Have you ever ask the simple question, why?


Why? It’s one of the simplest one word question sentence out there. Christmas is a time of joy and gifts, right? A time that we celebrate the birthday of Christ, right? Why though? Most importantly have you ever looked up the reasoning behind it? You may be shocked to find that most of what we do in the name of Christ isn’t at all in his name that it was actually started. I remember my early years as a Christian telling myself and being told by others that we give gifts because Christ was given gifts of this day. Later the first and obvious reality popped up. Neither me nor any child out there are Christ. So why are we doing this then? So I looked into why the gifts were given. You see in the scripture very early that the astrologers (which are outside of God’s will as stated in scripture. We always assume they were of God but weren’t) were in search of a prophetic would be born next  King of Isreal, nothing more. The gifts are merely customary to any royalty to gain favor with them not because it was Christ birthday. In fact the time of his birth and the day of their visit weren’t even close(weeks – months apart) and therefore weren’t actually birthday gifts by that sure fact alone. Another fact is that upon this time of Christ birth it was actually spring or summer not winter that he was born. So this would really knock out December. So where and why is December so important? It’s important because like most holiday rituals we have pushed out as Christian they have involved paganism. It is the winter solstice that we truly celebrate. The reindeer, snow, tree, and all the other stuff involving winter is based on pagan rituals and belief of a nature gods and has absolutely nothing to do with our Christ. So why do so many go out and shop? The Media and economy are responsible for this. It’s the biggest cash cow that has ever been created. Without Christmas our economy would fall as you know it. Much like the Ephesians market did with Paul killed out the need for silver trinkets and statues of false gods for protection since they had Yahweh through Christ. Just like Paul we would be put into prison or threatened if we ever tried to preach this truth and people started to believe. Look, I enjoy given and receiving gifts (just because) like anyone else but the reasoning and rituals we have obeyed should be something we stop and simply ask the basic question, why? If the source and origin isn’t Yahweh we would be irresponsible for allowing ourself to continue a path of tradition over righteousness. Every day is a gift of life that I remember Christ not just one day. He is the focus everyday not getting and receiving gifts from others on one day of year because the commercials and media has made this into a must act, one day, go into debt ordeal where people fight and kill to get a chance of buying that one hard to find item instead of focusing on salvation and being more appreciative of just life. 


Marvel finds a way to belittle Christianity yet again

I’m sick of this crap. Every movie they produce further throws mud at the Christian faith. I don’t need superhero movies dealing with any religion much less belittling my faith. Nobody wants to say anything and makes up excuses when the last marvel movie chose to belittle  Yahweh by naming their character “I Am” people excused it. Well now it goes as far to imply that the Bible was written about this comic book villain Apocalypse and that Apocalypse name at one time was Christ and Yahweh. I’m sick of this!!! Religions shouldn’t be dealt with in comic book movies. Let the fake comics be comics stories and leave Faith and or Religion alone. They don’t belong together unless you are a scientology believer I guess being that it was created and made up first in a comic book. Anyway, you guys have fun supporting this filth, I will never!