“I believe in God”. Well God says keep my commandments then!


There are many So-called gods of this World. It has always baffled me that so many of us believe we can make our own requirements and speak for God about our continued sins as if they are approved by him simply because we SAY we believe in a God. Well, I ask which One, Which God are you claiming allows such? Please explain which made up God you believe in because I am tired of so called Christians claiming to believe in Yahweh and His Son yet still want to excuse their sinful lives as if God approves of it and will ignore it to allow them to continue in their sin then accept them in his kingdom. He won’t! Don’t you people get it? Adam and Eve sinned, they were removed and stripped of their immortality to eventually die forever. So please, please tell me how you think you will be able to be accepted in the kingdom of God living a unrepentant sinful life? He isn’t going to give salvation to those who aren’t living for him and living holy. God words clearly says nobody living a sexual immoral, homosexual, or any other life counter to what he put in place to live will be allowed into the gates of his kingdom. It’s not a joke and its nothing play around with people. You need to wake up and stop using God’s name in vain, falsely labeling yourself of Him if you aren’t living for him, and repent, which means to turn away from your lustful lives and all your wickedness and follow him. Not continue in your ways and think all you have to do is say you “believe”. Christ said if you truly believe then Obey me. The demons believe and are still condemned..Adam and eve believed and we’re still condemned.

God is not who YOU say he is, He is and always will be what HE says in His word He IS and this includes keeping His word declared against all those who habitually sin and live their lives counter to his commandments.

We all can fall and sin throughout our life but whenever a true Christian messes up we repent and would never ever take what we have done and claim that it’s OK and or continue in our sin and claim in the midst of it that we are blessed and that somehow we’re showing we love God and God is with us and our sin. People like this are serious disturbed and the scariest thing is that it’s found in most Churches today. This idea isn’t being fought by the Christians that claim to have faith in the bible and Yahweh. Instead they spend and waste time trying to conform to the world’s belief so much that they aren’t his people anymore. They are the people of the world but most just don’t know or recognized this and probably won’t until it’s too late. God is Love, but love has nothing to do with Sex or approving sin acts against Him. As Christ said over and over “Sin no More”! Also, God was “love” when he condemned Adam and Eve to Death and kicked them out of his Garden, what on earth makes you think he will approve of you to sin against him and his ways and live in his kingdom? Wake up!!


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