What god is getting your praise ?

Walking for God isn’t a easy thing in this world. It’s takes dedication, learning from mistakes, studying, and a mature attitude about the reality of your actions and this world. All of us fall to sin in one way or another at times but this should not be our default  level that we praise to be at nor should it be an accepted level for you because so many others are there on that level. We already know that when compared to the world and sinners the bible makes it clear we are out numbered. There will be far more people that don’t make it compared to those who do. So just because everyone is accepting sin in numbers doesn’t make it the path of Christians. Should you unfairly judge others? Never but

remember judging someone is telling a person where their final destination will be or sentence someone to that destination based on who they are that day

To tell a person that their actions are wrong according to scripture isn’t judging. And I think most people have forgotten this. This is something falsely pushed by preachers who have been caught doing things they preached were wrong and pushed by church goers or “attendees” who don’t like being reminded that they have to change and walk a different path when they step inside the doors of the church simply because they like the music. If it’s in the scripture as a sin then the scripture convicts you. A person showing this to you can’t judge you but it is their duty to spread the gospel, the full gospel, not just the”Jesus loves you” part.


So that brings me to my point. In media and tv we have a popular thing that happens. Praise of a god for an ability of the person speaking. Case in point, above is a picture of the “chruch xxx, or The porn stars church. That’s right porn stars have created their own church. Praising Jesus for their ability to sin and to continue their sin. One women praised God in a radio station for setting the record for the most guys at one time she had sex with. The woman was so damaged they had to pack her with ice and take her to the hospital. But she thank a god and a someone named jesus for this ability.


Next up is the sports of brutality. Everything from boxing to UFC. The quote is the same. They Thanked a god for the ability to hurt another of God’s children. Why would God give you blessings to hurt another of his children? How does he get praise into this? He doesn’t. The world as a whole and even Christ followers have fooled themselves into accepting this and can walk right into church after praising another man’s brutal damage and brain damaged knockout, accept the victor’s celebration and confession about the god that helped him do this and praise God without one thought of wrong doing. We make these people our hero’s without thought.

We praise them for their actions in ring and yet are shocked about school fights on tv and claim those kids as ignorant beings and thugs.


Lastly the biggest platform, music. It’s the most influential of all probably. The music we and our kids listen to and the artist that create them. I can’t tell you how many times artist take to the stage and praise a god for their ability to make filth. Black women and even men claiming to be leaders and pioneers look like this …


And you wonder why we have lost all biblical morals and ability to even recognize a Christian vs The World. Yet each of these people will claim to love and praise a god for their abilities to dress, act, and speak in manners reflecting the images above. What has happened? Today, unless you are like or approve of people like this you are the one wrong. If you bring this to Christians who likes this, you are accused of judging them so that they feel better about themselves. But deep inside they know and choose to ignore scripture that warn how a follower of the One true God are suppose to dress and act and none of these images reflect anything close to what is said in the scripture. But it will be ignored or justified because they need to sleep better at night.

All of us have things that we can be better at and that we need to work on. But if the thing that we need to be better at is praised and accepted by us we will not change because it’s accepted by others, even praised.

We need to make hero’s out of true leaders who are Christ first, not just because of the color of their skin, not because they fought in wars, made a song, or played a sport. We need Holy people directed by the Spirit of God to lead us back to a holy life separate from this world’s view of right and wrong.


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