Be careful of those who tell you what God won’t do!


There is something special about being a child a God. It’s personal and intimate. He is my Father and God all in one. Through his Son I have salvation because of his blood through for our New Covenant. These things all saved men know to be true. However, when you meet certain people, denomations, and organizations that tell you that God won’t do things he has already done for you in your life(that isn’t against who God is in his word)then you should know to be careful. One such a case happened to me. When a Jehovah Witnesses tried to tell me that Satan saved my wife because his Organization tells him to believe that God doesn’t speak to people’s spirit, doesn’t give people dreams, and or any other form of communication other than the bible. My wife when she was in the last year of school was working too much and not sleeping enough. She attempted to drive to school after yet another short night of sleep. While on the road my wife told me she heard a voice from inside her spirit telling her to put her seatbelt on, she did. This was the last thing she remembered before waking up at the bottom of a hill smashed into a concrete barrier. The doctors said this was the only thing that saved her life. So, a Jehovah witness tells me it was Satan trying to make my Wife believe that God was speaking to her to help her. Why? Because they are taught that God and his angels have said all they are going to say in the bible and won’t speak to us in any other way. So because they are taught this and taught “to obey without question, even if it doesn’t make sense”( I’m not exaggerating they are told to do this word for word). They can not allow situations that happen to them or anybody else mean anything that could go against their organizations statements and beliefs( not God but their organization). Basically allowing man to tell them what God will or won’t do. He also told me that this was his belief in another scenario when atheist had a dream about hell and they turn their life over to God that somehow this is Satan doing this to them to fool them(who already doesn’t believe in God) in believing something that is against God to do (they feel). So I guess, now Satan is helping turn people who don’t believe in God to Salvation simply by making them believe God could show them a dream or warning??? Look I don’t have a lot of problems with Jehovah Witnesses as some have seen in my writing. I don’t however agree with 100% of their views and this is one of the bigger ones. I think ALL denominations of Christianity have truth found in them somewhere. Nobody is 100% wrong or 100% right. But whatever your beliefs are you should be careful on what you deem as Satan’s work vs God’s. It’s called blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and it’s unforgivable. Most importantly no man can tell you what God has done, is doing , or will or won’t do in your life. The funniest thing, consequently, since we are talking about it, it’s funny that they say that they SAY that they are the ONLY people being used by God but yet they never hear from him. And if they never hear from God being the Only people God uses and approves for salvation in this date and time, how in the world does God ever help correct the many false predictions they have made and continue to make. Personally, I think someone needs to ask for some kind of help with over 100+ years of false prophecies as your foundation. Then again,maybe they are right, maybe God does refuse to speak to “them” for whatever reason. This could be the reason why they keep making false prophecies and having to wait on the Elders to correct the direction they are going instead of allowing the Holy spirit and his word to show them. Who knows! Faithfully one day all denominations can play together and unify in a common goal of salvation through Christ.


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