I’m burnt out on Man and Denominations


“We are the only way to God”. “Our church is the only ones that are the true church”. ” We are the only organization and vessel that God uses”.” You have to believe in three distinct persons”. “All other churches are false”. “God speaks through our church leaders with the truth”. “Unless you say and believe our Creed you are not Christian”. “Unless you are baptized by our priest, pastors, or in our building it doesn’t count”. From Baptist, Mormons, Catholics, UCG, Pentacostal, Jehovah Witnesses and any other denomination I can think of its the same. What happen to “Christ is the Key to ALL salvation? What happened to “all that follow Christ Yeshua, the Only Begotten Son of the Living God Yahweh” and believe that he died for your sins and was rose by God after 3 days and 3 nights to sit at the right hand of the Father Yahweh in heaven then you will be saved? Why can’t all who believe on this and live their life in holy matter as required in scriptures be saved? Why is it more than this? The scripture doesn’t put anymore than this on Christians. WHY DOES MAN??? I fell like the only person in the room that can see how complex man has made salvation. It’s like everybody closes their eyes to this. How many different denominations have the same rhetoric and every single one of them can’t point out any verse that declares their extra requirements as to determine one’s salvation over Christ himself. Last I checked nobody has the authority over salvation but Christ and His Father. So what does one do? That is the million dollar question. I’m not looking for perfection because it doesn’t exist. But I am looking for common sense and fairness. It’s really simple. If the scripture doesn’t say it, you can’t either. God through his Son is the author and finisher of all salvation, not man, so how can we tell others their destination if they die and they exist as a follower of Christ if the word doesn’t declare such.

Trinity, oneness, and others are all Man’s very poor and pathetic attempts of labeling and trying to define a being that has already told us we aren’t able to truly know him or understand him

. So it’s the stupidest thing in the world to create denominations theories like such because even if you are the closet one right you are still light years from being right. Which, by the way, is confessed by all denominations mind you( that they still believe they are still not close to explaining God because we are flesh while he is eternal). So based on that truth and denominations principles if you explain God wrong(trinity. Oneness, etc) then you aren’t saved and sent to hell in most views. So where does that place you? Think about it while you’re busy claiming other as Heretics cults,or Non-Christian. The ugliest thing and circle of degradation is that the only thing one can do is start yet another denomination to get away from false belief. But why do this? All you do is end up becoming the the very thing that adds to more confession..,yet another denomination. I just want to quote and accept what the Bible says and move on. I know you’re going to say that is what you do in your church or belief but hear me out. I think I’m going to just accept the scripture instead of trying to interpret it or figure out some deeper meaning. Scripture says The Father is greater than the Son… then The Father is greater than the Son. Most people will try and say oh no that only because the Son was human. Well I’m not going to say that…I’m going to just accept the fact that it says this and leave how and what that entails up to God because this is where the denominations creations start from. So When the word says Christ is God…then he is God..I don’t have to explain how he’s God, only that he is. I don’t have to attach a made up concept like trinity, oneness, or any other. If this creates a conflict with man’s traditional beliefs …then it does. When the scripture Calls the Father “The Only True God”…then the Father is the Only true God. But what about Christ? Does that conflict with what was said about Christ? My answer, maybe, maybe not..let’s let God work that out when we are raised from the dead. Until then I can’t be in trouble standing before God quoting only his scripture but I can if I attempt to theorize and assume something that isn’t explained and or said and it leads others wrongly down a false path. Therfore I choose Life and sanity. Are there denominations out there doing that???


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