Christ without Theology!




the study of the nature of God and religious belief.

religious beliefs and theory when systematically developed.

Is it possible? Can we have this world please? Do you remember when you were saved by Grace and faith? Before the Greek and Hebrew text studies? Before the definition and need to say and repeat phrases like ontological Trinity, Oneness, and Arianism belief systems. Before you went out to debate with Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses because you just thought you really had them trapped in the corner, all the while you still had bones in your closet that you still needed to uproot causing them to represent a better view of God than you did. Long before you needed to be up front or have a position of authority in the church. Way back when you confessed Christ as you Lord and Savior? When you accepted him into your heart and all you wanted to do was to be closer to God through his Son and live holy? Remembering what it felt like to help others that needed help without judgement or shaming. Before you signed up for biblical study classes and studied prophecy meanings. Before you ever knew that there was anything called a literal translation of bible. Or before you even knew there was so many different bibles at all. You see, if you are like me, then you do remember these things. And if you are like me, you might have forgotten about what it was like back then because we are so weighed down with theology and man’s allegorical interpretations of scriptures. Now, that which is pure, innocent, and loving has been tied into Man’s attempts to define the One being that can’t be defined. What we had prior is what initially saved us. It is what is pure from Him. I personally have never felt a stronger connection to God than before theology became the center piece. And the biggest fact is that God never once required theology from us to be saved or to be his children. I just don’t see the need for a “Religious belief” if God seeks a “Relationship” with us. 


The Conflict that lives on.


The debate has gone on for hundreds of years. The birth place or breeding ground for all Theologies starts with The Council of Nicea. The challenge that exists in all denominations is what to do with God and his Son. We have a need to define them even when they don’t ask for it. We have made this need a defining moment in people’s salvations. We no longer ask if they simply believe in the Son of God/Messiah and his Father. We now need them to confess that God is a Trinity( that somehow the Son is really equal to the Father), or that The Father and Christ are the exact same person, or that Joseph Smith is a profit, or that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are the “Only” Gateway and Organization that God trust and uses in all his ways. None, I repeat “none” of this is a required step for anyone’s salvation. This is when man’s ego gets the best of him and he feels that his theology replaces Salvation requirements for those who wish to be saved. To reiterate again, it does not. The reason why The Father never required such a requirement from anyone was that he being God is much more than anyone can possibly understand let alone come up with a Theology that explains Him. His Son even confirmed that only he truly knows his Father and only the Father could truly reveal his Son as our Savior. Truly I say today, you will be with me in paradise. These true words were spoken by Christ and further proves that no such requirement of Baptism in water, confession of Trinity or Oneness was ever done and yet just by accepting that Christ didn’t belong on a Pole/Tree and that he just might be the Son of God and Messiah, this man received salvation and was granted internal life with Christ. This proves that really every single thing granted or removed is in Christ’s hand’s thanks to His Father and God Yahweh. There is no separate and different path but Christ. There is no extra set of rituals but Christ. And ultimately, according to 1 Corinthians 15:28 there will be no other but the Head over all things, offices, positions and over all people even the Son, The Father (seated as God and Master) when all is done. This one fact alone is hard to deal with if you stand on what you were told to believe instead of what the scripture really say. Men that believe in the trinity try their best to explain away things like this but can’t. Men that believe in Oneness try and do the same thing but also fail. Nobody is just willing to allow the scripture to speak for themselves. And when I say scripture I mean the original writings, not some bible that has pushed out lies in hopes of furthering a particular Theology that Roman put in place.  So what is the right thing to do here? Honestly, I have been seeking that my whole life. I still haven’t found out one perfect church or teacher that teaches and knows all things. The last one that I heard about took off in the middle of the air to go back to his Father and God. All I do know is what the bible says. Christ is the Son of the Living God. He is our enthroned King and we await his return. His Father and God is our Father and God who has granted his Son Life and in turn, through our faith in his son and the Son’s sacrifice, we will have eternal life through his Son relying solely on God’s Holy Spirit to power us through our life’s trials and challenges as we witness to all of mankind about the wonderful Gift of Salvation and our responsibility of keeping and honoring that gift of Salvation by remaining Holy for our God is Holy. Amen!

Let try having Faith enough to let it Go!

If you ever get to the point that you study the scripture unbiased for absolute truth you will do well to listen. Faith isn’t the substance of things known and proven as absolute truth. It is the substance of things hope for,the evidence of things not seen. You need no faith to believe in something you absolutely know and understand substantially. In fact nothing about the Christian faith is based on things known for sure. It is solely based on faith in the unknown. Faith in something we can’t see and audibly hear. So trust me when I tell you, if you are the type of person that believes they can find absolute truth in scripture and theology you are wrong. There is so much that has been tainted by men. From false creeds false theologies, false worship, two many added verses or switched around words orders in sentences in the Bible to help push false agendas. From the moment man attempted his first theology thought and sought to define God tangibly, we were lost to the pure truth. Even if one goes back and learns Hebrew and Greek we still only have so much in our position to weigh thoughts and beliefs against. In fact, the scary thing is, is that ,if you stop and find those people who thought they were going to be the one person to figure out God and explain him “the correct way”, they either ended up creating yet another needless denomination or gave up on Christianity and God period because that road never ends and is always pulling you deeper inside a rabbit hole with no bottom.  I don’t want to be that person and I don’t think anybody consciously thinks this can happen to them but it will and can. Yahweh in all his wisdom never wanted man to understand his make up or how he is what he is. He in fact made us aware over and over that we couldn’t possible understand that. He never made it a requirement for salvation for you to explain him as a trinity, oneness, or any other man made theology attempt. The only thing he wanted you to know and in fact built the church on, was the simple fact that He Is, and Christ Yeshua was his Son. THATS IT!!! Through this knowledge you were granted the adaption and the New Covenant of Grace through his Son’s blood shed and seal of his Holy Spirit. Rather or not Christ was created, was Michael, God or god, had two spirits, 100% God and 100% man, or 50% God and 50% man had zero place for your salvation. Ever single theology man has ever created in his attempt to explain God all are wrong and needless for your salvation. Even the very people that created these theologies confess that the concepts are only the best way they know how to explain him and that even with their best they are still not close to fully explaining him. So botttom line, whoever thinks they have it right the most is still a million years off from being right so why do it?? We will never know absolute truth about God while we live physically. And it’s not promised that we will fully understand in afterlife. So why waste your life away debating theology with the arrogance of thinking you have figured it out? You haven’t. You could put more energy into becoming better as a human through Christ teachings. You could be a better leader and disciple of him by your actions not just by words. Most of all, we could help so many more people with just the simple Faith that Yeshua was the Son of the Living God Yahweh who died and was raised for all to have a chance at the remission of our Sins and eternal life. If we can focus on that part and do what is just and right in deeds not just in words, we would be that people he can be proud of. It’s time to let it go and refocus on what truly saves and make him happy. 

Christ already opened the door…Not man!

If you can ever get this simple truth it will free you from all that you have ever felt wrong with organized religion or man’s influence in churches. 


 Stop and think about this! Really think about it! Put aside you assumptions, fears , and or biaisness. Do you really understand the weight of this statement?  I truly believe God has allowed me to see this fact that has existed for thousands of years and yet not focused on enough by his people. I pass this too all who will listen, not as new revelation but a reminder of His doctrine not man’s. Mankind are the ones creating theories and new doctrine to make themselves more relevant. To make others look up to them as if they have more knowledge. They strike with great anger at any who challenges their ways because they hold on to it as need for affirmation. All along they’re souls of men that are confused and feel lost when they see for themselves the existing holes in the ways of men which is taught as God’s doctrine instead of what it is…man’s doctrine. We only need God’s Only Begotten Son, Christ who died and was raised up to bring us salvation, forgiveness, and a New Convenant so we may love our God with all of our strength, mind, and body and love our neighbors as oursleves. This is salvation and the only way and truth we will ever need per God’s doctrine. If we truly believe AND do then our past sinful life will not be acceptable to us to live in anymore. We will seek holiness for He is holy and we will seek to worship Him in spirit and truth as we are baptised in His name and go forth preaching HIS gospel throughout the earth. Amen!

“I believe in God”. Well God says keep my commandments then!


There are many So-called gods of this World. It has always baffled me that so many of us believe we can make our own requirements and speak for God about our continued sins as if they are approved by him simply because we SAY we believe in a God. Well, I ask which One, Which God are you claiming allows such? Please explain which made up God you believe in because I am tired of so called Christians claiming to believe in Yahweh and His Son yet still want to excuse their sinful lives as if God approves of it and will ignore it to allow them to continue in their sin then accept them in his kingdom. He won’t! Don’t you people get it? Adam and Eve sinned, they were removed and stripped of their immortality to eventually die forever. So please, please tell me how you think you will be able to be accepted in the kingdom of God living a unrepentant sinful life? He isn’t going to give salvation to those who aren’t living for him and living holy. God words clearly says nobody living a sexual immoral, homosexual, or any other life counter to what he put in place to live will be allowed into the gates of his kingdom. It’s not a joke and its nothing play around with people. You need to wake up and stop using God’s name in vain, falsely labeling yourself of Him if you aren’t living for him, and repent, which means to turn away from your lustful lives and all your wickedness and follow him. Not continue in your ways and think all you have to do is say you “believe”. Christ said if you truly believe then Obey me. The demons believe and are still condemned..Adam and eve believed and we’re still condemned.

God is not who YOU say he is, He is and always will be what HE says in His word He IS and this includes keeping His word declared against all those who habitually sin and live their lives counter to his commandments.

We all can fall and sin throughout our life but whenever a true Christian messes up we repent and would never ever take what we have done and claim that it’s OK and or continue in our sin and claim in the midst of it that we are blessed and that somehow we’re showing we love God and God is with us and our sin. People like this are serious disturbed and the scariest thing is that it’s found in most Churches today. This idea isn’t being fought by the Christians that claim to have faith in the bible and Yahweh. Instead they spend and waste time trying to conform to the world’s belief so much that they aren’t his people anymore. They are the people of the world but most just don’t know or recognized this and probably won’t until it’s too late. God is Love, but love has nothing to do with Sex or approving sin acts against Him. As Christ said over and over “Sin no More”! Also, God was “love” when he condemned Adam and Eve to Death and kicked them out of his Garden, what on earth makes you think he will approve of you to sin against him and his ways and live in his kingdom? Wake up!!