You are not suppose to be like others!

Do you know that you are special? Most people will say yes or at least believe it to be. Yet people spend their whole life trying to either fit in or hide away from how different they act or think. The Bible teaches us to be different and yet we shy away from this concept. To be clear, to be different is to be separate from the way the world thinks. By doing this and being such a person you should know that you will be disliked, feared, or even hated because you think and act different from others. This comes from a variety of different reasons. One of them, which is the biggest most likely, is that you remind them of what they aren’t or should be and they hate you for it.  The very concept of being holy is shunned even by So called Christians to date. So you know that the rest of the world will feel no different. We have to get to the point that we are prepared for this because it will hit you at every moment of your life. You job, at the store, in the car, etc. It doesn’t matter that you aren’t talking about God or sitting in church at that moment. The way you carry yourself is a threat. What you wear or don’t wear is a threat. What you say and don’t say is threat. Bottom line expect this and you will be prepared because the truth of the matter is that you will meet far more people against you and holiness than you will meet for it. Just know you are never alone and be of good courage as you walk your walk of Faith. 


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