God vs Father Yahweh


The term “God” and the identification of The Father Yahweh are two different things. This has been a big challenge and a big source for a lot of separation in all denominations around the world.  Most equate the Term “God” as a name when it isn’t. It is like calling someone Caesar, King, or President. Neither of these adjectives are names. They merely reflect the persons office of position they currently hold. There has been more than one Caesar, King, and or President yet whoever holds that office or position at that time is called by the same title in place of their true name. To add to this in most cases there can be but One at a time. Ultimately this is where we are at as Christians too. We forget and ignore verses that ID the term God or god used to represent positions or authority . Even Christ himself quotes from the OT to the Pharisees when he calls man “gods”(John 10:34). Note when Christ spoke to them he used the term god but words written and words said arent the same. So what was said was the sound and word god(There would be no way for me to express a capital letter while speaking to someone. If i say “king”or “King” it comes out the exact same way and sound when speaking to others). This was not to show that this was a name but a description of what man was created to be to this earth and all other living things upon it . Man had total dominion over all things created on earth. This is why they would be called “gods”. Yet they were not Yahweh, the only TRUE God. So what does “God” mean? In its basics, it’s a title given to the One who sits at the Throne of authority in heaven and the current ruler of all creation. We know this seat or throne is occupied by Christ and His Father at different points. The Father gave over Authority over all things( except himself) to Christ as mention in 1 Cor 15:20-28. Yahweh then becomes the only thing not under Christ rule effectively making Christ King and ruler of all creation, in other words making him God. This same creation Christ physically brought into existence through his Father’s power(time, order, mass, physical and spiritual words and dominion). So Christ would be called God much like the Kings Hand would act as King if the king leaves or delegates power to upon his leave or rest. In all things he would be King until the True King returns to take back his Throne. This same scripture also explains that this rule is only temporary until all things are done( the word “Until” is used in these scriptures was given to show something or in this case an order that will not remain like this forever and that something it was talking about was Christ Rule as God and King). “Then comes the end” The end to all things that were temporary, the current conditions of this world, sin, death , Satan’s last stand, mortality, etc. The last enemy death will no longer effect the world.  Christ then, as current God and King, will have to submit to the rulership of His God and Father so that God may finally be once again Head of all. A submitted King would have no more authority or rule as head. This is the result. The once King and God Christ the Son will submit under rule of his God and his Father Yahweh. This is where the distinction truly lives. The question about Christ being God is not the problem clearly here. Even as the risen Christ and Head over all, Christ still acknowledged that his Father was still his God in Revelation so we aren’t talking about a mere man acknowledgment that his has a God. Once Christ rose with all power and authority he no longer was a man especially once he returned to heaven to take the throne. The fact that Christ is not equal to or Ruler of His God and Father Yahweh shows also they aren’t equal like trinity people preach. He has never been nor will he ever be equal or greater to his God and Father no more than you or I can be equal to him or his Father. The moment someone is ID’d by you as your personal God you completely submit to the fact that they are greater than you. Christ over and over again confesses Yahweh as his God, head ,and Father at all times and positions and places. He still says and confesses that as Christ , Lord and God he still has a God that is over him and greater than him. The Father never, ever says Christ is his God, over him, nor was Christ equal to him. The very nature of a Father and Son already shows one is before the other even has more knowledge as the bible says” not even the Son knows when the last day is”( Mat 24:36 even Mark 13.32). In no way shape or forum has the bible ever given an example of authority of the Son being over the Father but it always shows the opposite. So in reality the question or debate should not surround the question,” if Christ is God” because he is…until the end of this system of things. The reality and true point that is needed to be made is that Christ is not his Father and that Christ has a God and ruler over him and that is Yahweh his Father so bottom line the Father is Supreme to all, even the Son. This is what Jehovah Witness stress and it is in this point that the bible supports this belief. Where they faultier is when they focus on the term God or god to point out who truly is ultimately the head of all. This can be accomplished without downgrading the word “God” to “god” in John 1.1 because we can’t ignore the scripture in Isaiah 9:6 who clearly show the term “God” not god when referencing to the future King and current prince, Christ. In the end the scripture is really clear if you allow it to speak instead of tradition. If you allow it to tell you what it means instead of you telling it. Christ is a savior because ultimately his Father put it into place for him to be this. Even when Christ prayed to The Father to remove the cup from him (also clearly showing you two separate people and wills) it was the Father that said NO. The Father is ultimately owned the responsibility of the act and organizing our salvation. Christ was the one obedient and perfect enough to go through with it. Hence the scripture “the Father through Christ reconciled the world back to himself”. Plan truth, if the Father doesn’t allow Christ death to pay for the sins of Adam and all mankind then Christ would not be and could not be the Savior. It was never Christ that held Sin and death against man when they failed. It was The Father alone. The Father who destroyed the world the first time because of sin and killed all in Sodom and Gomorrah because of their sin. But in contrast the Son was forgiven, willing to heal and serve, and never killed those who sinned because he isn’t his Father. There is no way the two are the same person nor are they equal. Everything is about The Father. Even when “every knee is bowed and every tongue is confessing that Yeshua(Jesus) is Lord…Notice the verse doesn’t stop like most people do when quoting. It ends by saying all this was done “TO THE GLORY OF THE FATHER”(Phil 2:10-11) . The whole point of the confessing and knee bowing wasn’t done towards Christ it was done to give glory to the Father for allowing all this to take place in the first place and to accept Christ’s ransom. If Christ was equal to the Father or the Father himself he could just forgive man without dying or coming down. He couldn’t because it was his Father who would not forgive man’s transpasses without a perfect sacrifice. Most people don’t ever see this. Christ also didn’t want to redeem man like he did(having to be separated from his Father through death). He asked for another way but it was his Father that refused his request. Should Christ get honor and glory? Yes, by all means( it was His Father that put him in place to receive glory and honor in the first place) …but with the understanding that ultimately it’s the Father who will and should be the one that is given the most and ultimately is the only reason for everything.