The most important message I could ever teach!

“By his stripes we were healed”


Why Jehovah Witnesss confuse people 


 First off, this is not a attack against Jehovah witnesses. In fact I really respect them. Of all the denominations out there I believe they have the most convictions about their faith and would be among the very few people on earth that would truly die for their belief. Unlike most Christian denominations out there they still stand by what is right in scripture. They don’t break and bend for what’s popular in homosexuals acts and they don’t accept adulterers and fornicators, allowed among their members without exile. I also love their peace and absolute oneness in their faith and spreading the gospel around the world(truly). However, this absolute conviction comes with a price. They blindly follow without questioning things that aren’t supported in scripture simply because they ruling body said so. Example of such thing above is found in their study journals. This particular article is about Melchizedek. We all know the scripture. The scripture that explicitly defines Melchizedek as a forerunner of Christ, while some say Yahweh himself. Hebrews 7:3 without doubt describes this man as one who had no mother, no father, no beginning or end of days and being made like the Son of God.  The Hebrew/greek language uses the term “Like” the Son of God to mean, in most cases, that he was. So right away, those who know the Jehovah’s witnesses, know that they can’t use these terms or accept this because it’s too many attributes of Jehovah being applied to Christ. So what is there statement about the scripture(highlighted in yellow)? Well basically…”IT DIDNT SAY THAT!” That’s right! What you just read, that is clear as day, the best thing they can come up with is the total opposite of what is being said in scripture. In fact, there is no scripture that counters these statements not even hints to these statements being false or misunderstood. Melchizedek facts are that he had no mother or father….so how can he be born? Yet they say he was born. Then it says he had no beginning of day or end of days, which they define to mean that he died???How the blue moon do you get out of this scripture that this man died? It is absolutely crazy and downright insane for someone of a educated mind to come up to this conclusion, if you believe in scripture. To know that Jehovah’s Witness go this far to avoid statments that are spelled out this clear in scripture, simply because they know if they accept it, it means they are wrong about some facts that they have taught about Christ and God, is flat out scary.  And again, this isn’t the only scripture they have done this on. The sad thing here, is that I know they see things like this but because they don’t want to be exiled they won’t tell others or question something they know is off. But to be fair, no other denomination does this either, they just don’t follow scripture about exiling members like the Witnesses do. I guess my issue with this is that they have so many other things in place that show they are being steadfast about his word and study, why can’t this be more consistent? 

The Temptation and the Tree of the knowledge of “evil” or “Good and Evil”?

“Then the Lord God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it. The Lord God commanded the man, saying, “From any tree of the garden you may eat freely; but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat” GEN 2:15-17

We all are familiar with this verse. You as Christians have read this verse so many times that you might feel like it’s coming out of your ears, you’re so full of it. Even non-Christians have seen or heard of this verse. The is the beginning of the fall of man. It’s the actions of two individuals called Adam ( both female then male were called Adam if you look up the translation of “man” in Gen 5:2 until the Male named his wife Eve) that placed mankind in the position we are today. I have even gone in depth studies about the Punishments of both Adam’s in previous articles, showing that the Male Adam punishment was different from the female Adam because both actions were done for different reason. Woman’s punishment was to be ruled over by the male or husband because her reasons for taking the fruit. It was because she wanted to be like God and have nobody over her( the same sin Satan fell to). The Adam man  didn’t want to be like God and was fine with God rulership over him. This is why Satan didn’t tempt the male Adam. Adam failure was that of complacency and laziness. The male was to watch and guard over the garden and everything in it. But he didn’t because things were too easy and he allowed the enemy to attack his wife because he wasn’t doing his job. His punishment was for him to loose that ease of work and for him to work much harder all the days of his life. Nothing else would ever be easy again. What I didn’t address was the simplest thing in the room, the Tree.  The Tree “of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” sat in the middle of the garden along with the Tree of Life. Two trees existing right in front of the Adams that were created. One presented immortality and one represented the “knowledge of Good and Evil” which would condem mankind to death. The two tress existence proves two things. 

1. The first thing was that The Adam’s(Man and Woman) were not immortal by themselves as some teach. Immortality existed only in God himself and the Tree of Life, not in mankind. It was never just a part of them as we have told for years. Man and Woman had access to immortality, yes. They had access to the Tree of Life. For some reason they had never taking from that Tree because maybe they had no need to or it never came across their mind, much like being nude and or having sex. What we do know for sure is that after all punishments were handed out, God had to do one more thing. This thing he did was not a part of the punishment directly but it was a saving grace. He cut off access to the Tree of Life so that man could not become immortal in their sin state. So scholars feel that this point would have changed everything for the earth and mankind itself. Some believe that if they did God would have to cut off Adam and his wife from reproduction therefore ending mankind at the root, or simply start over. 

2. The second truth was that the knowledge of Good nor Bad was not something given to Man to understand or have. For years Christians have skipped over this fact. The Tree of the forbidden fruit had both the knowledge of “Good” too, not just “Evil”. Everyone always focuses on the evil and disobedience of it all. Yes, that was present but the knowledge of Good also was granted to them as well. Yahweh and his Son were the only two beings that had knowledge of this parity at that time. The two thoughts and actions of Good and Evil were not the same as knowing God himself. We know this because even though Man and Woman knew God they still had not been given the knowledge inside the Knowledge Tree and most importantly, God didn’t want them to have that knowledge. This is big and it’s really eye opening. God is good yes, but knowing him is more than just knowing good. And obviously, good doesn’t always guarantee he is a part of it. This brings a lot of trues in place. Now, we start to see that just because one does good or acts good, it doesn’t garanteee that one is of God. As the Bible says, even an evil person can show acts of good to whom they will and yet still be condemned. So just acting good and doing good without God will get you no more mercy than anyone else. Are you doing what you were told by God when it comes to addictions,lust, adultery, or the like? I can be nice to a prostitute but it doesn’t mean that having sex with her places me in God’s good graces simply because I was nice. Or my life can look like all the 10 commandments and yet if I worship Buddha, I am no closer to the Only True God than if I didn’t know him at all.

So as you see our knowledge of Good exist alongside Evil. It was never suppose to be with us. We were only suppose to know God and his will for us. Nothing else was needed or blessed to be. Evil is understood because you know what Good is or visa versa. But knowing only God gives us the true path that rises far above any other truth. This is what we should seek because he is more than the understanding of Good. What is good to man may never line up with God’s view. On earth we assume that allowing everyone to worship whatever they want is showing goodness, kindness and fairness to all men. But in God’s eye this isn’t the case. In Gods mind and actions he has shown that he kills those who worship something other him(not say for you to go do such yourself). For most people though, they try their best not to look at scripture like that. Why? Because as men we have recreated God’s image like we where his image consultants. We are too busying trying to paint a God that people can live with and sleep better at night with. Bottom line, he doesn’t need us to defend his actions. Our job is to accept his actions and know that he is sovereign. He determines what is right because every single action he takes is right no matter what Tv teaches you to believe about what is good or wrong. On tv everything from homosexuality to fornication is ok because we claim it’s because we love. In Gods eyes love has nothing to do with his word and commandment being broken and he destroys as judgements for such actions. In the end, God is who he says he is, not who you say he is and he doesn’t have to answer to anyone but ALL will answer to him. So we need to all remember this and fight harder to make our lives more in line with his will. No matter what temptation we come against we know we can fight to overcome it. And most importantly, we have to look at that temptation truly for what it is. See the person and item as a real threat to God and his Order and commandment. Stop looking at that pretty girl or handsome man as just the person. Start looking at that addiction as more than a porn movie, cigarette, or drug. Know that powerful forces align against us all. Sometimes Satan’s order will try to use you and other times he uses others. But rest assured temptation comes to all in many forms and it is always there to do one thing only, KILL! 


How Jehovah’s Witnesses Russia band is important to all Christians. 

Russia has deemed the most consistently peaceful denomination in the world as extremist. This effectly completes the attack that has already begun against them because they refuse to pick up a gun or be involved in politics or force. They have already kicked them out of their places of worship and pushed them away from the streets. Now that the label has been approved by the courts in Russia the Witnesses are now prevented legally from even meeting much less worship. Now this has become something that every Denomination of Christians should pay attention and feel concern over. No matter what someone theology says as a Christ follower, they still seek and follow after Christ. Just because they have different views about How to go about doing it at the very least they are spreading the message of Christ salvation to the whole world while the majority of others Christian denominations only simply meet at their own church and barely if at all go door to door or travel regularly to truly devote time in spreading the Gospel. This stands if the group persecuted were Catholics, Mormons, or Pentacostal. The big problem happens when others place thelogy opinions in front of Biblical facts. As I have proven and shown theology isn’t God. Theology can not save or condemn you. In fact thelogy is the reason why all of us are separated instead of one united church. Concepts like the trinity and oneness and others all are just Man’s attempts at trying to define God for God instead of just allowing God’s word to tell us who he is. We have all gotten so messed up that we actually believe thelogy is Salvation. We really believe that if a person doesn’t attend our church or believe in the our “attempt” to define the undefinable they are not Christians. When Christian are defined solely by those who seek after Christ as the messiah and Son of God. All of us fail to see the common truth that no matter what we come up with, he is still much more than anything we can come up with and if that is the truth this proves nobody has the real complete truth, nobody. Only Christ truly knows the Father, so you nor your denomination have all the answers or ability of truly knowing the Father, which makes all of us wrong in every way we seek to theorize with concept to try and define him or explain him. None of us have the right to claim others are lost because they don’t agree with our Own made up theories on the connections or beliefs system of God and his Son. It is only then when we can see that this attack against the Jehovah’s Witnesses is an attack against us all as Christ followers. If they come after peaceful Christ followers they will come after all of us. It is there where I believe we, as Christians, should all stand and support any denomination that professes Christ as their King and Messiah. They will come after all of us sooner or later even scripture tell us this. The scariest thing for those who can’t see past theology just might be the realization that the Witnesses the world celebrated the death of in Revelations turn out to be Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

Cain punishment was not placed on all(Another assumption removed)

GEN 4:9-12 Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is Abel your brother?” He said, “I do not know; am I my brother’s keeper?” And the Lord said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground. And now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. When you work the ground, it shall no longer yield to you its strength. You shall be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth.”

We have read this passage before. The famous “Am I my brothers keeper?” Story. In man’s race to seem wise among others we have developed theories about many things in the Bible. Some of these theories have been pushed for so long that people forget why they believe such things other than the fact that this is what pastor said or what  my dad or mother told them. But just as the Bible says, reasoning with scripture and thought is always a needed thing. If we don’t, something like a camel walking through an eye of the needle becomes a threading needle in today’s society, making it impossible when in fact the eye of the needle ( to pillar post in the city entrance) only made traveling through city passages harder if you chose to keep your items on the camel instead of taking them off. It never made it an impossible task. You just had to take your time and be careful upon doing it. So it is with this story and assumption. For years many have been told that this story of the first murder informs us that Cane’s punishment was passed to all men just like Adam’s fall. Well this is false! Despite popular views Cane’s punishment was for him and him alone. How do I know this because of three important facts. One, Adam’s fall was tied to all of man only because all men came from his blood line. This is big! Cane is tied only with his family, not all of mankind(remember Seth and the other children Adam fathered)I could stop right here and this would close the case down now but I will proceed. Adam was also perfect, Cane was not. Cane had a sin nature basically. Cane was just like any other man at that time, judged on his own merit. The second fact was that the punishment on the ground and its production of food was already given upon man through Adam.

Gen 3:17-18 You shall not eat of it,’cursed is the ground because of you;in pain you shall eat of it all the days of your life;thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you;

So this tells me that Cane received a even worst curse to the ground and produce attempts he put forth. And lastly we know this punishment was only to Cane because of the result. God marked Cane because of this curse to keep him safe from judgement. This mark and his curse was one and therefore it showed that it was unique to him. If it had passed to his family they too would have had to be mark for just being his bloodline and apart of the curse if it was truly passed to all his bloodline or even more so with all men. None of his family recieved such marks and therefore shows only Cane was effected by this special curse placed on him. 

I know it sounds really good to come up with tie ends to help preach and or teach our children but when we tie in things that aren’t there this can leave the door open for Satan to get others to walk away from Christianity. It can also lead to assumption that mislead wrongful thoughts that may not lead to distruction right away but can do so later based on a false foundation. I think we all need to understand that embellishment is not needed in the gospel, no matter how good it makes others feel. What seems right to us could be a path away from Yahweh. 

When truth is present, you would be surprised at how many people that claim to seek it, reject it. 

I had this person tweet me this after a discussion over our Savior real name Yeshua over his man made name Jesus. I found this person’s response very on point and one that fit the study today. You see, thoughout my studies over the years and a very large amount of experience I noticed a pattern. A pattern that disturbed me because of the source of this pattern. My fellow believers of Christ are at its heart. I’ve had a wealth of experience with all kinds of denominations and different peoples spin offs of that same denomination within the same church. While this holds truer for some over others the pattern still exist. We claim to seek truth and have truth but whenever truth interferes with our tradition or what we are told to believe we do one of those things mentioned above. Some listen and research the matter forever, not wanting to come to a conclusion because they don’t want to change. Some will reject it and refuse to research the matter afraid of finding anything that will lead them away from their beliefs or traditions. And finally, some will listen, read it, and research it to see it’s the truth then will start to believe it. Of these all which do you believe is associated with most people, Christian or otherwise? Well I can tell you that accepted the truth is the last on the list when compared to the others. Every denomation has things they believe in that they don’t apply the same methods they use to disprove others denominations as they do with the things they believe. Truth,for them then becomes a measuring stick used to disprove others that is never used against the crafter. 


A baptist preacher preaching against Catholics, all the while having the Catholic Creed at the root of their belief. Or preaching about idols while a false image of the Messiah is carved in wood and hung from the top of the building or inside the sanctuary.

A Jehovah witness who clings to things not spoken in the Bible or by Yeshua to prove him “a god”and yet will believe he is Michael the archangel with zero scripture ever saying this. Or the fact that they put so much focus on Having to Call God by his “real name” Jehovah to be identified as a real believer but yet again this name is made up by man as no name with letter J ever existed

I could continue to all denominations from Pentecostal all the way to the Church of Christ. All denomination in one way or another have this flaw because they all have a flawed beginning. Denominations were never God’s plan. This is man’s and continues to be pushed by Satan in efforts of keeping the Christian separated and week. He knows if we can ever come together and focus on just YHWH and his Son Yeshua we would be that much closer to that ONE body Christ is waiting on. We could be the voice and light he wants us to be so we can reach others fully around the world as one church not serveral. At the end of the day Truth is what it is. It shouldn’t be biased or used in one direction. God himself reminds us of this because his word is a double edged sword. It should cut both ways, not one.  

The burning bush assumption

The story of the burning bush has been taught and shown on tv for years. Either it’s a TV event, a blockbuster movie or a graphic in a book that shows an image such as this above. I remember growing up myself thinking about the burning bush as describe by others seeing in my head this very image of a speaking tree on fire but not burning. This was always the big event, when people discribed or a movie showed the tree talking to Moses. Now I’m not saying this is one of those salvation wrongs or rights facts. It’s really a very quick lesson that some may know already or assume they know but didn’t think about it. But this imagine and consideration of a talking tree isn’t what is described in the Bible. 

Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian, and he led the flock to the far side of the wilderness and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. 2 There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush. Moses saw that though the bush was on fire it did not burn up. 3 So Moses thought, “I will go over and see this strange sight—why the bush does not burn up.” (Exodus 3:1-3)

Key verse here is that the Angel of the Lord appeared to him in flames. You see? The Angel was who was in flames, the bush only appeared to be in flames because the Angel who was in flames was in the midst of the tree. So this again explains that it was never God’s Angel using a tree to speak to Moses ( as tradition has tried to teach us in the past)but merely God’s Angel speaking to Moses from the midst of the tree. Yes Moses was interested in why fire didn’t burn the tree but the tree isn’t the focus nor anything special no more than someone speaking to you inside a foggy room or from outside. You don’t focus on the fog and say wow the fog is speaking. God nor his Angel took a form of a tree nor did either of them temporarily possess a tree to speak to Moses. There is a difference. Now when you read this you might have already thought that you knew it. But if you stop and think to yourself how many times this is taught or shown as a tree actually speaking to Moses and not an Angel in the midst of the tree speaking to him you would be shocked. The little stuff, even if you don’t realize it ,do matter, and it can help avoid turning true events in scripture into pagan linked stories or false religions. There are plenty of false religions that believe in trees as gods. In fact you probably already have one of these god trees up right now in your living room or waiting to be put up this month as you celebrate the winter solstice we falsely call Christ birthday. Pagans took that same tree and hung silver and gold over it as a way of worship. And to this day Christians do the same thing thinking they are honoring God’s Son but in reality all they are doing is the exact thing God tells them to stay away from, their(The Pagans) false ways and traditions(Jeremiah 10:4)