When truth is present, you would be surprised at how many people that claim to seek it, reject it. 

I had this person tweet me this after a discussion over our Savior real name Yeshua over his man made name Jesus. I found this person’s response very on point and one that fit the study today. You see, thoughout my studies over the years and a very large amount of experience I noticed a pattern. A pattern that disturbed me because of the source of this pattern. My fellow believers of Christ are at its heart. I’ve had a wealth of experience with all kinds of denominations and different peoples spin offs of that same denomination within the same church. While this holds truer for some over others the pattern still exist. We claim to seek truth and have truth but whenever truth interferes with our tradition or what we are told to believe we do one of those things mentioned above. Some listen and research the matter forever, not wanting to come to a conclusion because they don’t want to change. Some will reject it and refuse to research the matter afraid of finding anything that will lead them away from their beliefs or traditions. And finally, some will listen, read it, and research it to see it’s the truth then will start to believe it. Of these all which do you believe is associated with most people, Christian or otherwise? Well I can tell you that accepted the truth is the last on the list when compared to the others. Every denomation has things they believe in that they don’t apply the same methods they use to disprove others denominations as they do with the things they believe. Truth,for them then becomes a measuring stick used to disprove others that is never used against the crafter. 


A baptist preacher preaching against Catholics, all the while having the Catholic Creed at the root of their belief. Or preaching about idols while a false image of the Messiah is carved in wood and hung from the top of the building or inside the sanctuary.

A Jehovah witness who clings to things not spoken in the Bible or by Yeshua to prove him “a god”and yet will believe he is Michael the archangel with zero scripture ever saying this. Or the fact that they put so much focus on Having to Call God by his “real name” Jehovah to be identified as a real believer but yet again this name is made up by man as no name with letter J ever existed

I could continue to all denominations from Pentecostal all the way to the Church of Christ. All denomination in one way or another have this flaw because they all have a flawed beginning. Denominations were never God’s plan. This is man’s and continues to be pushed by Satan in efforts of keeping the Christian separated and week. He knows if we can ever come together and focus on just YHWH and his Son Yeshua we would be that much closer to that ONE body Christ is waiting on. We could be the voice and light he wants us to be so we can reach others fully around the world as one church not serveral. At the end of the day Truth is what it is. It shouldn’t be biased or used in one direction. God himself reminds us of this because his word is a double edged sword. It should cut both ways, not one.  


Is there such a place that truly stands for All of God’s requirements? Short answer..NO

I ask this question with all my heart. Is there such a place that teaches and directs fully what God has required of us? I’m not asking for the members to be perfect because I’m not perfect. I’m not even requesting that grace isn’t weighed in to all that is directed. What I do ask for is consistent, across the board rules and teachings that apply to even them reguardless of tradition of people’s or their feelings. With all my loving heart I know right away many people will read this and claim their church does this but it doesn’t. I have seen all of it. Everything from Pentacostal, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness, Word of faith, Baptist, Catholic,Church of Christ, etc, etc. Everyone of them have sets of beliefs that apply to show somehow that others don’t follow the truth(only them)but when you study their beliefs fully you find the same pattern about a subject they believe in that applies the same way but they won’t apply that same judgement to themselves. One that preaches about false idols and gods of the Catholic Church will have an image of a man(who isn’t Christ) they claim to be Christ ..making that same image that is standing in the midst of their church that same false Idol they just judged a Catholic for woreshiping. Or a church that teaches the truth about pagan gods inside fraternities and sororities and yet the first thing they do is put up a Christmas tree of which Jeremiah 10:3-4 warns us not to do because of the same pagan gods they just warned others about through fraternities and sororities warnings. Or a organization that preaches about evidence of true follower and being able to know who they are. But yet wants to ignore the scripture that tell Gods children that one of the biggest ways to know who is false is when a prophet speaks about future event and those things don’t come to past. A believer will know he is a false prophet by this and yet they have over and over failed at their predictions for at least 100 years straight but yet they are the true people and no others? For everyone else everything from crosses, to the concept of trinity have roots back to pagan gods. Even in today’s society, our very days, days,months, and stars are named in honor of false gods. And everyday we give honor to those gods by acknowledging those days and calling on those false gods throughout our existing in the United States. Basically the truth of the matter is that there isn’t a place to escape these short comings and flaws because the moment we think we have, we are guilty again of something . This is when Grace is needed and why grace is so important. Problem is we use it as a get of jail card in far too many institutions. But thank goodness at least it’s there because I honestly see no way out or vision of a end anywhere in sight. And without that grace we would be doomed if we are thinking that there is a place with the correct complete vision of God. It just doesn’t exist because I think it’s our nature to put ourselves up higher than others without the willingness to look honestly at all we are doing in hopes of not waking up in the same shoes we have placed others. 

The burning bush assumption

The story of the burning bush has been taught and shown on tv for years. Either it’s a TV event, a blockbuster movie or a graphic in a book that shows an image such as this above. I remember growing up myself thinking about the burning bush as describe by others seeing in my head this very image of a speaking tree on fire but not burning. This was always the big event, when people discribed or a movie showed the tree talking to Moses. Now I’m not saying this is one of those salvation wrongs or rights facts. It’s really a very quick lesson that some may know already or assume they know but didn’t think about it. But this imagine and consideration of a talking tree isn’t what is described in the Bible. 

Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian, and he led the flock to the far side of the wilderness and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. 2 There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush. Moses saw that though the bush was on fire it did not burn up. 3 So Moses thought, “I will go over and see this strange sight—why the bush does not burn up.” (Exodus 3:1-3)

Key verse here is that the Angel of the Lord appeared to him in flames. You see? The Angel was who was in flames, the bush only appeared to be in flames because the Angel who was in flames was in the midst of the tree. So this again explains that it was never God’s Angel using a tree to speak to Moses ( as tradition has tried to teach us in the past)but merely God’s Angel speaking to Moses from the midst of the tree. Yes Moses was interested in why fire didn’t burn the tree but the tree isn’t the focus nor anything special no more than someone speaking to you inside a foggy room or from outside. You don’t focus on the fog and say wow the fog is speaking. God nor his Angel took a form of a tree nor did either of them temporarily possess a tree to speak to Moses. There is a difference. Now when you read this you might have already thought that you knew it. But if you stop and think to yourself how many times this is taught or shown as a tree actually speaking to Moses and not an Angel in the midst of the tree speaking to him you would be shocked. The little stuff, even if you don’t realize it ,do matter, and it can help avoid turning true events in scripture into pagan linked stories or false religions. There are plenty of false religions that believe in trees as gods. In fact you probably already have one of these god trees up right now in your living room or waiting to be put up this month as you celebrate the winter solstice we falsely call Christ birthday. Pagans took that same tree and hung silver and gold over it as a way of worship. And to this day Christians do the same thing thinking they are honoring God’s Son but in reality all they are doing is the exact thing God tells them to stay away from, their(The Pagans) false ways and traditions(Jeremiah 10:4)