There is no other identity needed, Only Christ.


Here there is not Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave, free; but Christ is all, and in all. Col 3:11

Have you ever had someone or should I say some denomination tell you that it’s them only that God leads or uses. Most have. Jehovah Witnesses, Catholics, Church of Christ and many other denominations either have hinted to this or flat out claimed it. It is said that a good way to tell if a denomination is a cult is to see if they believe this. While I don’t buy solely into that thought because I see forms of it in just about all major denominations, there is concern over this thought none the less. Maybe not as far as being cult like but there is a sort of brain washing that takes place in every denomination that feels that being identified as a Christ follower and doer of the word isn’t enough unless they belong to their group. They push that a membership to their particular chruch or organization is now somehow added to God’s requirements of salvation. Last time I checked the scriptures were completed after Revelations and there is no book that tells us that we need any other Identity but Christ for salvation. I have friends that are apart of many different denominations that share this concept of being apart of a “Members Only” thought corruption. They actually push and preach lies that unless you are apart of their group you aren’t saved. The funniest thing is that none of these people are any better of a person that the next. They still have the same flaws, same anger, same sins, same pride, and same ugliness that is found in all other flawed people. On the surface they walk like they’re holy and they preach holy, but yet at the end of the day there is no evidence God is more active in their life than the ones they point fingers at from inside their buildings. I use to think that preachers or certain denominations were more holy acting than others. I guess I was right in a way because any person can “ACT” holy in front of other people. But the more you keep hanging around those people and these people face things that allow the real person to show, you see them for who they are. A regular human being capable of all the sins any other person does. Their group, church, or organization are led by the people of like mistakes and sins. They have flaws and aren’t perfect. While one is claiming that one church is false because they have false idols, that same group or organization walks around with false idols emblems on the feet or clothing. While one group accuses another of false worship they themselves have false prophecies that have become the very foundation of their history. It’s really sad to watch people not just accept that we are all of need of mercy and grace. Man is judged by Christ and his words ALONE..not Christ and their organization, group, or denomination’s made up rules or concepts and certainly not because of membership or building you sit in. Be careful followers of Christ, there is no identity in anything but Christ.


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