Is there such a place that truly stands for All of God’s requirements? Short answer..NO

I ask this question with all my heart. Is there such a place that teaches and directs fully what God has required of us? I’m not asking for the members to be perfect because I’m not perfect. I’m not even requesting that grace isn’t weighed in to all that is directed. What I do ask for is consistent, across the board rules and teachings that apply to even them reguardless of tradition of people’s or their feelings. With all my loving heart I know right away many people will read this and claim their church does this but it doesn’t. I have seen all of it. Everything from Pentacostal, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness, Word of faith, Baptist, Catholic,Church of Christ, etc, etc. Everyone of them have sets of beliefs that apply to show somehow that others don’t follow the truth(only them)but when you study their beliefs fully you find the same pattern about a subject they believe in that applies the same way but they won’t apply that same judgement to themselves. One that preaches about false idols and gods of the Catholic Church will have an image of a man(who isn’t Christ) they claim to be Christ ..making that same image that is standing in the midst of their church that same false Idol they just judged a Catholic for woreshiping. Or a church that teaches the truth about pagan gods inside fraternities and sororities and yet the first thing they do is put up a Christmas tree of which Jeremiah 10:3-4 warns us not to do because of the same pagan gods they just warned others about through fraternities and sororities warnings. Or a organization that preaches about evidence of true follower and being able to know who they are. But yet wants to ignore the scripture that tell Gods children that one of the biggest ways to know who is false is when a prophet speaks about future event and those things don’t come to past. A believer will know he is a false prophet by this and yet they have over and over failed at their predictions for at least 100 years straight but yet they are the true people and no others? For everyone else everything from crosses, to the concept of trinity have roots back to pagan gods. Even in today’s society, our very days, days,months, and stars are named in honor of false gods. And everyday we give honor to those gods by acknowledging those days and calling on those false gods throughout our existing in the United States. Basically the truth of the matter is that there isn’t a place to escape these short comings and flaws because the moment we think we have, we are guilty again of something . This is when Grace is needed and why grace is so important. Problem is we use it as a get of jail card in far too many institutions. But thank goodness at least it’s there because I honestly see no way out or vision of a end anywhere in sight. And without that grace we would be doomed if we are thinking that there is a place with the correct complete vision of God. It just doesn’t exist because I think it’s our nature to put ourselves up higher than others without the willingness to look honestly at all we are doing in hopes of not waking up in the same shoes we have placed others. 


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