Jehovah Witnesses are hated but most,if not all, don’t even have a reason!



  What is a false Church or Cult? Who is truly the church of God scripture talks about? Who truly are following the Bible’s teachings? These questions and more will be answered and once answered I challenge you to observe and notice the results.

First up define what is a Cult? A Cult is a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. By definition a cult could be any religious denomination out there. Whether we are talking about 90% of the Black churches that Idolize and run up behind their Pastors as if they are gods and or rock stars or the biggest religious denomination in the World kissing the hands and rings and worshiping their Pope and stautues as God’s voice on earth. Both sets believe that whatever is spoken by their Pastor or Pope holds more weight than other man effectively given an image of the definition of Cult. To break it down even more, by definition People could say all of us that Follow Christ (who is that “particular Figure” defined above) could be considered a cult. Do you see the problem now? Based on definition alone it could be applied to every denomination even every religion on the planet. If this is the case then what makes the word applicable to only some denominations like Jehovah’s witnesses but not others?

Growing up I was taught to run and hide when they came to my door. I was told they were a cult. I was told to not associate myself with them and even hate them from other “Christians”. Effectively I was told they were evil. Some skip the pleasantries and go right to calling them a false church and a heretic. Yet all answer the question to why they hate the same way, they really dont know. As I grew up I saw no beast or evil from those I met as Jehovah’s witnesses. In fact I saw the exact opposite and a group of people that act more like a Christian than those who call them false. I saw a people not merely showing up for church but applying holiness to their life and putting in real work while doing so. I saw meek and humble people interested in spreading belief in God and his Son more than they were concern with what soap opera was showing on tv or how to sleep with pastor or how much tithes brother or sister gave this week. I saw a group of people honestly trying to eliminate sin and anything that could be linked to sin away from them while other denominations looked for ways to get by with sin or modify it so others could sleep better at night and come back next Sunday with more tithes. They also taught somehow that they could do what they wanted and yet be approved and saved by God while the bible said opposite. So what makes Jehovah witnesses evil then? What made them a false church? I studied the Catholic denomination and found that they are the only denomination or religion on the earth that makes you study about false gods (Greek mythology) in order to be one of them. They are also responsible for every morphed Pagan/Christian tradition that exist in every church and the public belief (winter solstice/Christ birth, Easter bunny and Christ death, etc). Most importantly they are the ones responsible for the Concept of the Trinity..burned humans alive until they confessed the Trinity concept ( Council of Nicea). I spoke to a Priest (they call them father) and he told me flat out that they know that the bible teaches against things like creating statues and bowing down to them and doesn’t give instruction to pray to anyone other than the Father through Christ but they believe because they “Love” God that this won’t matter to him even though his word says it’s a sin.
Now, I spoke to a great many other denominations like Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, etc about the belief of the Catholic and none of them believed that their belief was correct or even remotely being accepted by God or his word. But here is the funniest thing, of them all none of them called the Catholics a cult or false. So we have a denomination according all other denominations are teaching false belief in saints, teaching false worship, and participating in false rituals but yet they aren’t called a Cult or hated but Jehovah witnesses are???? Think about it people. Have you ever seen people claim to hate the Pope and Catholic from a denominational attack or view? You most likely haven’t and never will because like it or not every denomination that believes in the Trinity are linked to the Catholic Church. Hate them hate yourselves, and we know that’s not going to happen.

So it can’t be based on their belief that people hate and accuse Jehovah witnesses. So,I found that all other denominations teach that Jehovah’s Witnesses made a false prophecy so this makes them a cult and false church. That initially made since then. If Jehovah’s Witnesses were the ONLY denominations that made false prophecies this would finally put light on why them but not others should be hated and accused I guess. So I set out to find if Jehovah’s Witness were the only denomination who made a false prediction or prophecy. What I found, once again, was that they aren’t the only ones. Matter of fact ALL major dominations have had so-call prophets claiming to know about the end of the world and were wrong or are linked back to one. Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholics, Mormons, all of them. Why aren’t the other denominations called Cults and False Churches if this is what makes a cult or a false church? This is the question yet again because there is no base found.
No real reason why I should believe that a peaceful denomination that refrains from even war or killing , Baptize in Christ , pray in the name of Christ..and obeys Yahweh in both word and deed should be hated or called false more than the others who don’t hold true to such acts.

Then the picture became clear. What I needed to find out was not what they DID to become hated, but more about what they DIDN’T do to become hated. Jehovah’s witnesses as I have stated are peaceful people that teach peaceful actions and holiness. They hold themselves to a standard that the world declares isn’t fun or free but yet the bible declares as holy. They remove the things that are linked to false gods that the world has tied into fun and games like Halloween, Christmas, birthdays and Easter and it is here where the hatred comes in. People hate things that stand against their traditions, even when their traditions are wrong they fight against changing or anyone that doesn’t agree with them. The World also hates anything that compromises the growth of our economy, similar to what Paul did in Ephesus with the silver used to created false god statues and trinkets for protection. If people were taught about the truth behind these holidays and didn’t break their bank accounts to buy things at Christmas, Easter, and other events, what would that do with the world’s finances and jobs? How would that effect family events that most have made themselves believe are a must thanks to TV and the media? “NO, no, no. Stay away from anyone that threatens these things. They are a danger to our families and way of life because they lead people away from what the World has taught us and showed us on TV as important and they focus on a peaceful, holy, and accountability type of life that puts Jehovah truly before all while other compromise and fight to remain attached to the World’s view of what is right and allowed instead of what Jehovah requires”. All other false doctrine teachings and denominations are ok’d and not hated because they don’t interfere with the traditions of men and the world. This is truly THE REAL reason why they are hated and called a cult. While I am not in agreement with all beliefs of JW I do feel they are a rare breed of believers, even the most consistent in their beliefs and actions. I am a Christ follower and while denominations aren’t my thing I see where unjust belief exist towards Jehovah’s Witnesses and believe if there was a single Church following The Bible both inside/outside the walls of the building, it’s them in this time and age. If all churches are threaten and hunted down I believe the Jehovah’s witnesses would be the last to break or compromise their beliefs for the sake of fitting in for the rest of the world. What this ultimately makes them I have yet to find out as it isn’t up to me. It’s up to Jehovah but most importantly it’s not up to other denominations to hate falsely especially ones living a better example of Christ than they are.


2 thoughts on “Jehovah Witnesses are hated but most,if not all, don’t even have a reason!

  1. What a fantastic closing paragraph and I liked the whole approach – the interesting thing is that jehovah’s Witnesses also respect your right to call them a cult, to make harsh critical unjust statements on a personal level. Yes as an organisation and as individual mistakes are made, evil people get into every organisation because they can. The key differentiation is advocates of God’s Kingdom not human government or self determination they remind us all we are accountable for what we say and do.
    I was put off by the title but I will be putting a link to this from my blog.

    1. I think the the major difference in what my point is and yours is that i saw all the negative stuff about the JW long before I ever studied with them. So I was already aware of the claims of them being strict and claims of them breaking up families. But as I don’t agree with some things they teach I am more well rounded in my faith and have studied all others and found these same thing exist in other denominations as well. Same stories, same pointing of fingers. Bottom line is Christ…Christ is my direction on all things. His love , his example, his word. For every complaint you have against the JW I can find 2 more against others or 5 things they do right that other denominations stand weak against or have no stand on whatsoever. Mostly, what I find in more cases than not is the source of the complaint are always from people who wanted to leave because they wanted to live their lives counter to the word and wanted to be free to do the things they already knew to be wrong, like practicing pagan rituals like putting up Christmas trees, or acts of homosexuality, etc, etc. There is no perfect denomination and if you think so just keep studying and you will find out otherwise.

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