Keeping God first in your dating/relationship doesn’t include Sex. Or have you forgotten?

The world has gotten so turned around that most people today claim to honor God in relationships while either living with their other half or having Sex with their other half. I see so many men and women claiming to pray for the right man or woman but when they find that person that is supposed to be sent by God their is sex involved. And I’m not talking about a slip up. We think somehow in this messed up world that we can somehow honor God while fornicating with the person we are in a relationship with. Flash news is that if you are doing this God is nowhere inside that relationship nor is he pulling the strings or guiding it from that point. Most people know this but don’t want to look at it. God honors holiness and right standing with himself. You can’t live in sin and expect God to live in there with you, he won’t. And whatever so called blessing you think you are getting while living in sin isn’t from God because as his word shows, he doesn’t bless sin. So you need to decide if your overall happeness with the right person sent by the True God is worth waiting on physically. You are fooling yourself if you think He is somehow blessing your relationships while it stands against his kingdom. That would be Satan who would bless you while you stand in opposition to what God told you not to do, not Yahweh. How many women or men go to church only to retun home with the live in boyfriend or girlfriend? If you have ended up like this you seriously need to worry because this isn’t a reprobate mind that God warned all about. So before the next hallelujah shout in church, you need to ask yourself how you’re going to change for The God worthy of such praise. Or are simply going back home to live in sin?


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