How Jehovah’s Witnesses Russia band is important to all Christians. 

Russia has deemed the most consistently peaceful denomination in the world as extremist. This effectly completes the attack that has already begun against them because they refuse to pick up a gun or be involved in politics or force. They have already kicked them out of their places of worship and pushed them away from the streets. Now that the label has been approved by the courts in Russia the Witnesses are now prevented legally from even meeting much less worship. Now this has become something that every Denomination of Christians should pay attention and feel concern over. No matter what someone theology says as a Christ follower, they still seek and follow after Christ. Just because they have different views about How to go about doing it at the very least they are spreading the message of Christ salvation to the whole world while the majority of others Christian denominations only simply meet at their own church and barely if at all go door to door or travel regularly to truly devote time in spreading the Gospel. This stands if the group persecuted were Catholics, Mormons, or Pentacostal. The big problem happens when others place thelogy opinions in front of Biblical facts. As I have proven and shown theology isn’t God. Theology can not save or condemn you. In fact thelogy is the reason why all of us are separated instead of one united church. Concepts like the trinity and oneness and others all are just Man’s attempts at trying to define God for God instead of just allowing God’s word to tell us who he is. We have all gotten so messed up that we actually believe thelogy is Salvation. We really believe that if a person doesn’t attend our church or believe in the our “attempt” to define the undefinable they are not Christians. When Christian are defined solely by those who seek after Christ as the messiah and Son of God. All of us fail to see the common truth that no matter what we come up with, he is still much more than anything we can come up with and if that is the truth this proves nobody has the real complete truth, nobody. Only Christ truly knows the Father, so you nor your denomination have all the answers or ability of truly knowing the Father, which makes all of us wrong in every way we seek to theorize with concept to try and define him or explain him. None of us have the right to claim others are lost because they don’t agree with our Own made up theories on the connections or beliefs system of God and his Son. It is only then when we can see that this attack against the Jehovah’s Witnesses is an attack against us all as Christ followers. If they come after peaceful Christ followers they will come after all of us. It is there where I believe we, as Christians, should all stand and support any denomination that professes Christ as their King and Messiah. They will come after all of us sooner or later even scripture tell us this. The scariest thing for those who can’t see past theology just might be the realization that the Witnesses the world celebrated the death of in Revelations turn out to be Jehovah’s Witnesses. 


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