The Rock stars of Churches!


Christ came to serve. As head of the Chruch he served. He didn’t have special parking, side money given directly to him, book stores in the church to charge for God’s word and flip the payments request to “LOVE GIFTS” or “DONATION” to hide the fact it’s still trading in the house of God(which was the Only offense Christ didn’t remain meek about). He Didn’t put in special services so that the church has more of a chance to get more tithes from members and in fact didn’t take one tithe from a single person.


No, he served.. truly served and put himself last among the people. Today pastors are as popular as Rock stars in their churches. They walk around as the Pharisees did in Christ time. They are dressed with the most expensive suits and jewelry their members can afford to put in the tithes plate. They are wined and dined by political heads for votes in some cases. They are given special amounts for birthdays that the church ask for all members to pay. They are escorted in and out of churches. Some even get police detail and their own drivers to carry them around. And yes, they have their own planes and jets in some cases. Some are held in such regurds that they are offered sex by married women in the walls of the church under the vail of counseling much like groupies do for Rock stars. So please tell me how this mirrors what Christ directions was for us in Luke 22? We need change people. This image of “the church” is not at all what God wanted. Sooner or later we must realize this and put a end to it. Pastors should be last among the people and should serve the flock not the other way around.


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