Avengers 2: Blasphemous, and goes way to far.


Spoiler alert present:

I have spoken against movies before. I have shown that man’s greed for money and their failed attempts to even try and remain accurate to scripture is at best hurtful to Christianity. Well this time they flat out crossed that line even more now.  The Avengers in the first movies had little moments that help define things better for me. When Black Window wanted to call Thor and Loki gods, Captain America response was that “there is Only one God and he doesn’t dress like them” . I loved that moment! I think I was probably the only person that clapped in the movie off that statement (which again shows how little we respect our God). But this part two of the movie shows Jarvis being recreated into a physical person. The character is then fitted with a power stone they called the “Infinity stone” ( meaning “never ending”). And as this AI was being brought back to life after being assumed dead he raises and when they asked him for his name he said his name was “I AM”. Now, I don’t really have to explain to many that read here the level of blasphemy just pushed out. At least I hope I don’t. But for the sake of humor, “I AM” is the name given to Moses(or should I say the name translated from Latin back inside the Hebrew old testament in most bibles). It represent the Personal Name Of God for the Jews.  The name is suppose to sacred to all Jews and Gentiles alike now, to both Christ followers and Jews. It should never be assigned to anyone or anything but The Father and or His Son. For this movie to go as low as this isn’t a accident and was very much on purpose. I frankly don’t care if it was a part of a comic or not. Disrespect is disrespect. Now I know there is going to be those of you who don’t look at this a critical as I do. I am not here to change your view. But for me if you truly believe and are a follower of Christ and or Yahweh as a Jew, this should not be issue where this is acceptable. Movies continue to disregard the seriousness of our Faith and make money in the process of doing it. If I had known this movie had a character named this way I would have never gone to the movies to see it and wouldn’t have lost one minute of sleep over it. As far as the movie itself goes it didn’t beat the previous movie and in fact seemed much weaker accross the board. From story telling to th graphics it was weaker. Top many “obvious” CG scenes and too many story lines going on to be effective. At 8:15pm the theater we were in, at that prime time, wasn’t even full. So I get the sense that this movie will not do what the previous movie did. But if it does, so be it. I won’t be buying the movie when it comes out in stores. It’s like they go out of their way to disrespect Christianity. So I will go out my way to avoid them. Ultimately it’s always up to the individual. But if someone had posted this for me before I went to see it I would have been grateful. They even did a great job and not showing this part until the end of the movie and the way they did it was done very quietly to the point that you even wonder if you heard him right. After looking up the specific line I did confirm what he said. So take this for whatever it’s worth. If it’s not helpful dismiss it and if so use it.


16 thoughts on “Avengers 2: Blasphemous, and goes way to far.

  1. I caught it too brother. I was shocked! They do it in a passing kind of way as if “the vision” is thinking of how to finish his sentence but he doesn’t finish. His statement is “I am”. It made me want to leave the theater. Let alone ultron using his blasphemous lines like “on this rock I’ll build my church” talking about the strong metal he had just found. It is unacceptable that Hollywood has started openly mocking Christianity this way. We need to have a response as a believer that Hollywood hears loud and clear. This country must repent and return to God.
    Oh and by the way .. Hollywood would never dare to mock Islam, Allah or Muhammad, only God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ.

  2. Wow. I couldn’t agree more. I’m outraged. I took my son and some of his friends for his birthday to see this movie. My wife and daughter went as well. When “the vision” said I am “I Am” my wife and I looked at each other in disgust. It’s been bothering me since. Many movies portray gods of mythology or comics. They are sci-fi and I usually enjoy these movies for the most part. It’s not reality. But the writers brought the Christian reality into this movie and did it in an extremely blasphemous way. they went to far to portray this character as “the” God of the universe. Creator of all things. Ironically “the vision” was created by humans and Ultron (evil). And the vision didn’t even understand who he was. He was kind of created to seem like a clueless idiot with powers.
    Sorry for ranting. Christians are under full attack in this country and it’s only going to get worse. We all know that. Be ready and stand up for your beliefs!!!! Let’s not be mocked or belittled. Please pass along that his movie should not be revered or supported by Christians.

  3. I was totally sickened when I saw this scene. I was so mad, I did get up and leave for a moment, to cool down. I will not watch another Marvel movie. That was purposely and blatantly disrespecting the most sacred name in scripture. They just lost a fan. People I know say I am extreme, I just don’t know how you can be a Christian and not be grieved at this comment. As if this creature could ever be God. Brother you are not alone, I think as this movie progresses we will see a lot more about this from the Christian community. God Bless

    1. I totally agree. I feel sorry for people who try and put me and others like yourself down because we won’t approve of sinful actions of this world. If you don’t follow Christ ways fine..do it your way. But if you follow Christ how in the world can you claim you are fine with sinful actions.

  4. Thank you so much for posting. I just saw this movie-I was invited by a friend, and honestly loathe comics…but anyways-I was outraged, appalled and disgusted by the blasphemy in this movie. I am so tired of Hollywood making a joke of our Savior and even more tired of Christians being passive about it.

  5. Blasphemy is unacceptable. The Great “I AM” is already taken.
    There is only one “I AM” and He is worthy of all respect. Advengers 2 has disrespected what is Sacred and precious.

    1. Thank you for your commits and passion. I do wish we could do something about things in this world but I have grown to see that we either deflect or accept. Fighting against the world’s ways can’t be won by us. He will one day put a end to it. We can only do what we can to remain separate from it.

  6. I watch the movie tonight and was totally shocked when that thing said he was ‘I Am’. I actually did walk out and went home. The entire movie was full of blasphemy. Amazingly though, I think the Holy Spirit gave me a revelation during one such blasphemies moment. At one stage, the Ultron said ‘on this rock I will build my church’. At that moment I believe the Holy Spirit told me ‘Nebuchadnezer had a dream of a rock destroying all the kingdoms of the world and Jesus said ‘ on this rock I will build My church! We will live forever!

  7. I just saw this movie tonight. My wife and I looked at each other when “the Vision” said his “I am” line. I shook my head in disgust. I was already bothered by the “on this rock, I will build my church” comment by Ultron (as was my wife), in addition to the God is getting ready to hurl a stone line. This movie was far more crude, boring, and convoluted than the first Avengers; but, the “I am” line absolutely clinched the fact that my wife and I hated this movie and wished we had never seen it. We have no interest in seeing any future Avengers movies.

  8. This is the most offensive movie I have ever seen. I left when he called himself “I Am”. That is the name God choose for himself. It means there is none beside him to compare him to. He it’s above all and beyond all. We as Christians can’t allow satan blaspheme the Lord God Almighty to our faces and not be moved. If there was an explicit sex scene, gore or excessive language most Christians would get up and leave. Imagine the most perverse sin that you would never do for any reason; even under pain of death. To sit there and listen to this movie and be ok with it is worse.

  9. Not only that but Ultron goes and finds a metal which he randomly states is the “cornerstone on which the church will be built” (Jesus) and the men uses it to create a all powerful being known as “I AM” So in this movie man creates God. Not only that but Ultrons about God winding up His rock at us and the need to evovle so we can some how. beat Him or escape wrath is so out and out Satanic I cant believe so many Chriatians are decieved into still watching it. I turned it off at the I AM statement. Could not finish it. I am.not selling out my Father just to see if the Hulk gets Black Widow.

  10. Thank you I thought I was the only one who found this to be completely blasphemous and disrespectful. I find that even Christians now dont take this as serious as it really is but the jews were ready to stone Jesus when He first said I AM to them about himself but the truth is the media is continually trying to disrespect Christ and God in anyway they can.

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