex no matter who is involved! Never has been and never will be. Sex is sex and love and love. I love my God but I don’t want to have sex with him. He loves me and yet he doesn’t require me to have sex with him. So obviously the person that created the very definition of love knows what it truly is and nowhere does it equate to sex and lust. These things are apart of the flesh and only ok’d within the marriage of a husband and wife because it serves a natural purpose. The same flesh that Paul ID’s as the true source of our actions that are sins. Not just homosexuality but all things that the bible mentions as sin. We don’t make excuses for all the other sins. Killing is called sin, sleeping with my mother is still a sin, sleeping with a donkey is still a sin, lying is still a sin, stealing is still a sin, and blasphemy of the the Holy Spirit is a sin( the only unforgivable one) so why should I shy away or act cowardly towards standing up for the truth in public and or any where else. Deal with it! I don’t have to agree with you because you like sinning and you want special rules made up to justify your actions. No sin is greater but one and if the bible requires all to live holy and “Sin no More” this includes all sin and you. Not just the ones you are ok with not doing but any and all Sin. Should your sin be looked at more harshly no, for heaven sake no. Whoever you are sleeping with ultimately is on you. Nobody should beat you up, take your life, or fire you for things like that in our secular jobs. And yes you should be given the right to leave whatever you have if you pass away to whoever you want. But marriage is between husband and wife. It was of God and created by him not man. So unless scripture supports marriage of man and man or woman and woman we as God’s children should not. I don’t support you sleeping with someone period that you aren’t married to, nor you murdering someone, nor you abusing yourself. These are all sins too and I don’t believe one makes you better or worse than the other. Nor should you be given a medal, talk show time, jail time removed, or any other privilege simply because you choose to disobey God’s word in a society’s that no longer believes in him anyway. This includes even if He made you this way as some say. The bible is full of stories of God making people’s lives a certain way because of sins or family sins but it never removed the actions of that person from being sin nor did it ever remove the consequences. If he did or didn’t make you this way its still sin. A person that murders because he is a Sociopath is still murdering and its still a sin. It’s not removed as a sin because he had urges inside him to do it. You don’t go around justifying his actions as something to be looked over in the bible or in life because it was how they were born. Same thing applies. You may not like it but just as the bible says about God in Roman 9:19-25 … he is the potter and you are the clay. You don’t get to complain about how you were made nor do you get to use it as a excuse. Sin is still sin regardless, homosexuality or any other sin. We are all responsible for our actions and are required to be holy and sin no more even if we are dealt a so call bad hand.