Cognitive Dissonance is rapid in people about Truth in Scripture


This is something I see a lot. If you know anything about different denomination of people you should know most are like this. In every denomination not just a majority of them you can find this in members. It’s just human nature to fall prey to this condition. Most of this comes out of fear. Fear that we are wrong and fear of the responsibility to change if they accept they were wrong. A great many people would rather not be told or make believe nothing was said that would lead them to see that something might be wrong with their beliefs. I can present information to a person or even a family member that shows without a shadow of doubt that their assumptions and belief on a matter is wrong word for word in scripture, not just in English but in the original translations and they will find a way to justify their beliefs as true even without proof that it supports it. They would rather come up with reasons after reasons why their view isn’t wrong without the use of the one book they claim holds the answers once they see scripture that is against it. But because this time that book says and proves them wrong then that once held true book now isn’t the base of their actions and faith anymore. It’s become a option and or an opinion to be reasoned with and toyed around enough so that they can sleep at night knowing that they have ignored the Living Word. Example of such proof is that recently I revealed to a friend that most churches give the false belief that Christ is to be prayed to. You hear people all the time praying to directly to the Son. This is not possible according to the word of God. The scripture is very clear that ALL prayer belongs to the Father. No place in the word of God does it excuse or allow or direct prayers anywhere but to the Father. Even Christ himself give the prayer examples to his disciple and in no place were they directed to pray to him. Christ furthers this by telling them that when he leaves to return they are to ask him nothing from that point as whatever they pray and Ask “The Father” in his name then “The Father” will do. The Father, not Christ will do, whatever you pray and ask THE Father, not Christ. The person’s responds, who was very well versed in the bible and taught many others, came back and said that Christ speaking to Paul on the Road and Paul speaking back to Christ was praying so that shows it OK to pray directly to the Son??? Speaking back to someone that is speaking to you isn’t prayer. He knew this and I knew this. But he wasn’t and couldn’t give up on this assumption that it was OK to pray directly to Christ because I believe he knew where that would lead. He would responsible in sharing and teaching this to all those people that assumed like he did and this would open the door to showing that the Father was Supreme to All even the Son which would kill the Concept of the Trinity(If there are three person as God and they aren’t equal in power and authority and or ability then it’s impossible for there to be a trinity as whoever is head above the other so called two persons is truly then God). So he decided to ignore that scripture gives no such example and had to make up one to hold to his traditions instead of accepted the truth in the Bible,  the same bible he claimed to put his trust in. This is Cognitive Dissonance! You will see many more things and examples of this the more you study the Word and it will challenge you as well. I am frankly more about the Word of God than traditions. I refuse to accept things that are traditions just to be traditions. If the word is against it I’m against and I don’t care about what others think who wants to hold on to their traditions if they don’t stand up to His word. 


Real Christian standing on God’s words are the brave ones, not gay men and woman.


Everyday you hear and see media and tv shows push people to reprogram them into believing that homosexuality is ok. We have gotten so reprogrammed that people now claim that it is man that is against this and that somehow God is ok with this. They try their best to justify what they do as something they were born with so this makes it ok because God made them this way. Born defects are not the will of God for his people. They can be results of sin of our parents or bloodline like any defect or curse but this doesn’t excuse actions of that person when their actions are clearly, over and over again said to be sinful and unnatural. The word unnatural used when action or thing serves no purpose in the production of life. A woman and woman or man and man can never produce a child and this is the very purpose of sex so this is why it is unnatural. Rather you or I like or not sex isn’t there to merely get humans off. The climax is there to encourage us to continue to do it, therefore increasing the possibility of a child being born. TV and mankind have made it out to be some kind of recreational sport. Something to do because you’re tense or whatever lies Satan has placed in your head. Look we all fall short of what God wants for us so I put no sin greater than the rest but one , blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. But the key difference is that I and real Christians don’t pretend that our actions or act of sin is somehow ok to do and isn’t a sin like the bible has said simply because I don’t want to stop doing it. My lust of woman or lie is no less of a sin than homosexuality. Therefore condemnation for either is not warranted. But understand condemnation or judging people isn’t the same as simply ID’g a act as sin because the word says so. That happens once we give the final verdict on someone’s life and where they will being going or to punishes them like with violence. This means any violence based on my sexual acts is not right or approved. If violence is ok because of a sin then the same violence must be done to others that sin period( no matter how small you think it is). We as a whole have gotten to the point that we don’t see or understand the difference. Sin is sin people no one sin is greater but one but most importantly neither is one sin ever ok. So the point in this is make sure we understand our born or unborn curses or sins doesn’t give one the right to do them nor pretend that somehow God’s word doesn’t apply to something one likes doing. God’s judgement on King Saul was completed even though it was God’s own angel that pushed Saul into the actions he took because of Saul’s heart. You can say this is unfair and Paul will say in Gods word that you again have no right to question the potter as the clay. God will harden or soften the heart of whosoever he wants. We can only work with what he has given us. Our weakness is not, nor will it ever be license not to fight against sin nor does it change the identities of those actions into something good and accepted by God once he has clearly told us this is not of him.