America, the Roman pagan empire!

Libertas was the name of an ancient Roman goddess adopted by the Romans perhaps as early as the 5th century BC and certainly by the 4th Century BC. She was referred to as the goddess of personal freedom and liberty. In fact Libertas meant freedom. So liberty means freedom. The 2 names describe the one concept we call freedom. Liberty = Freedom and Freedom = Liberty.

Information and truth sometimes destroys before it can build one up. Truth hurts in so many ways that we find many ways of excusing it, justifying it to ourselves, and even hating others for bring it up because we don’t like having to look at it. We claim, as a nation, in God we trust but thanks to Rome and it’s church we have become the very same pagan empire, under the vale of a mostly professed Christian nation without many knowing this. 

Our days of the week are named in honor of Roman false gods, our months named after Roman false gods. And yes, as shown above, even the very Image America picked is a graven image of a false goddess named Libertas. That’s right, the Statue of Liberty is the false pagan goddess named Libertas. It’s not some made up statue that they taught you about in school. It was a purposeful creation to give honor to a false goddess linked to the pagan Catholic belief. And we wonder why other nations call us devils and mock our so called Christian morals when resemble such a pagan way of life. 

                 Notice anything similar????

Today we pride ourselves on finding archaeological evidence of past societies and claim we can tell what they did and how their people acted based on the ruins we find. Well, what would future humans say we were, based on all that we left behind?  It sure wouldn’t be the Christian society most believe American represents. The homosexuality, the killing, the honor of false symbols, false god images,and the like. They would believe we were a reformed Pagan Roman Empire that was thought to be distroyed prior. Think about it. What has changed truthfully. We kill babies through abortion, use drugs, we have and approve of prostitution in certain cities, our woman dress like prostitutes, the biggest church in America has false gods inside their big cathedrals made in honor of pagan deities that they renamed, and our county has false god statues everywhere from the court houses, to the New York bay. There is nothing that indicates the One true God Yahweh or his Christ. Even our “Christian” cross is pagan and was a instrument of death long before Christ was ever sent or was said to be killed by it(if you believe it was a actual cross, that is). I frankly don’t care if he allowed himself to die on table or tire. I just care that he died for me and was raised 3 days AND 3 nights later(not 3 days later..think about it). The instrument is not my Savior, The Father through his Son is. No symbol or totem will ever get that honor along side of or with Him. So before you pick up that cross again thinking that it’s God or it can protect you..think it through. The Holy Spirit dwells in the body, Christ dwells in heaven along the right side of the Father. Nowhere does scripture teach or approve of the thought that the cross carries protection, contains his power, or his presences. You are sealed with the Holy Spirit not was a man made symbol used to kill thousands even before Christ came to earth as man. This thought comes from the Catholic Church alone and is pushed in movies and theater for so long that people think it to be true. 


This has gone on for hundreds of years. It has become the pillar of life for all of American so don’t be shocked if you find yourself trying to find ways to reject this truth or justify it to yourselves. Its what most humans do. We find our comfort zone and fight to stay there. It doesn’t matter what is shown to you, you will find a way to justify it in your mind or excuse so that you don’t look at yourselves as being at fault or a participant of something you believed you were not apart of but really were. This is why God’s word stresses to us to be separate and set apart from the world. Over and over again God’s true followers find a way not to be apart of false gods and rituals that govern nations. We must too. But like the last three men that refused to follow along with society’s way of living that gave honor to a false god, we too will have to step into the fire and trust that Christ will show up as the forth man yet again(Daniel 3:16-25). 


The lie of Satan’s dominion coming from Man!

Dan 4:17 The sentence is by the decree of the watchers, the decision by the word of the holy ones, to the end that the living may know that the Most High rules the kingdom of men and gives it to whom he will and sets over it the lowliest of men.

Gen 9:1-3

And God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth. “The fear of you and the terror of you will be on every beast of the earth and on every bird of the sky; with everything that creeps on the ground, and all the fish of the sea, into your hand they are given. “Every moving thing that is alive shall be food for you; I give all to you, as I gave the green plant.…

Gen 3:16-19

16To the woman He said, “I will greatly multiply Your pain in childbirth, In pain you will bring forth children; Yet your desire will be for your husband, And he will rule over you.” 17Then to Adam He said, “Because you have listened to the voice of your wife, and have eaten from the tree about which I commanded you, saying, ‘You shall not eat from it’; Cursed is the ground because of you; In toil you will eat of it All the days of your life. 18″Both thorns and thistles it shall grow for you; And you will eat the plants of the field 19By the sweat of your face You will eat bread, Till you return to the ground, Because from it you were taken; For you are dust, And to dust you shall return.”

    These are the scriptures for our study today. For years the concept of man giving authority over the earth to Satan has moved into our churches rapidly. This concept, I believe was given birth by those people in the churches that didn’t believe fully in the Sovereignty of God.  The thought that their God could have helped or used evil people or outcomes for any reason is just not possible in their minds. No matter how many times the Bible goes into detail about God doing that very thing, they ignore it. Chapter 9 in Hebrew is the most hated of all the chapters in the Bible by these same people. The chapter cuts down thought about misunderstanding a verse or two or taking a verse out context. Why? A chapter theme can’t be taking out context especially when the whole chapter is dealing with the same theme the whole chapter long. That theme is the Sovereignty of God vs the will of men and the true say-so that man has in it. In short man has no say in Gods Sovereignty. What He wants He will cause to come to past. He will use evil men, good men, animals, plants, evil spirits, and even Satan himself to achieve his purpose. If you didn’t know this, this is exactly what it means to be sovereign. 

Let’s takes Gen 3:16-19  into account. It’s very interesting that the punishments of the snake and Satan, Adam and Eve, nothing was ever, ever mentioned about any change of authority. Don’t forget Satan was punished through the snake because God knew exactly who caused the snake to act like this and yet the snake’s entire bloodline(just like man) was forever altered because it was taken over by Satan or allowed Satan to take over, scripture doesn’t say. So when Satan was addressed with the prophecy of the women’s offspring and his, nothing ever mentioned in scripture rewarding Satan or the snake with authority. Even in Job Satan needed Gods permission to touch Job or anything around him. This is not authority over the earth. The same person won’t deny that God has authority over the things concerning Job but yet will still come up with the thought that somehow Satan has authority since the fall of man. Here is a hint. The one that even a King ask for permission from is truly the one in charge, is truly the one who rules, and is truly the one in power and authority. 

Gen 9:1-3 shows that right after the fall of men the same authority over the planet that was supposedly lost to Satan is again quoted and given to Noah. Don’t forget if man lost authority to Satan it wouldn’t be just some of it it would have be all the authority given to man at that time. That’s man’s authority over all the beast of the field , flying creatures, fish, and plants etc. When one gives power and authority it’s completely the same in which it was given to him. So, if Satan truly gained this so call authority when Adam fail then how is God able to give this authority to Noah? He wouldn’t, based on what is taught by a lot of churches today.  

Dan 4:17  above shows God is the one over not only His people like some try and say. No, God is over the Kingdoms of Men. This is a term used to describe the whole order of systems that govern the world. Here again, this is long after the fall of man and yet who is in charge of not just the kingdom of heaven but the Kingdom of Men? The all sovereign God of Abraham is. It is at this moment we have the last recorded record of who has authority over the whole earth kingdom. We see this recorded almost at the end of the Old Testament. The conversation of who has authority doesn’t happen again until Satan offers it over to Christ. This was accompanied by and mimics the famous words found in Daniel 4:17…“for it has been given to me and I may give it to whoever I will”and this is where we have the first mention of a change. The only way you can locate where the authority change took place and by who is to locate the last known Ownership statement.  That last ownership statement or confirmation came from Daniel 4:17 where God is the ruler. So if Satan has this authority now it comes from only one being, God. Why? Simply because it was in his plan and will to do so.  

Just in Hebrews chapter 9 The Bible goes into great detail showing it wasn’t just pharaoh that was doing the things he did to Israel, God raised him up to do this very thing to Israel and harden his heart to refuse Moses so God himself could complete his punishment on him. This is what is said in the scriptures and nobody can deny this. People really think they have freewill. There is no such thing. Your very need or will to seek God comes from The Father first. Without him first reaching out to you you would never seek God. This isn’t freewill. Freewill should be that if God never choose me first I can choose him. This is not the case and just as seen verses there are those he will not call. All throughout scripture you see God’s hand on things concerning the will of man. In every event God’s will is done no matter what. So why do you believe that this has changed? 

So getting back to when Satan said that authority was given to him when he spoke to Christ(Luke:6-7). Well just like with Job, Satan has been given that authority by the only person who can give it . So based on scripture it was never man he got that authority from, it was God. God is the only being that can give authority because he is Sovereign. He gives, loans, and takes authority when he wants. Nowhere in history or scripture was rulership been exchanged simply because the person in charge simply believed a lie. If that’s the case any person that ever gives a King bad information that is believed by the king should instantly become the new King based on the reasoning man has pushed in the churches. Adam and Eve didn’t bow down to Satan, they believed a lie of a snake. Let’s look at this… the snake was the one Eve believed so why isn’t Snakes rulers of this earth by mans reasoning? When you think for yourself and not allow tradition and theology to rule your thought pattern over scripture you will see for yourself that this concept is false and continue to be taught in most churches. Our God we trust, his will is done no matter what man does or doesn’t do of his own strength. God can either force you or get someone else to do it, but what he wants done will be done. Bottom line, God is who he says he is in his word not what man says he is because of their nation they live in, society, or traditions. Is it hard to look at the truth like this? Yes it is, but it’s only because we have allow ourselves to created a false image of God. A image that is based on what our country believes God should be defined by and as. God is not an American..he is Almighty, Soverieign, and far more than our brain capacity can comprehend. He has an end game because he is already there. Everything he does or allows is within his power and ultimate will. We just have to trust him.