No man gets to the Father except through Christ.


With the world in turmoil and doubt it’s so important that we remain steadfast. There is no salvation found in anyone but Christ.”..Acts 4:12. Not Buddha, not Muhammad, not Brahma or any other religion on earth. There is but one True God and one Christ Yeshua of Nazareth. If we aren’t careful, one can get caught up in a “color” god or a media made famous god of the moment. Most importantly our God has no equal nor does his Son. They don’t share spotlights with other false gods( just asked the false god dagon.. 1 Samuel 5:4) because the person was popular on earth. Nor does God excuse participating in woreship of those false gods (Daniel chapter 3) and especially not for the sake of trying to honor popular sport players, actors, or any other mortal man or woman. We think because they played a sport, was on tv, or radio that they have knowledge about who the One True God is and the one he sent and they don’t. Most importantly the word “God “isn’t his name so it doesn’t matter how many different ways a culture can spell or pronounce the word “God”. His name is yhwh(Yaweh the “I am”). If fifteen gods were called god this doesn’t make them Yahweh. And without his Son Yeshua you have no hope in reaching him in the first place. My hero’s and brethren are those who have the same Father as me and has the blood of his Son covering them, what about you? Choose who you serve and stand with him against an eternity if you are wrong. For me and my house..I will serve the Lord!!


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