We love them as humans. They allow us to hide who we truly are from the ones we either claim to love or those who we want to influence. They allow a relationship to die slowly or quickly. How fast or slow depends solely upon how selfishly the deceiver is in the relationship. Husband or wife, friends, or hidden enemies, it is they who will determine the terms of the death of that relationship. The strangest things about lies although is that they can not be hidden forever. They come out give birth to your sins. In one way or another, the adultery lies, the under-handed lies that give false thoughts about ones trust status in any given relationship, all will surface. All of us victims out there, we share pain and know the knowledge of our relationships that have given one proof over another that lead to signs that something is wrong. Something tells our spirit that there are things we are not being told. Evidence is everywhere if you just pay attention. God’s Holy Spirit screams out inside us all telling us and revealing to us things we might not want to know but none the less it’s there. Listen to it. See the signs people, know it not a accident that things happen. A Facebook page, a text, a doctor report, a letter, or phone call, they come in many ways. Sometimes the liars can lie so long they believe it themselves. Sin can be so strong in you or that person that he or she will fight tooth and nail to continue that lie to their death if they have too. To show how powerful the Holy Spirit operates I am writing this article before going into bible study and unknown to me my brother is preaching on “LIES”. How they destroy marriages , friendships, and lives. Wow! How incredible this is to see how God has things come to past that give you confirmation on things in your life.