The Badge that needs to be recalled. 

“God is still working on me”. Ever heard of this? I’m sure you have. It’s become the Badge of honor for all Christians to put on whenever they need a excuse to sin or a way to feel better about the sin they just committed. I think it’s time for us as Christians to take full responsibility for our actions when they don’t represent our Walk in Christ.  Sin mistakes are made by everyone but this doesn’t mean we should ever seek for a way to make ourselves feel better about those sins. Using this badge is just another way of saying “so what, God will forgive me”. I don’t know about you but I don’t ever want to be OK with sinning. I want it to always eat me up inside until I find a way to destroy the act from my life so I never repeat it. If we struggle with a sin June 28 1999, by the time June 28 2017 hits, these sins should not still be there or at the very least not in the same matter they were or worse. We should be better followers of Christ each day we wake. Does this mean we are perfect? No, of course not, not while we live in three flesh. But we should be led by the Holy spirit and our spirit much more than our flesh. Cliche words like “God is still working on me” only helps people be more comfortable with their sins and where they are in their Christ walk(stuck or backsliding). It doesn’t make them own up their sins, it doesn’t convict, and surely doesn’t help witness to others. If I’m a sinner watching a so called saved follower of Christ sin and excuse that sin with a Cliche remark like God is still working on me”, it wouldn’t move me one inch to ask and or seek out the God of that person. I could just stay right where I’m at because obviously their God doesn’t require anything more from me than he does that person. This image should never be reflected from God’s people. Seek forgiveness not excuses!


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