One of the best biblical debate I have seen in years. Jehovah Witnesses vs Trinitarian

Interesting fact : Greg stafford, the most knowledgeable Jehovah Witnesses I have ever heard is no longer accepted by the organization as a witness because he no longer accepts the direction of the watch tower elders. This man, with as much knowledge as he had about their beliefs and biblical studies, still had to make a choice to obey the word or man. He chose the Bible over man and was turned from by his organization.

Interesting fact : Dr white ( trinitarian) even though loosing this debate in my opinion remains steadfast on his beliefs. Some could say that this means he is more devoted and others say he has a better foundation.

For me yet again: I see two people that want to be correct in thier direction towards God that neither can or will see the other as a brother under the only mediator between God and Man, Christ Yeshua.

Warning : This video is only for those unbaisely seeking biblical knowledge. If you assume right away without even seeing the video that the Jehovah Witnesses doesn’t have truth to share don’t bother looking at this because this man has a lot of knowledge. Not all what JWs believe is believed by me nor do I ever endorse ANY man made denomination( because all Christian denomination have some form of the truth and some forms of false belief) but in this debate Greg stafford’s stand made here was more solid than Dr White’s. It doesn’t mean that you should be convinced to become one or not. It’s only a debate on one specific point of difference, not the entire denominational beliefs debate. So it doesn’t prove anything by itself as a whole. It just means that the subject that they debated, in my opinion, was more accurately debated by Greg Stafford. You may think differently. Just be honest with yourself and allow the scriptures to speak for without prejudices.


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