Mans views of God does not override His views of himself.


Romans chapter 9 has proved to be a book that most people who can’t see how small we are compared to him and especially Jehovah witness hate to read or bring up! Why? Because it finally puts a end to this concept of a boxed God that either is ignorant or incompetent in his affairs or actions. The whole chapter deals with God’s sovereignty and total control; something most people have been told somehow that is really in their hands. Someone somewhere has lied to people to make them think that it is they who decides their fate. It isn’t, as many scriptures and this whole chapter shows throughout the bible. Like or not God does place things in motion that we as humans would consider bad, unfair, or evil in order to bring about his ultimate plan. Nobody likes talking about chapters like this because they still live in a world that they think they have somehow figured out God and limited him to what they think but none more than the Jehovah witness. My special friend at work could not even read or accept Romans chapter 9 especially versus like 16-17 in chapter nine. Why? Because it reveals a God that is in total control of even a evil person and He even raised this man (who was Pharaoh) to power only to ultimately use him to bring about his purpose and finally destroying him in the Red Sea. He tells me that the only reason why I believe what the very bible is saying and even in his own bible is because I still believe God to be unlimited and according to their made up images of who God is (mind you it doesn’t matter what God Himself tells us about himself and his actions ) He is in fact limited and can’t do all things????? Thats right folks my Jehovah witness friend believes God to be limited in his power, knowledge and or abilities. So then there is the problem as it was when I studied with them. They believe the statements of the organization on the view of God over God’s own word it seems. And if they choose to do so its on them I am not bashing them only pointing out a concept that many have but seems to more seen from them. I just believe as well as the bible that whenever you put more faith into something over the very written word of God it becomes your true master. But hey this isn’t just a Jehovah witness like I said. Lots of churches teach that no matter how many times the bible teaches and says word for word that God is the one behind all things and nothing happens that happens unless he allows it, that somehow really is man that controls his direction and has what the WORLD made up “FREE WILL”. The words FREE WILL isn’t in the bible because its a man made concept that God never said existed. Just like pharaoh thought that somehow he was in control of his life and it was his action that made him who he was…all the way up to the point of his death in the Red Sea. I’m sure he thought he had free will too, but what does the word say in Romans 9:16-17? Even satan himself has to get the permission(Job) to do even one single thing to us! It is God that moves pieces in place and just like Romans explain. He will save whoever he wants and condemn whoever he wants. It doesn’t have to make sense to you or be fair in your eyes. Why? Because he is the Only sovereign God, which means total control. Even Jesus told his disciples that the ONLY reason they even follow him in the first place is that the Father first most place it on their hearts to do so( john 6:44) and without this first action no person has anything inside them that would even lead them to Christ to be saved in the first place. So you didn’t even choose him nor can you of your own so call “Free will”. It is and always will be His Choice and Will that will ultimately decide it all. I am just thankful he choose me in him before the foundation of the world.