When God doesn’t Text back!


The Day of Christmas..Why isn’t Christ enough?


Jeremiah 10:1-4.

10 Hear ye the word which the Lord speaketh unto you, O house of Israel:Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.

The great day is upon us soon. It is the day that all American’s celebrate the honored tradition of Christmas. Christmas as the word originates from Christ is said to be focused on Christ and his time of birth and yet there is so much more that is focused on and many others who don’t even consider themselves Christ followers look on this day. Just like many other days celebrated throughout our country, it has its purpose in the economics. In fact, economics is the only reason why Christmas is still celebrated to this day.  Did you know this is one of the biggest pushes for financial success and outcomes of business across America? It is during this time that companies make the biggest profit and sometimes can be the difference from a successful year to an unsuccessful year. So the birth and death of the most important person the world has ever witnessed aren’t enough to capitalize on. They know that being about him would lead others to see plainly that gifts don’t fit into his focus. After all Christ got gifts because he was the foretold King and our kids and love ones aren’t. So the gift reasons don’t fit that mold and therefore don’t bring money to companies. They needed something more, and”more” was accomplished with the Pagan traditions that the Catholic church allowed to infest and fornicate with Christianity. They made it apart of everyone’s lives. They forced beliefs and traditions into the public so long that just like other examples of manipulation, the people forced, they become dependent on it and even fight to remain with it even when they find out that it’s not true or wrong to do so. Such is the case even today. I can’t tell you how many people have been exposed to the common knowledge that Christ has NOTHING to do with Santa, reindeer, Christmas Tree’s, and or the Winter Solstice ( which is the only real celebration going on whether you know it or not). I have seen it first hand with family members and friends. It doesn’t matter what they see for themselves and read for themselves. They find a way to justify things over and over again with themselves because the alternate view is too much to deal with or sleep at night with. They will fight to hold onto things that God has declared to be wrong because it easier to continue in error. Jeremiah gives us a perfect example and warning. God tells us not to learn the ways of the Pagan’s and what do we do? We go ahead and do the very thing they did. We run out and get that tree and bring it into our homes and drape it with silver and gold just like the bible warned us not to do. Never mind the simple question to why. Just using common sense, if one is to be honest with themselves they will see something isn’t right even without scripture. In what way does a tree’s place need to be one’s home? What sense does it make to decorated a tree? And above all that, how does this bring glory to Christ who was born in the Spring far from Winter, snow, and the month of December? Spiritually, how does God feel about your splitting up your love and glory set aside for his son so that you can give it to another being called Santa? The same Santa that you have recited songs of God like powers over and over….” He see’s you when you sleeping, he knows when you are awake, and knows if you have been bad or good”. Do you not understand that you just described God and applied it to a dead man. Only God can see the hearts to know if someone is good or bad. Only God can see a person wherever they are, to know if they are sleep or awake, not Santa Claus.  The world wants to act and pretend this is all cute and innocent but yet the first thing we want to teach our kids is not to lie, all while continuing to do so under the veil of fun and make-believe stories and tactics.  If we claim Christ is so important to us, why can’t you let go of the things that stand next to him to remove the focus and glory that only he deserves? So ask yourself honestly, as a Christian, born again, delivered and blessed with the option to wake up immortal and eternal into his Kingdom, ….isn’t Christ enough?


Are you truly Thankful?


“Thank you”. A term overly used without concern over the purity of such words. These words are spoken without thought sometimes and most time to people you don’t even know their first name. I’m not saying this is a bad thing to say but I am saying that because we use it so much that the meaning of such words are muddied up a bit. I was sitting around my house and started to really think about the term “Thank you” . I know it denotes some kind of gratefulness but in order for that to exist, one must take the time to reflect on the reason why such terms are used in the first place. How many times have you done this to those that you have said “Thank you” too? I am willing to bet that you don’t bother really thinking a lot about the depths of the reason why you are saying such words. I say this, not to you alone but to myself. I put in thoughts about reasons why I was thankful for the people God has put into my life. What I came up with, when I actually sat there for a while thinking about things, was an overwhelming picture of just how much love my family has shown me. These things truly shaped me and made me who I am today. So I decided to text all of them, not just my words “I love you ” or “Thank You”, but the some of the reason behind the statement for each person. Each person meant different things to me and had moments that forever shaped my soul. So I informed each person what they did when I grew up and what I remembered about them that led to this moment of true clarity.  Needless to say, it was not something either of them expected and really threw them off. My Father called to make sure I was fine because they just didn’t expect such a text. But this only showed me that I had not done a good enough job of expressing why I loved them or why I was so thankful for them enough. Then the obvious hit me. If I did this to my earthly parents and family, what about God? So my goal is to renew my prayer life with a meditation on why I love the Lord and why I am thankful. Not just for the cliches you hear about God in most peoples public prayers. I want to make sure it’s personalized and really looked over in my mind each time I speak those words and I challenge you to do so too. As humans, we normally tend to add these types of prayer when something is wrong or when something has happened that truly showed God was showing up in our life. This should be done every single time we enter into prayer.

Christendom vs Christ followers, there is a vast difference!  

Christendom for hundreds of years has been defined by men, not God. In the name of Christendom the Council of Nicea burned people alive to force the theory of the Trinity on people. In the name of Christendom Rome worshiped false idols and created totems that we still use today. In the name of Christendom,  men mixed Pagan practices and superstitions with Yahweh’s commandments and his Son’s Directions. In a nut shell men have used Christendom as a excuse to pillage, rap, and force their own personal agenda on millions throughout the centuries in the name of our Savior Yeshua. This is the sad truth and one most Christians don’t want to hear about or know about but it’s still the truth. This is how Christianity got a bad name. In fact since Christ return to heaven “Every”, say “Every”, every single act of cruelty in the name of Christ has been done by this sectors of people in Christs body. So it’s no wonder why even the most peaceful Christ followers have such a bad time witnessing and convincing others of the true Agape Love of Christ that links us to our Father and God Yahweh. And regardless of the difference or wrong thoughts you feel about Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses, as a whole they represent, in action and deed, a better picture of Christ’s ways than the vast amount of the churches out there. Are there other peaceful followers not tied into Christendom and all it’s false traditions/ woreship of idols? Yes. But again, there is very little of them. We have to find a way to eliminate denominations and gather as one true church freed of the Pagan tradition and biased violence that has defined Christendom. Only then will we ever be what he wants us to be. Follow Christ ways, not Man! 

God vs He,1 Timothy 3:16


God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory



For years this verse has been shown as some kinda proof of this Complex mystery that somehow God and Jesus was the exact same being and person and or that Jesus was actually equal to his Father. The problem was this thought was created and forced on people by the Council of Nicea and of course the rushed false translations of the King James version of the Bible. Although the King James did something we needed, it was not perfect nor always complete in its translation. “It’s better to marry than to Burn”(1 cor 7:9).. is translated but rushed as the text actually reads “burn with passion”. This is common practice in the King James Bible and as you see leaving it as Burn instead of Burn with passion creates the concepts of either go to Hell or Get married which is not at all what this scripture is saying. They added things or half translated words to produce their own beliefs instead of allowing the text to be translated all the way through or just allowing it to be translated the way it was giving. This could have been because of the rush job they had to do, some would say but when you add words to scriptures to change its true meaning then this takes more time than just translating what’s there, so I don’t buy that. A great example is above. Notice this is the same verse but what is the key word that changes everything about this passage? The very first word, God vs He. Let’s start off with the first fact that all Bible students and teachers have to know and accept. The Bible or should I say the letters that were wrote and the stories that were wrote had no chapter, no verse, not punctuations, and no capital letters. Every single one of these things were added by editors. These editors didn’t have nor will ever have any special insight like the disciples did through Holy Spirit power to write and see. These things cause us to read and interpret things differently. So context is very important in translation and understanding scripture. Throughout that so call chapter there were two subjects spoke about, Jesus and God. The theme is godliness. To the context of the verse reveals which subject it is referring to. 

Because we assume and allow man to tell us theories about how he figure out God. We take a word like “godliness”and say that this stands for the mystery about who God is, so that it points back to Christ. But godliness does not refer to what makes you God(really I could end it here because once this is shown all other issue pass). Godliness refers to the quality in you that points to your salvation and how or what made that possible. So the mystery was which person the Savior would show up to be and once Christ showed up, why he included the Gentiles into the tree of salvation with the Jews. Salvation was never built on a secret about Christ being God. If that was the case it would have translated into “great is the mystery of the Godhead”.  It didn’t, in fact the Greek word “Theos”(greek word for God)  is not in this verse at all in any ancient manuscript in the world. It was added there to push this agenda of the Trinity. Most translations that translate word for word have already accepted this. This is the reason the verse above reads “HE” was manifested. The verse never says God was manifested in the original Greek text. This is just fact. Not denomination, but fact. We can not add words to a verse to push our own agenda. Further proof is that you know this verse isn’t talking about God is that the following refers strictly to the Son of God, the man, Christ Yeshua. God, even a trinity God, would never need vindication, would never need to be seen by angles as this is something obvious and yet this verse doesn’t refer to something that has always gone on but something that had just taken place recently, and believed upon by the world isn’t something God needs as he has told us before, even the rocks will praise him. Finally, taken up in glory, this isn’t something even a trinity God would need because he already has glory nor would he ever need to be taken up anywhere, this something he could do himself. Obviously this verse is talking about the “Son of” The God because the context clearly shows which subject is being talked about through this. It is not referring to some secret fact that Christ is actually God in order for you to have salvation. This is what the chruch wants you to believe because the forefathers felt that their theories about God made them important so it became apart of the religious thought and rules,  til even today, one believes this has to be confessed and agreed for the Salvation of Christ to count. The only salvation you are we required to have is of Christ being the “Son of” The Living God, died for your sins, and was resurrected on the 3rd day to return as King and Lamb in heaven until his Father’s time to return all things back to himself. This is truth in scripture, not assumptions and made up theology. Christ asked Peter, “Who do you say that I am”..Peter said..  You are the Christ, “son of”  the Living God”.. Not one time did he say “you are God” to Christ. Only the Father could have told Peter this and what was told to Peter only revealed him as the long awaited Messiah who would bring salvation, not a hidden God that gives salvation only to those who figured it out his secrect. If you can get this truth it will free you from a lot of false burdens place on you by men. Until the next time. 


Learning key points of the OT. 

This is a nice little short video for you to watch or listen to on your break or lunch. This guy does a really good job of pointing key points in timeliness that will help you refresh your connecting knowledge of the OT. It’s one thing to have heard of the stories of Adam, Noah, or Moses, but to be able to connect it in time lines to what happened before and after them is another. Now,  this video goes pretty quick to don’t feel bad if you have to watch it multiple times or take note. But I promise once this is applied it will go a long way of helping you see the beauty of the OT and how it relates to all events following there after. 

Marriage has been lost, especially within the church. 

To the married I give this charge (not I, but the Lord): the wife should not separate from her husband (but if she does, she should remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband), and the husband should not divorce his wife. 1 Corinthians 7:10

Marriage.. The most important establishment and bond ever made by God. The bond given to a man and woman was to replicate God’s love for his people. As you know God’s people have more than one time cheated on God and yet God still takes them back. We as a people especially God’s chruch should understand that God’s relationship has never been easy with us but at the end of revelation a marriage still takes place with his people and his Son, the lamb and because of this marriage God granted all things from the lamb to the his kingdom through the lambs blood sacrifice. So I ask you.. How and why are you divorcing? It is not the will of God that you divorce and even when you do it is only a legal matter not spiritual. For in God’s mind you are still married because you and your spouse have joined to become one flesh. This is not reversed as no scripture even hints to this. Only during death does scripture release the title of that husband and or wife. Divorce is granted through sexual immorality but again that devoice is only granted legally. In God’s eyes you are still one flesh with the person you have that blood conventant with. Which brings me to another point. A marriage is established through blood. This is the purpose of the bleeding of the cervix of a virgin. That blood represents the shedding of blood of our Christ which ended the Old Covenant ant and started a New Covenant. That is what a marriage is founded on and is the reason why sex before marriage shouldn’t be done because it creates covenants. Whoever you bled on or who bled on you is who you have your covenant with. There were no priest, pastors and no rings. In fact for Jewish law, the ring that is given to the woman is suppose to be the circumcision scar ring left behind when the foreskin was removed. Think about it, both women and men. Somewhere out there is your true husband and first wife. It’s a very scary thing when you think about it. Unfairly in most people’s mind, a man can have multiple wives, God allowed such, but a woman can not. She also can’t shed blood from her cervix again, which is why the bed sheet blood stain was so needed in the old days as proof that a marriage could stand. If there was no blood then the marriage would not hold as righteous unless the woman was a widow. When all is said and done God takes our marriage very seriously and we have gotten away from that especially in the church. Finding the right person to share your virginity and marriage with is very important. God will honor the marriage even if it’s the wrong person. You will be held to the same standards and rules. You can’t just quit because things aren’t going well because you established this covenant. So, staying a virgin until marriage is a foreign choice no longer practiced by the majority of the world, even among Christians. We have lost our way and we need to start with our children in teaching them the right way to live not enabling them to have sex safely instead because the world approves. If we don’t, we will never recover and a true marriage meaning will become lost forever. We are almost there now.