The theme of god being pushed in movies


Have you noticed the gods? There seems to be a lot of them. You seem to get this theme in just about every action movie that hits the theaters. Most will see this and think nothing. Christians will look at this stuff most of the time and say to themselves… “false gods”. Well I say look deeper Christians. Look at the statements. Xmen the theme of their Character not only being a god..but goes as far as to claim our God being false as he is said to be Elohim and Christ himself and even going as far as to claim that the Bible letters  were actually about him. Well this means that our True source is actually false or a imitation of truth. Effectively making this character the true Logos not Christ. 



Next up is batman vs Superman’s special god theme. The obvious false god could be found easily here as well. But the theme pushed was subtle. “God is dead” was the theme repeated over and over. In fact the goal of the movie was to Kill god! For Christians and even the creators of superman he was never a god. He was in fact created by the writers to be a type of Moses, not Christ nor a god. But with this world every character in comics must sooner or later be worshiped or changed into a god. Everything from superman being bowed to, sacrificed, and even resurrected can be seen in this. After this the movie list of god theme continues….




Are you getting the picture yet? If it’s just a coincidence or on purpose it’s a spiritual attack on the One true God and his family. The media, internet, and news are the biggest playgrounds for influences and control over the minds of humans. Be careful, not all entertainment is innocent and good. Even recently we have civil war which turns the idea of Good and Evil away when good fights good instead. Where has our morals gone people ask? Answer, wherever the TV and media programs you to believe.



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