Defining myself without Denominations


There are so many denominations out there. So many different splits of beliefs. These separations happen from even the smallest differences. Some about baptisms words, some about marriage, some about sexes and leadership roles between man and woman, some about location, money, music, most of all, the theology of Christ and God. This has been the most frustrating part of my search and walk as a Christian. The biggest thing and the most common thing that I see that exist between all denominations is the refusal to accept scripture that flat out says and stands against a theology thought that the particular denomination doesn’t want to except as wrong on their part. If it’s not based on Mormons having to accept that Isaiah over and over again without doubt or confusions tells you that Our God Yahweh has declared that there is no other God nor does he even know of any, it falls back on Catholics that have in their own bible no approval to pray to anyone other than Yahweh through Christ and explicitly warns not to create statues of anything in heaven, earth, or beneath and never to bow down to them. I mean over and over again we see Scripture rip apart denominational belief systems like the Trinity thought that somehow Christ is equal to the Father when 1 Corinthians 15:24 tells you without any doubt that the Father is head and True God over all, even Christ himself. And even in Heaven after Christ returned to heaven to be seated as King, no longer being man( since we try and explain away his statements on earth), stills pointed out that He still had a God even while seated in heaven at his thrown and dominion. A God that would change his name soon. This very right to change the name of Christ as Lord, King, and Savior falls to nobody but his God. The Father has no God.  But Trinity believers refuse this fact and hate the very thought of it. And they really hate trying to explain how John, already being heaven, seeing every spiritual being in heaven still found no person named the Holy Spirit seating in the Spiritual throne room( so can’t say it was invisible because everything would be invisible in the spirit world only by those not there but John was there seeing invisible being already) to the left or right of the Father. While Oneness believers have no problem with the Holy Spirit not being a person they still share the same hatred for 1 Corinthians 15:24 and the very simple issue that Christ did die. His spirit went to Hades, fully conscious and whole just like any other person that would have gone to the heart of the earth. That full being that died and went to the heart of the earth for 3 days and 3 nights was a person that wasn’t God because God can’t die. Ultimately, terms like “why have you forsaken me”, “not my will but your will” clearly support different setups of consciousness which create two different persons…not one. Then comes the end when the Son will submit himself under the Father’s rule. The same person can not submit to himself. You can only submit to someone else, someone that is different from you. On and on I can go breaking down, even more denominations but I think you get the point. Nobody is exempt from this issue. Every single denomination that exists right now has scriptures that flat out deny something they believe in and yet they all will refuse to accept these things when they read them for themselves word for word. Why? For the life of me, I can’t understand the need to support man made theology when the word of God ( his original text) stands against it.

Ten Facts of the foundation of a Church that is found in God’s word, not Theology…

  1. There is but One True God and Father, Yahweh or YHWH who we are to love with all our being and the only one prayer is allowed to.
  2. There is but One begotten Son of God, Yeshua( no made up names have been approved by God) who still being “called” GOD( not god) because he sits on the Throne of God, the Messiah, “Only” mediator,  our High priest and King and the only way to the Father to be given honor and praise who we go through to pray to the Father not to pray to directly.
  3. His Holy Spirit is the power and energy of the Sovereign God given to Man to protect, fuel, and guide them in all things to Christ and ultimately to his Father and God. ( The Holy Spirit has no personal name because it isn’t a person. There has never been one conversation had between the Father or Son with the Holy Spirit)
  4. Baptism should be done as the disciples showed…through the one name under heaven by which you should be saved, Yeshua.
  5. Holiness is a requirement because he said so.
  6. Being not just readers of the word but all believers should be doing what is said for them to do.
  7. Sabbath day should be kept Holy and the true day to attend service.
  8. Pagan symbols (Crosses/statues) Idoles, graven images, and the such should be removed from Churches and the people of God. None of these things can protect you. Totems have no place among God’s people.
  9. Man and Woman are the true source and direction of all Marriage.
  10. The man is the head of Woman, Christ over man, and Yahweh over Christ.


Are there more? Yes, these are the basis of any church belief if they put aside man’s theology and depend on the word of God to direct their path. I just wish there was a denomination out there that followed these things. I can find some that follow up 70-80% of these maybe 90% but just like all they refuse simple things over their doctrine vs what the word of God says and this means they place men before God, which isn’t good.


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