A Celebration of being against God’s morals vs man’s.


Right and wrong. As a Christian we “Claim” we follow the bible and or at least want to follow the Bible’s example of how Yahweh states we should be. That’s until it goes against what the world shows us on tv( or something we like doing) as what should be considered tolerable and right regardless of the bible. Then when this happens we go after others for not being tolerable and accepting of Sin like the world and tv has show us. That’s because as Christians most of us are no longer following after God but the world. You see examples of this everywhere. It’s bad enough that as Christians we have to fight against the world but now it’s that we have to fight against other so called Christians. Denominations belittling others because they have morals while they no longer have them. Jehovah Witnesses and or Pentecostal believers of “HOLINESS” and being separated from the world are casted out and or made to seem as they are the bad ones simply because they have morals that will not allow them to approve of Sins that the world wants so badly to paste the badge “God is love” on so they can continue to do what they want. Quick fact…love isn’t sex. I love my mother, my son, my wife and it has nothing to do with the act of sex or lust.

The world has turned the word Love into a viral infection

I can love my male best friend with all my heart but the moment I turn around and lust after him or have a form of sex with him or think about it then this has nothing to do with my so called badge of ” God is LOVE” excuse nor does it have anything to do with “LOVE” . It’s called “Lust ” not love from that point. It’s the same with my wife. I love my wife but me having sex with her is a lust thing..I may love her but my love isn’t the force behind my lust and wanting to have sex, desire ,hormone levels , and lust are. How do you know this because the same type of reaction is created whether you are in love with someone or not. You still get aroused by a naked body of your liking and or anything else that sparks your lust. So Love isn’t needed to be there for the act of sex proving the two aren’t the same nor needed for the other to exist. So yes God is love, His love under what He defines love is not the world and it doesn’t have anything to do with Sex or lust. But when a JW stands on principles they are considered wrong or a cult or “one of them “Jehovah people”. Or when Pentecostal believers stand on their holiness they are called “Jesus freaks”,  or “heresy”. Even other church denominations claiming they aren’t teaching true doctrine but yet they support gay marriages??? Who is the true doctrine now??. My favorite.. “Them holy people” …as though this is suppose to be a bad thing because they won’t wear whorish make- up and see through clothing. Personally we could use more of them in my opinion, especially Jehovah witnesses who won’t even participate in wars because of their belief. This world is so messed up and controlled by things on tv it’s sickening. If you don’t support “killing in wars” then “you aren’t American” because killing in wars is fine and some how different than killing someone while in a street fight with them over who’s parking spot that was??? But” Praise Jesus” and “God bless America”, …right?


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