Yeshua, the only true friend!

Where were you and or what happened in your life when you truly realized that nobody truly is for you more than your Christ? When your friends abandoned you, when you family turned away, when you own children, wife, and husband would rather be anywhere else but with you is when the truth is revealed. No matter who it is they will eventually not be there when you need them. Over and over again Christ shows us in our lives that he is the Savior and King his Father has put in place to be. And even in death he will once again show up when you need him to. He is the only truth and the light of the world. In darkness the one true direction is always towards the light and it is there where you will find him. The moment you focus on truth that mankind will hurt you sooner or later. Even you yourself will do the same to someone else eventually because you are yet one of those “Mankind”, we all are. We know one thing naturally, and that is how to disappoint, hurt, or let down others, even ourselves. There is but one name/person in heaven or on earth that hasn’t let anyone down, Yeshua the Christ. In all things done in you life Christ is the head and direction to take and follow. And to do so requires change and sacrifice. You have to die and be reborn. You have to find a way to destroy the old you. You have to get rid of sin and live for Christ. This is way more than you just going to church. We have to cut off the things that cause us to fall to sin and live for him. Most say they live for Christ while returning home to the place the are shacking up with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Most say they live for Christ with their mouth and yet speak curses and blaspheme to others. Most say Christ is their head and master but yet they step out to take a smoke break because their body is addicted to the cigarettes, weed, and or the like. No other can claim these things while they have another master. Even if that Master is different forms of sins, You can’t serve two masters. Let’s pull to him as he has done with us. 


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