Inconsequential belief judgements of the Churches


Have you ever thought about how many times we accuse, believe, and or assume that one particular belief in a subject concerning God and or the Bible actually cancels out all other things to the point that the person now is doomed or destined for “hell”? I have recently and I thought it would be time to share this with you. Now, you may not understand fully where this is going yet so be patient with me. The bible is full of great stories that help define man and our relationship with the creator Yahweh. Genesis gives us the very beginning story of what happen and the punishments that we all face because of it. Deuteronomy gives us the list of the curses and blessings of the Old Covenant, Acts gives us the New Covenant and Revelations gives us a vision of symmetry into the future and end times we will face. In the middle of all this is the “Non negotiables” requirements. Most of us understand Christ as the catalyst to all things made ,all things forgiven, and all things judged. Without him we have no New Covenant access. Without him we have no access to the Father Yahweh. He is the Truly the biggest Non negotiable for Salvation. This is not up to you, you don’t get to go around him, you arent good enough on your on, there is no other name by which you may be saved, and you don’t have the chance to have anything without him. But then we have the insequential’s beliefs. Basically beliefs that have absolutely nothing to do with your walk in Christ or your salvation. Examples there are those that believe that Christ had blond hair or that christ was a black Ethiopian Jew. Some believe he had a beard other don’t. Some believe he was hung on a cross others believe it was a stack. These are examples of insequential beliefs. Basically if you are resurrected to eternal life you didn’t get there simply because you were right about what item Christ died on or him having a beard no faster than if you found out he didn’t. This is not,  nor will ever be apart of your requirements for salvation. Nowhere does add that “ye must know that Christ loved having a beard and had one”. If you think about it really, hair is a product of dead cells, immortality would remove hair period because your cells would never decay. This is just facts but this doesn’t move me to the front line of salvation because I know this or believe this. I don’t get special privileges because I got this fact right or wrong. Nor will those who believe otherwise stay dead or go to a hell(depending on what you believe). Speaking of that this again is part of the insequential beliefs. Some say that God would not send people to hell and that it is a metaphor and symbolic to mean death. If you look at the punishment of Adam and Eve, the sentence casted on them was that they would surely die. Nothing in the old testament scripture ever say they would be raised up a spiritual person and then thrown into hell. No, only that they would die and return to the ground or grave which is metaphorically called hades. Christ came to give life, to redeem us for death and the grave, nowhere ever in the punishments does God ever sentence man to eternally spiritual life with Hell. Both Adam and Eve did died. You will die and as Christ calls it, “sleep” until he calls you from your sleep and then this will be the resurrection. If you hanging out in heaven or hell, you can’t be sleep or resting to be waken for fact there would be no need to resurrect someone that is already living as a spirt somewhere else. But again, here we go, if there is a hell or its symbolic, it doesn’t effect my salvation in Christ. I frankly don’t care one way or another I just don’t want whatever the punishments are for those who refuse Christ gift and live for him. It’s not a game show pop quiz test. “If you can’t tell me in 30 seconds or less rather or not Christ, as he grew up, liked women or even dated then you can’t have salvation”. Aaaa no! Our salvation is not this fragile little thing that breaks ever time we believe something that is insequential about God or the Bible. The biggest insequential belief of our salvation is the belief that somehow a person must explain how God is and or how his Son came to be or how they separated, dwelt together, etc, etc. Trinity, oneness, and Arianism are all “Man’s attempt to try and explain God and his Son. This has never been nor will ever be apart of your non negotiables requirement for salvation. Christ had said over and over again that the Father is far beyond anyone’s understanding and it is only him as the Son of God that can understand truly his Father. How stupid would it be to make a requirement for you to explain a being that Only his Son knows in order for you to be saved? Think about people! Yes it’s a nice topic to guess around but nobody was there but them two even before the angels. So stop it! Is it a topic to discuss yes but it doesn’t qualify you as a pastor, priest, and or organization to claim those who explain God differently than you are doomed. Flash fact. No matter what you say or explain about God you are light years x infinity from even getting close to being in the ball park. I could go on and on about other examples of insequential beliefs but I think you get the picture. What matters guys is what the scripture say and that is you and your relationship with Yahweh and his Son Yeshua. Don’t misunderstand me. We should seek the truth always. But we should not have the assumptions that others who dont know or believe things that arent requirements for salvation will not make to the same place as you. Repent and turn away from sins, Obey His commandments, and accept Christ as your Savior and Son of the One true God.. Yahweh and give glory to Him. All other believes need to be kept in they proper place and away from the judgment of others. If it’s a sin that leads to death then this would be non negotiable for Salvation. This is different than just being wrong on details like how many nails was used to hang Christ body.


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