When truth is present, you would be surprised at how many people that claim to seek it, reject it. 

I had this person tweet me this after a discussion over our Savior real name Yeshua over his man made name Jesus. I found this person’s response very on point and one that fit the study today. You see, thoughout my studies over the years and a very large amount of experience I noticed a pattern. A pattern that disturbed me because of the source of this pattern. My fellow believers of Christ are at its heart. I’ve had a wealth of experience with all kinds of denominations and different peoples spin offs of that same denomination within the same church. While this holds truer for some over others the pattern still exist. We claim to seek truth and have truth but whenever truth interferes with our tradition or what we are told to believe we do one of those things mentioned above. Some listen and research the matter forever, not wanting to come to a conclusion because they don’t want to change. Some will reject it and refuse to research the matter afraid of finding anything that will lead them away from their beliefs or traditions. And finally, some will listen, read it, and research it to see it’s the truth then will start to believe it. Of these all which do you believe is associated with most people, Christian or otherwise? Well I can tell you that accepted the truth is the last on the list when compared to the others. Every denomation has things they believe in that they don’t apply the same methods they use to disprove others denominations as they do with the things they believe. Truth,for them then becomes a measuring stick used to disprove others that is never used against the crafter. 


A baptist preacher preaching against Catholics, all the while having the Catholic Creed at the root of their belief. Or preaching about idols while a false image of the Messiah is carved in wood and hung from the top of the building or inside the sanctuary.

A Jehovah witness who clings to things not spoken in the Bible or by Yeshua to prove him “a god”and yet will believe he is Michael the archangel with zero scripture ever saying this. Or the fact that they put so much focus on Having to Call God by his “real name” Jehovah to be identified as a real believer but yet again this name is made up by man as no name with letter J ever existed

I could continue to all denominations from Pentecostal all the way to the Church of Christ. All denomination in one way or another have this flaw because they all have a flawed beginning. Denominations were never God’s plan. This is man’s and continues to be pushed by Satan in efforts of keeping the Christian separated and week. He knows if we can ever come together and focus on just YHWH and his Son Yeshua we would be that much closer to that ONE body Christ is waiting on. We could be the voice and light he wants us to be so we can reach others fully around the world as one church not serveral. At the end of the day Truth is what it is. It shouldn’t be biased or used in one direction. God himself reminds us of this because his word is a double edged sword. It should cut both ways, not one.  


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