Sin and the state of the Church(his people, not the building)

The outgrowth of this type of thinking is a religious culture that defines God in its own terms, churches whose focus is, not on God and what he requires of us, but on man and what will increase his self-esteem. The sole aim is to cater to the needs of the congregation. The fruit is religion emptied of doctrine. “What fills the hole at the center, where the Christian moral code used to be?” asks The Wall Street Journal. “An ethic of conspicuous compassion, where ‘being a nice person’ excuses everything.”

The above quote is from a Watch tower entry from the Jehovah’s Witnesses site and teaching. I don’t believe in All things that they teach but I do recognize this denomination, even with the false concepts that they do have, as one of the last stance against world and its ways. I have mentioned this before, but if the Antichrist made himself known today and went about killing any who believed in Christ and followed Yahweh, they would be the last group of believers the break. Ironically, all other denominations that I have seen would break long before them but yet they call them the false doctrine. I found this article by them because I was looking for what is left out there. Who are the last warriors that aren’t taking apart of worshiping false gods, like Christmas tree’s, Easter bunnies, and the Greek and Roman gods that have been renamed to fit people in the Bible. Who is out there that aren’t teaching people about getting rich, and giving all your money to church while bringing the choir into the sanctuary playing rap beats or using voodoo dance rituals under the disguise of praise dancing or African movements? Who are the last warriors still teaching the homosexuality and fornication is not accepted by God under the false umbrella of defining love? And finally who are the warriors left that understands God isn’t concerned about your ethnicity because he only created ONE race, through ONE Blood, and redeemed that race though the only blood that will ever save you, God’s son, Yeshua the Christ blood. Frankly put, I fear for the last true believers of God left on this planet that might not even fit under any denomination, like me. Tv and media, social and web have all destroyed our faith. Even before you knew it, you were being reprogrammed to be less and less sensitive to Sin with ever Sony, Tv or movies that you couldn’t help yourself from getting in to. Do we all Sin? Yes, but there use to be a fear and respect you would have about God to seek a different path, acknowledging that you had Sin. Now there is no acknowledgement, now there is only ways to pacify people’s habits and addictions so that they can sleep better at night and continue to come back to church to give money. So while the Witnesses have their issues, standing against things like this isn’t one of them. Why can’t more be like them, since we claim they are so “false”?


Christendom vs Christ followers, there is a vast difference!  

Christendom for hundreds of years has been defined by men, not God. In the name of Christendom the Council of Nicea burned people alive to force the theory of the Trinity on people. In the name of Christendom Rome worshiped false idols and created totems that we still use today. In the name of Christendom,  men mixed Pagan practices and superstitions with Yahweh’s commandments and his Son’s Directions. In a nut shell men have used Christendom as a excuse to pillage, rap, and force their own personal agenda on millions throughout the centuries in the name of our Savior Yeshua. This is the sad truth and one most Christians don’t want to hear about or know about but it’s still the truth. This is how Christianity got a bad name. In fact since Christ return to heaven “Every”, say “Every”, every single act of cruelty in the name of Christ has been done by this sectors of people in Christs body. So it’s no wonder why even the most peaceful Christ followers have such a bad time witnessing and convincing others of the true Agape Love of Christ that links us to our Father and God Yahweh. And regardless of the difference or wrong thoughts you feel about Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses, as a whole they represent, in action and deed, a better picture of Christ’s ways than the vast amount of the churches out there. Are there other peaceful followers not tied into Christendom and all it’s false traditions/ woreship of idols? Yes. But again, there is very little of them. We have to find a way to eliminate denominations and gather as one true church freed of the Pagan tradition and biased violence that has defined Christendom. Only then will we ever be what he wants us to be. Follow Christ ways, not Man! 

Learning key points of the OT. 

This is a nice little short video for you to watch or listen to on your break or lunch. This guy does a really good job of pointing key points in timeliness that will help you refresh your connecting knowledge of the OT. It’s one thing to have heard of the stories of Adam, Noah, or Moses, but to be able to connect it in time lines to what happened before and after them is another. Now,  this video goes pretty quick to don’t feel bad if you have to watch it multiple times or take note. But I promise once this is applied it will go a long way of helping you see the beauty of the OT and how it relates to all events following there after. 

Marriage has been lost, especially within the church. 

To the married I give this charge (not I, but the Lord): the wife should not separate from her husband (but if she does, she should remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband), and the husband should not divorce his wife. 1 Corinthians 7:10

Marriage.. The most important establishment and bond ever made by God. The bond given to a man and woman was to replicate God’s love for his people. As you know God’s people have more than one time cheated on God and yet God still takes them back. We as a people especially God’s chruch should understand that God’s relationship has never been easy with us but at the end of revelation a marriage still takes place with his people and his Son, the lamb and because of this marriage God granted all things from the lamb to the his kingdom through the lambs blood sacrifice. So I ask you.. How and why are you divorcing? It is not the will of God that you divorce and even when you do it is only a legal matter not spiritual. For in God’s mind you are still married because you and your spouse have joined to become one flesh. This is not reversed as no scripture even hints to this. Only during death does scripture release the title of that husband and or wife. Divorce is granted through sexual immorality but again that devoice is only granted legally. In God’s eyes you are still one flesh with the person you have that blood conventant with. Which brings me to another point. A marriage is established through blood. This is the purpose of the bleeding of the cervix of a virgin. That blood represents the shedding of blood of our Christ which ended the Old Covenant ant and started a New Covenant. That is what a marriage is founded on and is the reason why sex before marriage shouldn’t be done because it creates covenants. Whoever you bled on or who bled on you is who you have your covenant with. There were no priest, pastors and no rings. In fact for Jewish law, the ring that is given to the woman is suppose to be the circumcision scar ring left behind when the foreskin was removed. Think about it, both women and men. Somewhere out there is your true husband and first wife. It’s a very scary thing when you think about it. Unfairly in most people’s mind, a man can have multiple wives, God allowed such, but a woman can not. She also can’t shed blood from her cervix again, which is why the bed sheet blood stain was so needed in the old days as proof that a marriage could stand. If there was no blood then the marriage would not hold as righteous unless the woman was a widow. When all is said and done God takes our marriage very seriously and we have gotten away from that especially in the church. Finding the right person to share your virginity and marriage with is very important. God will honor the marriage even if it’s the wrong person. You will be held to the same standards and rules. You can’t just quit because things aren’t going well because you established this covenant. So, staying a virgin until marriage is a foreign choice no longer practiced by the majority of the world, even among Christians. We have lost our way and we need to start with our children in teaching them the right way to live not enabling them to have sex safely instead because the world approves. If we don’t, we will never recover and a true marriage meaning will become lost forever. We are almost there now.  

Jesus is called the Son of God, not the Son of the Father.. Huge difference! 

Over and over again tradition makes the best of see what we are told to see or what we want to see. Our spiritual lives are full of this way and pattern. I believe my mission from God is to bring those assumptions and tradition down when they don’t align with his true word. I say true word because as you know man’s hands and tradition have made their way into God’s word over and over again. Scripture added that never existed to help support theories of men, like seen in 1John 5:7. It still resides in scripture and yet any good study Bible confesses that this writing was not present in the original scriptures and yet we do nothing about removing it because it supports traditions, false theories, and rules of men. So it’s very important that we don’t read what isn’t there. That we don’t translate things that aren’t there, even if it conflicts with what we have created in our minds as God or what we have created as right or just. We first need to know that God is who he says he is, not what we need to make him to be in oder to sleep better at night. He’s not a American with support of the democratic or republican party. He doesn’t believe in “America first”, he believes in Himself and his Son, that is All. He doesn’t change his ideas of sin or how things should be simply because you voted for Gay and Lesbian marriages to be allowed in your state. You will still have to answer to Him and his Son. He doesn’t care what date and time it is, sex still isn’t accepted just because you claim you love someone if you aren’t married as husband and wife. I mean I could go on and on but simply put God determines all, not man. And sometimes we try and over complicate things. One of the Simplest over-complicated thing is who son is. Christ, our saving lamb of God is the only begotten Son of GOD. Do you understand the weight of that statement? Christ is the Son of God, not Son of The Father. Son of God means that there are two subjects and people listed. The Son and God. For the trinity concept to work Christ would have to be the Son of The Father (or son of the Holy Spirit being that it conceived the Son), not Son of God because the trinity claims that God lives inside each person of the Son, Father, and Holy spirit equally. Nevermind the fact that God is Spirit and is always identified as the Father in this manner. Nevermind that the bible shows over and over that the Father is head over all and never gives authority placement of the Holy spirit, or that the holy spirit is not a name. No, just simply put Christ is the Son of God. Showing clearly that Christ and The God mentioned in that term is not ever talking about three people, but always the Father. So if Christ was equally God then he would called the Son of the Father. But this is not the case. The Bible shows verse after verse clear separation over and over again of God and His Son. “God”  and his Son, the Son and “his God” and Father. Over and over we read verse after verse saying the same thing and yet because of our training in church theories we don’t ever catch the clear and simple truth and fact, CHRIST is the Son (say it with me) of God. He can never be the son of someone and yet still be that someone. The Bible uses these terms and even the Son uses these terms to describe himself. Who are you to describe him differently, yet alone make a denomination out it and claim those who don’t agree are going to hell? This would mean that Christ would need to return to hell with us because according to him he isn’t his Father, according to Christ he isn’t the same God as his Father, nor does he have the same knowledge or power over ALL things as his Father because his Father has authority over All because all includes his Son too. 

Jesus and God(the term God not just Father) are shown over and over again as two different beings.

As you read the Bible over and over you always will find different things. Some of this is because we read what we want to see in scripture and not allow the scripture to tell us what we should see. I know this because it has happened to me. It has happened to all of us, especially when it comes down to our denomination. We are really quick to quote and attach man made up concepts and preach them as required truth for Salvation when the Bible never requires such. We have some denominations out there that flat out believe and confess that the Bible’s direction about how to worship and what to believe only stands as a second voice after what they do and believe, not the source for the direction for them to follow. In other words they believe they set what is right and accepted first then th Bible(Catholics). To me, that’s scary,  but not surprising. Everyone of us wants to keeps our views no matter how many times the Bible corrects that view. Tradition means more to us than the Bible. Tradition for most people creates our own version of God, while the Bible’s version of God remains pushed away or even unknown compared to the image we made up or preached about. The church will preach about the love of God but the Bible also tells us about the absolute soverity, control, and fury of God too. The Bible also shows clear distinct separation of God and his Son, The lamb , while man tries over and over again to ignore the hundreds of verses that separate them over and over again. 
1. Jesus counted himself and his Father as two, not “one.” John 8:17 and 18: “In your own law it is written that the testimony of two men is valid. I am one who testifies for myself; my other witness is the Father.” Jesus confirmed this truth in John 14:1 when he said: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” There are literally hundreds of scriptures like these that set forth Jesus and God as separate and distinct beings. “Whoever continues in the teaching has both the Father and the son” (2 John 9). The Scripture clearly recognizes the Father and the Son, but not “both” of them as “one God.”

2. The Bible always portrays God and Christ as two separate beings. Examples are far too many to list, but a few are: When Stephen saw them just before his death, he saw “the son of man standing at the right hand of God” (Acts 7:56); the Church Epistles are authored by both God and Christ; God and Christ rule in the eternal city of Revelation (Chapter 21).

3. Jesus said to her, “Do not cling to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father; but go to my brothers and say to them, ‘I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’”John 20:17..Even Jesus tells others he has a God.. don’t you understand the weight of this statement. The risen Christ, with all power and authority “Given”to him tells Mary without doubt that she is to look at the Father as her God and even His. If you are to do this, truly do this for all that it means you can not believe in the Trinity or Oneness. If I can be condemned to Hell for believing Christ’s own words, then so be it. But last I checked Christ is the only one that determines this, not man,not even God, the Father, will judge, he has given that duty to his Son, the Christ and Lamb. And here again, the Bible clearly is making a clear separation of the two. Everything Christ has in power and authority is not his because he owned it , it’s only his because his father who is head over all things, including head of the Son, gave it to him temporarily. 1 Corinthian 15:24-28.

4. The Bible is clear that Jesus is the “image of God” (Col. 1:15; 2 Cor. 4:4). If Christ is the image of God, then he cannot be God, because you cannot be an image of someone and the real person at the same time. If you see a photograph of us, you see our image and you can learn a lot about us from it, but the image is not the real us. Christ is the image of God. 

The list goes on and on and on. Even the disciples like Paul open up his letters with clear separation from Jesus and God. What we do is take scripture like John 1.1and create some kind of hidden code for Salvation. Not having a indefinite article means everything in this verse but more importantly what was Christ view?

Traditionally, things like the trinity and oneness have been shoved down our throats for so long that we defend it with great passion and anger, all without one willing ear to listen or true examination. Why? Because the church has lied to it’s members to make them believe that when man, hundreds of years after the day of Pentecost and thousands of people who didn’t even know about a trinity or oneness belief, started coming up with philosophical debates and concepts to make themselves feel better and important, that this actually has a say in your Salvation. The trinity concept is man’s theory, oneness is man’s theory, even Arianism are all just men needing to make up theories about God to feel important. None of these views must be present in your mind or heart for the Power of Christ’s blood to forgive you from your sins. None of this is needed for your acceptance of Christ sacrifice/resurrection, and the confession of him being the son of the Living God to work for righteousness. If you can ever really see this it will free you from a lot of fear and bondage. Allow good translated scripture to show you truth through the power of His Spirit. Quote from it and believe on it not man’s denominational rules for Salvation or the biased translated versions of the Bible to push denomination. You just have to really study and accept his word not assumptions. But once you see this for yourself the scripture words that you have read your whole life will be seen clearer and your eyes will forever be open and you will wonder how in the world you skipped over that simple truth that the Bible shows us over and over, that Jesus too has a God.