America, the Roman pagan empire!

Libertas was the name of an ancient Roman goddess adopted by the Romans perhaps as early as the 5th century BC and certainly by the 4th Century BC. She was referred to as the goddess of personal freedom and liberty. In fact Libertas meant freedom. So liberty means freedom. The 2 names describe the one concept we call freedom. Liberty = Freedom and Freedom = Liberty.

Information and truth sometimes destroys before it can build one up. Truth hurts in so many ways that we find many ways of excusing it, justifying it to ourselves, and even hating others for bring it up because we don’t like having to look at it. We claim, as a nation, in God we trust but thanks to Rome and it’s church we have become the very same pagan empire, under the vale of a mostly professed Christian nation without many knowing this. 

Our days of the week are named in honor of Roman false gods, our months named after Roman false gods. And yes, as shown above, even the very Image America picked is a graven image of a false goddess named Libertas. That’s right, the Statue of Liberty is the false pagan goddess named Libertas. It’s not some made up statue that they taught you about in school. It was a purposeful creation to give honor to a false goddess linked to the pagan Catholic belief. And we wonder why other nations call us devils and mock our so called Christian morals when resemble such a pagan way of life. 

                 Notice anything similar????

Today we pride ourselves on finding archaeological evidence of past societies and claim we can tell what they did and how their people acted based on the ruins we find. Well, what would future humans say we were, based on all that we left behind?  It sure wouldn’t be the Christian society most believe American represents. The homosexuality, the killing, the honor of false symbols, false god images,and the like. They would believe we were a reformed Pagan Roman Empire that was thought to be distroyed prior. Think about it. What has changed truthfully. We kill babies through abortion, use drugs, we have and approve of prostitution in certain cities, our woman dress like prostitutes, the biggest church in America has false gods inside their big cathedrals made in honor of pagan deities that they renamed, and our county has false god statues everywhere from the court houses, to the New York bay. There is nothing that indicates the One true God Yahweh or his Christ. Even our “Christian” cross is pagan and was a instrument of death long before Christ was ever sent or was said to be killed by it(if you believe it was a actual cross, that is). I frankly don’t care if he allowed himself to die on table or tire. I just care that he died for me and was raised 3 days AND 3 nights later(not 3 days later..think about it). The instrument is not my Savior, The Father through his Son is. No symbol or totem will ever get that honor along side of or with Him. So before you pick up that cross again thinking that it’s God or it can protect you..think it through. The Holy Spirit dwells in the body, Christ dwells in heaven along the right side of the Father. Nowhere does scripture teach or approve of the thought that the cross carries protection, contains his power, or his presences. You are sealed with the Holy Spirit not was a man made symbol used to kill thousands even before Christ came to earth as man. This thought comes from the Catholic Church alone and is pushed in movies and theater for so long that people think it to be true. 


This has gone on for hundreds of years. It has become the pillar of life for all of American so don’t be shocked if you find yourself trying to find ways to reject this truth or justify it to yourselves. Its what most humans do. We find our comfort zone and fight to stay there. It doesn’t matter what is shown to you, you will find a way to justify it in your mind or excuse so that you don’t look at yourselves as being at fault or a participant of something you believed you were not apart of but really were. This is why God’s word stresses to us to be separate and set apart from the world. Over and over again God’s true followers find a way not to be apart of false gods and rituals that govern nations. We must too. But like the last three men that refused to follow along with society’s way of living that gave honor to a false god, we too will have to step into the fire and trust that Christ will show up as the forth man yet again(Daniel 3:16-25). 


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