Jehovah Witnesses are still Christians too.


This is straight from the Jehovah witnesses website:

Are Jehovah’s Witnesses Christians?

Yes. We are Christians for the following reasons:

We try to follow closely the teachings and behavior of Jesus Christ.—1 Peter 2:21.

We believe that Jesus is the key to salvation, that “there is not another name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must get saved.”—Acts 4:12.

When people become Jehovah’s Witnesses, they are baptized in the name of Jesus.—Matthew 28:18, 19.

We offer our prayers in Jesus’ name.—John 15:16.

We believe that Jesus is the Head, or the one appointed to have authority, over every man.—1 Corinthians 11:3.

As a Christian that doesn’t proclaim to a domination I see the good in each and see the faults in each. I have yet come accross the perfect denomation. Frankly because denomation are man made. God did not call us as a divided chruch because his Son is not divided. Or as Paul says “Is Christ divided?”(1Corinthians 1:13). Paul attacked this notion that Christ sacrifice was given to all just for us to be divided amongst ourselves. Paul confirmed that that there is only one chruch. Unified through Christ as the head of it recounseling(2 corinthians 5:18)  all back to His Father and Our Father, His God and Our God..Yahweh(John 20:17). So because most “denominational people” find it so easy to attack other denominations I found this story sickening but not shocking. The JW’s gave a cartoon movie example encouraging kids not to play around in  chruch service and to pay attention to the teaching of the bible(Unlike some churches, JW believe in having service together as a whole family and not divided into group..I don’t mind either way). The video showed that when you are learning about God this is not a time to play and should be taking seriously. The video gave a example of Noah not paying attention when God gave him instructions on building the Ark. Noah didn’t listen and was washed away as the water flooding the Ark that was not made right because Noah was not paying attention. The world and some Christian(so called) attacked them. Saying that this message of death, if you don’t listen to God, is wrong and cruel for kids. Its not and all of them needs to decide if they will follow God through his word or not. Better yet, voice their complaints to God when you stand in front of him because the scripture gives just such a warning Ephesians warns kids that their Obedience and their life are tied together. So if God himself to telling kids this through his commandments as it mentions this is from how can you as a Christ follow accuse a JW of false teaching or bad teaching because they bring up this very notion. If you don’t agree with other issues about them not related to what is actually writen in the bible thats different. But the end results of this subject are the very same thing. You want to live long lives kids then you need to obey both God and Your parents. This message is no different from telling kids if they aren’t listening to God’s messages they can die. It’s the same thing. I hear all the time from different denominations that if you are a JW then you aren’t Christians. They are, Christianity is defined by those who follow Christ teachings. They do and in fact most of them do it better than most other denominations that point fingers at Jehovah Witnesses. Do I agree with ALL they teach? No, but this doesn’t make them any different from other churches that have some directions and beliefs that I don’t agree with.The problem is that most Christian churches have falsely tied the Trinity belief system as a necessity for Christianity when this is not the same thing. Trinity belief isn’t needed for one to be a follower of Christ as their savior and head of the chruch. Man has made this requirement not God. The Trinity is man’s failed attempt to explain the relationship of Yahweh and his Son. But here is the key, Yeshua the Christ nor his Father never made that a requirement for salvation. In fact he has told you over and over again that he is the only one that understand and knows the Father. So how can you even attempt to come up with a concept that explains someone only One person truly knows? You can’t and if Christ felt it was a requirement he would have said that God was a Trinity AND that one must say and explain this if they wanted salvation. You can’t find one single solitary scripture even close to requiring your “explanation” of God being a trinity as a requirement of your salvation. He didn’t give this therefore you have no right to place that others. You can only follow after he who Yahweh has sent to represent his will on earth and accept him as the Messiah and Son of the living God. Just as Peter confessed(Mathew 16:16). There is only description made of those inside God’s family and that’s Christ followers, not triniterians , not oneness, not baptist, not Jehovah witnesses…just followers of Christ or Christians. Let’s stop cutting ourselves down because of denominations please.


The false gods of Movie magic


The media are controlled by one main force; the god of this world. Be careful of the movies that are set up to give the false image of a bible story for the sake of a new fade for movies. Ever since the one true Great movie, The Passion of Christ, hit the box office and gathered lots of fame and money. Directors all around the world wanted to cash in on this. Where else can they find such great stories? From the the same source of course. But because the men lack the passion or reasoning behind their efforts they are heavily directed by false spirits and attentions of others that just wanted to put out a bible movie. The problem with this is that the stories are so full of false interpretation that it merely ends up being a platform for discrediting Christianity more the helping it spread. Exodus was probably the worse bible movie I have ever seen. Putting aside the fact that it was horribly acted out, none of the things that made Moses story truly special was there. Instead movies like this and others try and take God out it directly and put in interpretations of him as a dream or a vision someone got after hitting his head. This leaves the door open to allow those who don’t want to believe in the One True God to allow them an out as it doesn’t really point back to the God of the Old testament and New and leaves it to be anything from a bad dream, one of many gods (Not Yahweh), or even a alien in nature. In this case,worse yet, show God as a Child and flat out ignore the burning bush scene period basically.

The movie Noah does this same thing as they throughout the whole movie only address him as the Creator and goes so far as to write that Noah was shown to have to kill his own grand daughter all while getting visions from the creator from drug intake. Then put in false stories about fallen angels coming down to help men and being allowed to return to heaven when they really can from heaven to sleep with the daughters of men and we’re never allowed back. They then created false stories about one of Noah’s son never having a wife and being jealous of the other brother as only one of Noah’s sons had a “girlfriend” he had sex with after a witchcraft blessing was placed on her by Methuselah. This then made it as if sex was ok without marriage and magic was tied into God. This jealous son then plotted to kill his own father Noah. The bible is very clear that when noah took to the ship all his sons had wives and he was about 600 years old. And that Noah never once thought that his job was to make sure his family died out.


Be very careful my Christian brothers. The devil wears many faces and this is one of them.

What the entertainment division of this world is doing is rewriting bible stories to sale the idea of a “generic God” that can molded into whatever form you want even a corrupt one. This isn’t our God. He isn’t what we make him to be. He is what he says he is.

His Word has a purpose as do the stories and they should not be twisted in such matter. In fact, it’s blasphemous to do so. Stay far away from such movies.